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Jun 11, 2012
Desire HD/Inspire 4G Development List​

Bananagranola's (ex-thread owner) message:
UPDATE 2013.12.01.

I'm not going to be doing this thread much longer because:
1. Very few people have PMed me like I asked at the top of the OP. Instead, most people are posting in the thread, requiring me to check the thread often. This was okay for awhile, but onto #2. That is why I am posting this note in this thread, since clearly, people are reading the posts but not the OP. (Which I do find rather odd for an index thread...)
2. I have some major upcoming events in real life, so with those in addition to #1, I no longer have the time to maintain the thread. To anyone watching this thread, this fact is obvious; the thread hasn't been updated as often lately.
3. I don't use and haven't used a DHD or an I4G in over a year. I've been maintaining this thread since then, but it's probably time to give it to someone else.

As a result, if you are interested in maintaining the thread, post in the thread. If no one objects to your taking over, I'll PM you the markup "source," and we can have the mods un-sticky this one and sticky yours. We went through the same procedure when the thread went from inspiredbyhtc to me. If someone does object, we can talk about it. I'd prefer to hand the thread off to someone who's pretty well established and isn't going to cut and run.

If no one is interested, I will leave the thread as is, but I probably will update it very rarely.

This is a stripped-down version of inspiredbyhtc's hard work.
PM me if stuff is wrong or missing.
NOTICE: Inspire 4G users can flash Desire HD ROMs; optionally, also flash inspiremod in the 3rd post.


KitKat 4.4.x

CyanogenMod 11 by Mustaavalkosta

LegacyCarbon by CedArctic

taktiK by randomblame

CyanogenMod 11S OnePlus One Edition

Mokee Open Source

Modded CyanogenMod 11

Jellybean 4.3.x

JellyTime by randomblame

PAC-man AIO by CedArctic

SlimBean by CedArctic

Jellybean 4.2.x

AoCP by CedArctic/The Collective

Android Open Kang Project JBean by PipelinerArd

AOSP Touchwiz by JustPlayingHard

Chromium by Zpik

codefireX 4.2 Builds by synergye

Cyanogenmod Jellytime by randomblame

Dirty Unicorns by Mazda

GimmeABreak by arDroid.99

LiquidSmooth Port by MaceksMod

moProject42 by CedArctic

Oxygen JB by Hamdiz

PACman All-In-One by blindndumb

Revolution by PipelinerArd

Unofficial CyanogenMod 10.1 by PipelinerArd

Unofficial CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies/M-Series by Mustaavalkosta

