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Device unlock and bootloader unlock on T-Mobile OP8

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Jul 23, 2007
The instructions on support.oneplus.com for unlocking the bootloader is to first make sure to do a device/sim unlock. T-Mobile's policy is to not do a permanent device unlock until the device has been on their network for at least 40 days and is fully paid off. I'm getting my OP8's on a deal which takes 24 months to pay off, so that will take a while.

My question is this: is device unlocking required for bootloader unlocking? More specifically, if I unlock my bootloader while the device is still SIM locked, will it still work?




Senior Member
Jun 16, 2014
OnePlus 8
I continuously called and chatted with support on Twitter for a couple weeks. Told them I'm traveling soon and also reminded them that OP phones are built under the premise of being a developer-friendly device.
It only makes sense to unlock bootloader.

I'm a long-time customer (15+ years on Sprint) and I've never missed a single payment.

I got unlocked while still paying lease. Persistence and kindness will pay off with the right tech.