Question diagnostics port via USB Debugging

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Jul 13, 2006
We have a test 5G StandAlone network. I now have 2 phones working, and have tested more then 20 phones. One of the 2 phones is the OnePlus Nord CE 5G. I want to use this phone to run TEMS investigation software.

For this I need a diagnostics port via USB Debugging. TEMS telle me to run the command:
adb shell
setprop sys.usb.config diag,serial_cdev,rmnet,adb

I have rooted my OnePlus Nord CE (EB2103), running Android When I start the RNDIS,Diag on the phone I get 3 devices on my Windows 11 Laptop:




I think I need Drivers to get this to work. Can you help me to find them? Or do I need to do something else?

If I search for these VID_05c6 and PID_90B6 I do find some reference to Qualcomm USB drivers but no site where I can download them.

Your help would be much appreciated.
Did you activate USB debugging in developer options? If yes, did you install android adb drivers? -> If not, follow this link and its instructions please:

If your PC can't find the correct driver by automatic search, do it manually as its described under the topic "Or, to upgrade an existing Android USB driver on Windows 7 and higher with the new driver"