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Diamond Project SSPL, Hard-SPL -CID Unlock & Flash any ROM to your device

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Sep 29, 2006
Hi all..!

Diamond Project team worked on SSPL,Hard-SPL for Diamond device.And now we're release it 4 free :)

After flashing HardSPL you'll be able to flash any Diamond ROM to your device!

This tool will allow you to change the ROM language, flash cooked ROMs, custom splash screens, etc...


  1. Connect Diamond to computer using USB cable
  2. Make sure ActiveSync icon is GREEN
  3. Extract sspl-diamond-1.23.zip and run SSPL.bat
  4. Your device will go to bootloader.Device screen should be now TRI-COLOR and show "1.23.Jump" and "USB"
  5. Unplug and Re-Plug the USB cable
  6. Phone screen should still be tri-color and still show "USB" ,the activesync icon gray
  7. if not, the loading process has failed and you'll have to repeat it again.
  8. If all was OK then u extract Diamond-Flash-Splash.zip and click to ROMUpdateUtility.exe it will update for u Splash screen htc.After that if all fine.That sure u have sspl version working.
  9. Go to sspl-diamond-1.23 again.Run it to get SPL 1.23.Jump and now extract Diamond-HardSPL-1.23.zip and just install Hard-SPL with same

* NOTE :

This version just works for devices having SPL 1.23.
Will not works in Devices has SPL 1.34
With SPL 1.34 version.We will update in next days :)

Use at your own risk! I'm not responsible for any damage to your device caused by using the attached files.

Pof, Des, Olipro and thanks to luigivsf for testing this.


Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and strong incentive my team to continue research on new devices
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Jun 12, 2007

simply fabulous and fantastic guy great work now i want Diamond out i hope in two week :D
thanks thanks for all works
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