Unofficial JellyBeer by AndyFox2011

Unofficial Paranoid Android by yanniks

Xperia Honami Ultra ZU by CedArctic

Jellybean 4.1.x

AOKP Jellytime by randomblame

codefireX Nightlies by Team Codefire/synergye

codefireX Periodicals by Team Codefire/synergye

FullySamsung by Neo's Team/krisjanne

Provision JB by Zpik

Slim Bean (Unofficial) by riteshbendre

UnOfficial CyanogenMod10 Nightlies by Team Codefire/synergye

Xperia Z Jelly Bean by CedArctic

Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.x

aospX by existz

BHS ROMs by synergye

BlueBot by gsminhas

C&CICSReturns by jcmaddox1

Fr0zenHotDog by haerigrek

hylz Ice Cold Sandwich by tamercan

Ice Cold Sandwich by LorD ClockaN

Melchizedek by The Collective / rasroygbiv

Moonraker by deadsky

NEO'S TM XGS Série's by petagorth_84

Playground ICS by twistedumbrella


Redemption by The Collective/rasroygbiv

UNOFFICIAL Cyanogenmod 9 by PipelinerArd

Virtuous Quattro by Virtuous Team/Diamondback2010

Gingerbread 2.3.x

Absolution by The Collective/rasroygbiv

BlackICEv1.50 by Chezbel

Cyanogenmod 7.0.3 by kali-

Cyanogenmod 7 Nightly by kali-

Cyanogenmod 7.2 by kali-

Desired AOSP by gtg465x

GingerBeast by di11igaf

Ginger S by fshami

Happy Feet's CyanogenMod by -Happy Feet-

HydrOG3NMOD by Paradoxxx

LexBoosT by Lextermania

Look Ma, it's [email protected]! by adwimp

Pacha XperiaencE by XxXPachaXxX

Perf0rmance ROM by SmOger

Unofficial Oxygen Port by hrkfdn

VictoryMod by victoryo


RandomROM by Dr.Globbyglob
AceTify by -SmOgER

AceTify by -SmOgER


KingCobra by S.a.M.e.R_d

Nik Project X Rebirth by nikhil007mmus

Random ROM by Dr. Globbyglob

Sabsa Prime by alirez_sos

Strike X by tweakos

SVHD by mygamers

ViperDHD by Team Venom/torxx


Back to the Futureal by Quinny899

Virtuous Infinity by Virtuous Team/chrisch1974


Black Impulse by Team Impulse/max63094

IceSense 4.0H FirstBaseBeta by Team ICESense/Rabim

ICESense V by Team ICESense/HTC_Phone

NEO'S TM NeoneV by petagorth_84

Nik Project X by nikhil007mmus

Primo-S by proxuser

SenseMOD FlashONE by Floatshow

SENSEI by f_enzo

SmartBeat Venomous by SmartBeat/memnoc


Blackout ICS XL by Team Blackout/QD2DC

NERO XL by XxXPachaXxX and alirez_sos

Sabsa Bliss by alirez_sos

SmartDroid Phoenix by desidunda

SmartBeat Supremacy XL by SmartBeat/zFr3eak

Strike S by tweakos

Virtuous Affinity by Virtuous Team/chrisch1974


GingerSense4 by westito

Runny Xtreme Surprise by XxXPachaXxX

Android Revolution HD by mike1986.

BeatMod BlissSense by BeatMod zFr3eak

BinDroid RUNMED by DutchDanny

BlissDrOiD by PVTeam/alirez_sos

CoreDroid by Sergio76

DeSenseNG by Spyr0s

DHxperiaNCE by krisjanne

Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ RCMix by NRGZ28

ER3BUS XL by JSLEnterprises

HoneySmartDroid by memnoc

ICY-SMOKE by Team Scrat/SmokeyMcBong

InfernoSense by Team Inferno/saranhai

MikRunny by newtoroot

Random ROM by Dr. Globbyglob

RunnyDrOiD by PVTeam/alirez_sos

RunnyMede Xtreme by XxXPachaXxX

Runny Xtreme Surprise by XxXPachaXxX

SenseMOD Lite by djpbx

Shake N Bake ICS by Team Shake N Bake/shaky156

SmartDroid Reloaded by memnoc


Virtuous Affinity by Virtuous Team/chrisch1974


Android Revolution HD by mike1986.

ClearDroid by ClearD

GingerSense4 by westito

LeeDrOiD HD by LeeDrOiD

Loveone by mengliyuan

Persian Vision by PVTeam/alirez_sos

Soshiyant by PVTeam/alirez_sos

Virtuous Unity by Virtuous Team/chrisch1974

Custom UI

Jelly Bean 4.2.x

DhdSation by KernelDev101

Jelly Bean 4.1.x

Jelly MIUI by hnkumar

MIUI.us by bliind

Touchwiz 5 Nature UX 2.0 by akateha

Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.x

MIUI.us by bliind

Modified MIUI by (HEROo)

