[Development STOPPED] Slide 2 UnLock v1.219 (updated on 17 September)

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Jan 5, 2007
Hot fix - v1.219 (posted on 17 September)

1. fixed the problem that all incoming calls were identified as "unknown" on some devices (e.g. Treo)

2. fixed the problem to treat data connection as voice call

3. fixed the power drain problem (but not 100% sure yet, pls report your findings as my device never has this issue)

4. fixed the blank screen when responding a call on some devices

5. fixed the abnormal call waiting screen

6. fixed the data reconnection problem

Pls get this hot fix of iLock.exe at the end of this post. It's only applicable with v1.21 has been installed first.

After the installation, pls soft-reset the device.

BTW, I'm very happy to let you know that we now have 2 versions of Configurator for S2U.



Hey guys, (posted on 31 August)

It's now udpated to v1.21, the changes are:
1. moved the phone part from SNAPI to TAPI for higher reliability

2. fixed the "Unknown/Private Caller" issue

3. added option DialedID (DWORD): it will appear when dialing a call. But there are limitations:
- it only has a "End Call" key, i.e. no key for mute, speaker, contact... etc... but it has a big pic depending on your CallerID setting.
- it only works when CloseApp is 0, CallerID is 1 or 2, DialedID is 1 & SLIDE is already running in the background. WHY? Simply because don't want to slow down the normal dialing process.

4. improved the responsiveness of keys on the Caller ID screen

5. added option to stop showing the total no. of "Active Task" - set ShowTask (DWORD) to 0

6. fixed the bug of displaying wrong "missed call" when CallerID is disabled

7. fixed the sliding date issue when a call comes in & out very quickly

8. SLIDE now awares of the running of HTC's Audio Manager

9. some bugs fixed

Please remember to RESTART iLock after any registry settings (under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\Slide2Unlock) changed, otherwise it won't work.

The download links are:
CAB file

Updated files only (for experienced users if you don't want the old settings changed by the installer)

Please read the readme.txt for more details.

If you're happy with it, don't forget to buy me coffee or send me a post to show your appreciation. I need your motivation. Thanks.

Hey guys, (posted on 24 August)

Just updated to v1.20, the changes are:
1. reworked part of Caller ID function (as before, you're still recommended to set CloseApp to 0 when using the CallerID function)

2. when Caller ID is enable & works, the Caller ID of the latest missed call will be alerted

3. added option Slide2Answer (DWORD, 1 is enable; 0 is disable): when a call comes in & your device is locked by SLIDE, you'll have to "slide to answer"; or press the power button to decline the call. Please test this function carefully, otherwise you'll not be able to answer any call! If your device have power off problem with the previous versions, please do not enable this option. This option will only work when CallerID is enable & SafeMode is disable.

4. added support to show the total no. of "Active Task"

5. added support to show current day's Weather info from the HTC Home plugin: set "ShowWeather" to 5
(since I have to remap the icon index of HTC to WP/PW manually, if you find any mismatch icons, pls let me know)

6. iLock now accept several command switches:
-slide to start/invoke SLIDE
-nomsg to not to show any message even it closes itself & SLIDE
-refresh to close SLIDE & reload the registry settings (except for SafeMode changes, the device need soft-reset before it's effective)

7. some bugs fixed

Please read the readme.txt for more details.

Hey guys, (posted on 2 August)

Here is another update v1.19, the changes are:
1. fixed some issues of Caller ID
2. added support to animated Wallpaper (but not GIF)
you have to make muliple frames of pics with same size and concatenated them together to a single BMP file;
add to registry - "WpFrameNo" (DWORD) with the number of frames in the file;
add to registry - "WpFrameRate" (DWORD) with the number of milliseconds the frames will be changed;
for the Landscape wallpaper, use "WpLFrameNo" & "WpLFrameRate" correspondingly

Pls be WARNED that the larger the animated BMP file, the more RAM will be consumed; and more POWER will be drained!

I've uploaded a sample (Animated Globe) at the bottom of this post, please read the readme on how to use it.

3. added user input Weather info: set "ShowWeather" to 4;
add to registry - "UserWeather" (DSTRING) with the format X|Y|H|L
where X could be S for using the weather icon from SPB; and P will use the weather icon from WP/PW;
Y is the weather icon's index no;
H is the highest temperature;
L is the lowest temperature.
e.g. S|10|30|20 means to show SPB's icon no. 10 with highest temperature 30 & lowest temperature 20

4. the weather forecast of WP & PW will not show the icons for night
5. increased the length of the paths of Wallpaper to 128
6. fixed the keyboard icon problem with Wisbar
7. some bugs fixed

Please read the readme for the details.

