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[Diagnostics] [UFS PROBLEM] Mi8 slow Read/write speeds

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2013
OnePlus 3T
Xiaomi Mi 8
Hello, world!

I have run some tests trying to figure out what causes this issue, right after encountering this problem which I'm sure most of you have by now I clean flashed MEMEUI, transferred random files into internal memory, and kept doing so until internal storage was full I rebooted and kept filling it up until it was 0kb left then deleted a big 2Gb file and ran memory test you can see bellow two tests just 1 min apart, I then went to bootloader erased /data /system /vendor /cache booted to recovery and formated all these partitions again using OrangeFox and flashed Dotos and the problem immediately came back. So my suspicion is something is wrong with the way recoveries format partitions, which caused this problem in the first place, I suggest trying my method and avoiding using any custom recovery whatsoever on MI8


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