Question Did i can flash Project Blaze Rom on my Moto G30?

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Nov 16, 2020
Moto G30
Yes but:

You don't flash the ROM you flash a GSI so not as good or stable, I've been using one for a long time and its stable enough.

I suggest you DON'T flash with TWRP, not because it's not good but i don't have experience with it and I can't promise it will work.

I instead suggest you follow Sammm77's GSI Flash Guide

You should download the GSI ( Project Blaze ) and any updates for it from Phhusson's Generic System Image (GSI) list, at the moment the download link is : LINK

Headphones and Bluetooth might have problems but are easy to fix, see this thread : LINK

Any other problems you have and i might have I would be happy to help!

Also some GSI just do not work so don't stress if it does not boot, try another one from the GSI list above.

As always, keep in mind this is all third party community software so do your own research!