Hey guys, (posted on 21 July)

After more than 2 weeks, here is another update... v1.18. I'm so excited to announce that now SLIDE supports UNICODE, i.e. it shows the operator name, date & appointment details in your native language.

Secondly, it has its own Caller ID...
and a new Call Waiting Caller ID...

other changes are:
4. Appointment details can be displayed in multilple lines
5. supports the device's native screen size, make sure you have a wallpaper with proper size & enough free RAM (it may take around 6.5M)
6. SLIDE loads a bit faster
7. fixed the memory leak when WP or PW is enabled
8. some graphics changed
9. some bugs fixed
10. from v1.18, it only supports WM5 or 6

How to enable/disable Caller ID
Please read this session thoroughly before attempting to enable the CallerID setting, otherwise it'll not work & you may need to soft-reset your device.
1. Please disable other 3rd party Caller ID apps.
2. As the system has a default Caller ID notification, iLock has to depress it before showing it's own Caller ID. But the problem is different Language device has to be handled differently. So far, iLock is coded to identify the system Caller ID notification in English & Traditional Chinese devices only (i.e. for these devices, simply change the value of "CallerID" as below). For other Languages, please follow these steps:
a. stop iLock.
b. try to call your device, write down the Windows TEXT of the incoming call notification (i.e. the TEXT on the top window bar, for e.g., WM6 English will be "Phone - Incoming")
c. new a registry value "IncomingText" (STRING) under "\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\Slide2Unlock" and enter EXACTLY the above TEXT
d. set "CallerID" to 1 (fullscreen mode) or 2 (thumbnail mode)
e. start iLock & SLIDE
f. try to call your device again. If there is no new Caller ID, the TEXT you just enterd is not exactly match with the system's Caller ID notification. Please repeat the above steps.
g. see the new Caller ID, enjoy!
3. It's suggested to set "CloseApp" to 0, otherwise you'll have to wait more than 1 second before you know who's calling. The downside is it'll eat about 5.5M RAM.
4. As displaying a Caller ID screen is a mission critical job, pls install SLIDE in device instead of Storage Card.
5. Sometimes, the Caller ID screen may come out more than a second after the ring begins, but it's out of iLock's control.
6. Pls do not use the built-in PIN LOCK, otherwise the Caller ID will not be shown up properly.
7. How to recover the system default Caller ID notification?
a. stop iLock
b. set CallerID to 0
c. soft-reset the device

Hey guys, (posted on 4 July)

As you may already notice that this app is recently unwelcome here, this is probably the last update.

Admin, don't panic, I'll not post any files here. Besides, the update I provided will not contain any copyright graphic files that Apple claims to have. I was wondering how you or they know this app contains the iPhone code?!

Why this patch exists? Because some nice guys provided me some great info about WeatherPanel & PocketWeather. Now, SLIDE can show weather data from these apps too. And there is some minor bug fixing as well (includes getting data from SPBWeather).

Please follow the readme file for this update & enjoy!


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Jan 24, 2005

your apps is nice and I have updated and tested on each release...

please don't leave us... >.<


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Hey A_C, you have been making a great contribution to the xda's real meaning, i.e. "developing". So, I'd request you to continue ur stay here..
Moreover, I think the main prob is that xda-developers cannot "host" the files here. You can still provide a rapidshare (or similar) link to ur creations. But maybe u can clear this up with admins...


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May 6, 2007
Thanks so much A_C for everything, you definately have to stay.

(Won't you guys look over at www.slide2unlock.co.nr , it looks like somebody must have seen this page and updated it already;) )
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Nov 7, 2006
Thank you for the application, it is a great app......

If you continue to make changes it would be great if you would add the city name for the Weather Application...


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Jun 15, 2006
hi A_C,

just tested out the the latest v1.172 patch on my magician and it now works 100% perfect! again, thank you for looking up the WM2003se bugs!

with your hard work all said and done, slide2unlock truly has become THE most useful and must have app for the pocket pc (even surpassing the iphone's keylock app by a mile). and with this being the final release, you really know how to go out in style! :)

thanks A_C,


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Mar 19, 2006
Ohio Valley
No Weather Icon Showing??