RD-MIUI by Dekkyy

Gingerbread 2.3.x

CyanMobile eXperience by AndyFox2011

BlindLEWA by blindndumb

DianXin OS by qtwrk

DroidianRage by Crithian

Eva.MIUI by evanbigfan

MIUI 007 Dr. No by deadsky

MIUI EN DE by MrGarak

MIUI Portugal by loDa00

MIUI turkpda by tamercan

Mooke OS by arrom1983

RD-MIUI by dekkyy

SCI MIUI by a user

The Seapath Joy OS by seaskyways

WP7.0.3 Ace Edition by mmmcfc

Ubuntu ROMs

Andrinux by Ditti4

Boot Ubuntu on your HTC Desire HD by LeeDroid

Booting Ubuntu native by bergfex

UBUNTU on your DHD by briandevlin

RUU and Stock

HTC Ace Shipped ROMs by jmztaylor

Arabic 2.3.5 sense 3.0 (3.13.415) by bystep2k

Official RUU_Ace_Sense30_S_HTC_WWE_3.12.405.1 STOCK ROOTED by nitr00

RUU_Ace_HTC_WWE_1.72.405.3_R_Radio_12.28e.60.140f_ by Football

RUU_Ace_Sense30_S_hTC_Asia_WWE_3.13.707.4 by MrT69

Stock Arabic 2.3.3 by AbuGhanim2012

Vodefone Australia Stock by Kazuroka
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Jun 11, 2012
Mods and Resources



inspiremod by thedonvaughn

Frequency & Voltage Tweaks for aospX, Blackout, JellyTime & ViperDHD by Roberto_Lim

Indian Madness by Team Inferno/THEindian

AGPS Patch Desire HD by crypted

AGPS Patch Inspire 4G by crypted

[AOSP/SENSE][UV+LMK]Most Kernels|Greatly Improve Battery Life & Performance by Killersloth

[Script][Guide] V6 Supercharger by Zeppelinrox/hamdir

[APP] andrev_oc by Sybregunne

[Script] Darktremor Apps2SD by tkirton

[Tweaks] Faster gps fix for most roms & advanced build.prop for ARHD by MarcoHD


[Place Holder]


[MODS/SRC] lyapota mods and sources by lyapota

Mods For All Sense 3.5 Roms by alirez_sos

Rom Cleaner v3.5/4.0 by Patrics83

Ultra & Super, Liquid Smooth Rosie for Sense 3.0>3.6 by hamdir

HTC Amaze camera for sense 3.5 by CdTDroiD

Primo Sense 4.0 MegaPack by lyapota

[MOD] Sense 3.5 Mail.apk with HTML Enabled by crazytek


4EXT Recovery Touch by madmaxx82

TeamWin Recovery Project (twrp) by Dees_troy


Ace Think Tank

The HTC Desire HD Radio Thread by Drakknar

The Inspire Radio Thread by tribalartgod

[HOW TO] Brilliant Battery Life by memnoc

Easy Unlock Bootloader Tool

Easy Ace Root Tool
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Apr 9, 2011
Theres already one stickied

U copied and pasted the first post from the stickies.

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Jul 11, 2012
Theres already one stickied

U copied and pasted the first post from the stickies.

Sent from my Transformer TF101 using xda app-developers app

yup but without ICS .. and JB rom's .. correct me if I am wrong
inspiredbyhtc is getting a Galaxy Note 2 and doesn't have the time to maintain this one, so he asked the Ace Think Tank thread to take over this thread. I'm asking a mod to sticky this one and un-sticky the other.
So yes, I did in fact copy and paste the first post from the sticky. Or actually, from the "source" (including URL tags and such) that inspiredbyhtc PMed me and GuyInTheCorner. :)
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Apr 14, 2011
Dunno if this is the right place to ask but what happened to the Sabsa Prime thread? (Sense 4.0)
The link seems to be dead. Isn't this continued anymore?


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Feb 18, 2012
Dunno if this is the right place to ask but what happened to the Sabsa Prime thread? (Sense 4.0)
The link seems to be dead. Isn't this continued anymore?

Something about Kanging the camera libs I believe. Great ROM though =\

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Yeah just as a little add on I'll be here and around the DHD forums if you guys need some help. Come visit the Ace Think Tank if you guys need help by the way ;)

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