Dex on PC for Note 9?

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Nov 5, 2019
Since the needed files are available now the Note 10(+) firmware is out I wonder if the feature will work for us. So far my Note 9 shows the ability after adding the needed apk files from the Note 10+ firmware. However the app needed on my windows laptop is nowhere to be found (yet).

Does anyone have the DeX for Windows app?


I have attached the files i picked from Note10+ firmware, I've placed them in system/priv-app on my rooted SM-N960F. So far for me there`s no way of knowing this will work untill i get mu hands on the DeX on PC app.

I have found some official Samsung app for Windows. I installed on my notebook and tried to run with my Note 9 connected, without success. And I can't copy your files for my System folder because I don't have root on my phone, so can I reach my objective by another way? Follow download link (copy, type a "w" and paste).
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Feb 12, 2010
Caldas da Rainha
hi there. i am also using beta 1 and now dex on PC recognizes the phone but as soon as i click the authorization to open dex on the phone it reboots.
any hints?


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Feb 17, 2019
Reviving an old thread but...

I can confirm that Samsung DeX for PC works with my Note 9 (SM-960F) and my 2019 HP Spectre 13.1 (Windows 10 Pro).

My Note 9 is a dual-sim unlocked model for Asia so I received the Android 10 and new UI update a few weeks ago.
In order to run DeX for PC, you have to install the Dex program on your PC first. I use the Japanese site but I think I found the US one: (EDIT: I CANT POST LINKS YET)
If you just search "sansung dex pc" on Google, it should show.

I simply connected my Note 9 to my laptop without using a dock or PD and it worked fine. In my opinion its a pretty nifty feature and I'm happy to be able to use it. Your Note 9 desktop will appear in a window on your PC screen. Pretty much works like a VM but you can drag and drop files to and from your PC and Note 9. I find it nice for that and being able to type messages into apps like LINE while doing work on my laptop. Funny thing is that my laptop is touchscreen and it works well with DeX.
One thing to note is that the fps on the Note 9 DeX window on your PC screen will be around 30fps. Its not bad, but you will notice it being slower. If you are just using this DeX function to message, transfer files, and check notifications, I think its great. But playing games and watching videos off your Note 9 this way may not be so great.

Anyhow, very pleased that the DeX for PC made it to Note 9. I think it really helps with multi-tasking!
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Jun 30, 2009
My note 9 is already updated to android 10 and I installed Dex PC, but every time I connect Dex closes alone ... any tips?


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Oct 26, 2015
Very buggy for me on Windows 10 with Note 9 (SM-960F) , Android 10 One UI 2.0 - DeX app on windows does not recognise phone, the phone does however appear in windows explorer and works with Samsung SmartSwitch app running on the same PC

With every reboot have a request to reinstall USB driver - seem to have a driver conflict somehow..

Removing DeX, reinstalling driver does not fix it - if anyone has any tips on how to fix please do share..

posted a help request here:
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    I was digging bit for this features and found many framework smalis related to dexonpc on N10 but there was nothing similar in N9
    Usually samsung block feature on old device by just making changes in couple of smali but it seems there is nothing there on N9 for this feature (likely because when Pie launched on N9 there was nothing there related to this feature). Seems bit difficult to port standalone feature, rather porting full firmware may be easier (Not tried though). But I believe it should be easier on android 10 even if samsung block on N9 as they usually make common update of new OS and later minimally modify according device.
    No news I'm afraid, it looks like we'll have to wait for the release of android 10 with OneUI 2.0 (beta)
    At least it looks like we don't have to wait for Android Q, the S10 line received an update running OneUI 1.1 along with Sept security patch which enabled DeX on PC functionality and some camera options from the N10.
    I'm confused, I have a Verizon note 9 and Samsung dex fires right up with an hdmi adapter to my TV..

    I didn't have to add or install anything ?*♂️
    please re read the thread title and maybe even the whole contents of the thread awell... you'll get the picture.
    According to the Samsung website you need Pie, rooted in my case to copy the files to system/priv-app. But without the app needed for PC there's no way of knowing it will work.
    how did you get the dexonpc apk to stick? copied folder and set permissions and uppon reboot it's gone. tried without perms same thing(obviously). also tried to copy to system/app as well and no go.