I just updated to 1.17 and added the patch. I've followed the instructions in the "readme.txt" file to a T, as follows:

Update steps:
1. install v1.17
2. stop iLock & SLIDE
3. overwrite SLIDE.EXE with the extracted file (the default path is \Program Files\Slide2Unlock\)
4. extract the weather icons to the default program path.
5. create a new registry key "ShowWeather" under "\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\Slide2Unlock"
0 is disable
1 show data from SPBWeather
2 show data from WeatherPanel
3 show data from PocketWeather
6. start iLock, & then SLIDE.

I created the new registry key from step 5 to show data from PocketWeather, which is installed to the Storage Card.

In Step 4, exactly where does the weather icons go?? I've tried copying the entire weather folder to \Program Files\Slide2Unlock, and even into the \GFX folder. I've tried putting the weather folder into the bmp folder of Pocket Weather also.

Still, I'm getting nothing as far as a weather icon. Everything else works great!! I just really need help with getting the weather icon to show. What am I missing here?? :confused:

A_C, this is a really GREAT app. I've been using it ever since your initial release and keep updating (although I somehow missed the 1.16 update). Looking forward to even more excellent apps from you!!! :)


Jul 1, 2007
for some reason, the file i donwload from the link is always error, broken.

anyone kindly send me one? to my email?

thank you so much, great app!!!!! and it always wrong on my Asus a696 when i use landscape mode. wierd.

[email protected]


Jul 1, 2007
MAN, thank you so much! got the file!

now, anyone has the same problem i have? on landscpe mode, it runs, but doesn't work.
i got Asus A696 PDA, not phone. 240*320.

thanks again!


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Apr 24, 2007
Thanks for the great app, A_C. One of the most outstanding PPC apps ever.
Absolutely flawless.


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Jan 5, 2007
Hey guys,

Thank you for your comment & support. Glad to hear to that you like this little app.

Pls make sure the key "ShowWeather" is DWORD.
The weather icons included in the patch should be placed under the folder where you installed SLIDE.

Thank you very much!

It's a known problem that PPL cannot run on certain device's landscape mode. No solution yet.


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Jan 21, 2007
Great work A_C. I have been playing with this in my custom roms for the Apache for a little while now. I would like to bring your attention to one thing that I have found in your newest version dealing with Weather Panel. Now, I did convert this to an OEM and put it in a custom 3.5 rom for the Apache. As part of the conversion, I tried to minimize the amount of copying that was necessary so it roms from \Windows instead of \Program Files. That said, I have not had any problems before the latest version.

Here is a screen shot of what is showing when I have the reg for Weather Panel enabled. As you can see, it moves the date to the bottom and is only displaying the forcasted temp with an incorrect "high temp". The actual forcasted temp at this time shoudl read --/65. Perhaps it is an incompatibility issue, but I was wondering how it reads the info from the WP data. Perhaps my version of WP is not the same as the one used to create the WP compatibility.

Sorry for the bad screehshot. I had to resize to post it. If you cannot read it, in the lower left it says "-9999/65"


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Nov 19, 2006
Can anyone help direct me how to get slide2unlock to show up on my Today screen like a plugin so I only have to click once to execute it on my ppc6800?

Creating Today screen plugins doesn't look very easy.

This would be a nice feature and would make it similar to the 6800s original unlock app on the Today screen.


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Jan 21, 2007
Just set it up to lock on wake (or idle I guess it is). Then, when you hit the power button and shut the phone off, it is locked when it comes back on.


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Jun 25, 2007
I just installed this after having problems with some other locking apps and it's working great for me. I do have one question though. I couldn't read through the entire previous thread and I didn't see anything about this is the readme.

I see that I have slide.exe running all the time taking up 2.65mb of RAM. There's also iLock.exe taking up 15.90kb. It was my impression since iLock is in the Startup folder that it is what needs to be running to trigger slide which actually locks the device. So I killed the slide.exe process and tested, everything worked fine. However slide.exe showed back up among my running processes after locking the device.

So, should both processes be running all the time, and if so, why? If not, any idea what's going on?

Thanks again for the great app!
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    Tried bmps and Pocket CM 0.9 as well..still that way. Its getting frustrating but I'm not quitting. As I said, some of my caller pics r fine but most of them aren't. I just have to figure out what makes those come out good. Thanks anyway mtb2104 and Sian...u guys r great!