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    Alright guys.
    I was thinking we could work together to get Mashmallow ported to G2. We will use the original firmware from another LG and port it using CyanogenMod 6.0 for G2 as base.
    Who is up for it? I am asking devs. Users are always up for it but wants to work on getting it booting and running?

    We start by forming a team.
    G3 Lollipop - booting, optimizing apps screen (174/174 all OK), boot animation with boot sound (which mean audio decoding working), screen dimmed and bootloop....
    Still fighting, but ****, adb not working...
    I'm still learning how working this device architecture, which binaries are necessary for working RIL, camera etc.
    As I think now, porting original MM from G3 should be possible and this ROM may working really good. For first step I'm porting stock LP from G3 because we have already kernel which can boot it without problems. I'm planning to use only minimum binaries from G2 LP (for working communication with ROM <> modem, thermal service, sensors, GPS probably...), GPU drivers should working because same adreno 330, camera is the same (?), bluetooth will work, av encoders should be from G2, decoders probably may stay from G3, lights driver without any changes should work...
    Between Qualcomm 800 and 801 shouldn't be any massive differences.
    For MM we need updated kernel first, but not CAF's because official firmware is based on AOSP code.
    This moment when you booting phone, seeing bootanimation, hearing boot sound, screen dimming and (here is bootloop) should show up home screen.
    Adb is enabled in default.prop, cannot understand why phone isn't recognized by PC..
    I'm trying now Marshmallow, hope to get better results, kernel and ramdisk job is done as I think, so let's try...

    Edit: G3 Marshmallow - same as Lollipop, optimizing apps screen (all OK), bootanimation and bootloop...maybe something small in build.prop, must diff more g3 lp/g3 mm/g2 lp build.prop
    As for first run, failed. Stock LP from G3 doesn't boot yet (stuck on bootanimation).
    Must check deeper a ramdisk, maybe something is missing, hope so.
    But I've spent 30min for porting same way a official CM13, to check whats may working etc. from G2 using almost only kernel and Rom booting without problems. Audio-video decoders was working, wifi, lights, even av encoding (trying screenrecorder) working. But sensors, RIL, camera not...
    I'm still have hope to boot-up stock LP and then (after got some skill), Marshmallow from G3. Will see..
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