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Question Differences between "global" versions?

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May 1, 2017
you can record calls directly, is this feature available in other versions ?
Nox Vidmate VLC
Yes but i think it depends on the region settings in settings.

For example:
I bought my phone in Thailand and i have oppo dialer. The region is set to Thailand. When i make a call.or.receive a call I can record it.

But if i switch the region to Poland for example - i cannot record any call.

You can check it out yourself - just change the region to Thailand or India.

However im not sure if google dialer works in the same way.

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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if there are any differences between so called "global" versions.

    I noticed 3 things...
    1. My dialer/contact app/message app are from Oppo. The ones I saw on YT look like from Google
    2. Latest update A.17 showed on my phone with almost 300 mb to download. For other people here it was only around 160-170MB.
    3. Except Google Play I have also App Market which I assume is from Oppo.

    Do you have google dialers/messaging apps or from Oppo? What about this AppMarket? Do you have it?




    My X3 pro is from Spain:
    1. Dialer and message app are from Google
    2.It does not have an App Market, nor a Theme Store (although they can be downloaded and installed separately and they work 100%)
    I have preinstalled theme store...
    Hi, can you send me the app versions for phone/dialer and message app from OPPO?
    Thank you

    Thank you for the fast reply!!!
    The contacts apk also includes the dialler? Is there any way to extract them as an attachment and have them posted here.
    Yes i think contacts is the same app (incl. dialer).


    You can look for contacts/dialer app on the apkmirror as well.
    I have the leather backed Chinese version and there are a few issues that I might not be able to live with. I can't use Google messages as default sms app, at first I was not able to restore all data from google during setup i ended up finding a way to do that. The big issue is my apps passwords are not being auto filled, works fine through the chrome browser but not with apps. I don't even get the option to have the information saved in autofill after I enter the password in apps. I don't think that's a problem in the Global version, correct me if I'm wrong. I love the phone but I think I'm just going to sell it at this point after having it less than a week.