[DIRECT DL LINK] Unlock tool has arrived!!!

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Jun 16, 2011

Direct ASUS link
Direct apk link (dropbox)
Mediafire, in case dropbox gets killed.

md5 of the file than unlocked my bootloader: af305839d357431a4f1505f96b62d48d

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Dec 21, 2008
Cape Town
I feel sodomized now...

This is a load of legal BS, which is only to benefit one party (ASUS). I wonder if such one-sided contracts will even stand up in court...


Jan 5, 2011
strange recovery... only had a look for a few seconds as there is a timecounter in the background, but there is an option to install linux :), mnt usb? maybe with FS? and to wipe (I don't want to press the button). I think it checked up the internal storage for some special files, like bootloader in htc for the pd**.img


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Jan 26, 2012
Basically this unlocker grabs the serial of the CPU, tells the Asus server... Gets back the necessary info to unlock, unlocks the device and leave a marker for warranty thrashing (It mentions some sort of flag), then reboots.

Edit:If anyone was wondering, the serial of the cpu would be independent of the device serial (In format 0245xxxxxxxxxxxx) is acquired from /proc/cpuinfo

Edit2:I believe the unlock server is mdm.asus.com via HTTPS, also I believe it uses the Android device ID as well.
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Feb 3, 2012
This is good to know and I will be keeping an eye out for any results that the community has using it. However, I won't be downloading/installing the tool because my Prime has not been rooted or gone backwards with ICS versions. I want to go the official update route for awhile yet. This is just a personal preference. I have too much money tied up in this unit to void the warranty.


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Jan 26, 2012
couldn't someone just make a app, that does all this, except tell the asus sever our cpu number?
that way they would still think we havent unlocked it?

It's a challenge-response thing with the challenge built from the cpu serial and device id (or one of those, or more... Didn't take a close look). Only Asus and the person in possession of the device would know these.

Also they're not stupid enough to just let you throw unlock requests at them without recording them. (After all they do have to look up the keys to unlock the bootloader)

Also they're probably wiping the DRM keys on the device as well, so devs don't go extracting them after they've unlocked their bootloaders.

this is great news, the only problem i see is not being able to recieve OTA anymore. i am sure a dev will figure out a way to get us unlocked primes a way to install/flash them.

DD'ing blobs *should* work still, although YMMV.
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As much as I want to use this I'm not going too. Don't want to lose my warranty as I dont trust this device with the amount of problems that surround it so far. Also wont get OTA updates. Asus know how to screw over there buyers, should of been unlocked before release.


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Jan 17, 2010
Any chance of a pic of the recovery?

There is not really a usable recovery. Only the OTA one which just shows you an error once you start it. (Because there is no OTA file to apply)

Once booting with VOL_DOWN you can choose between a cold boot, wiping data or entering fastboot mode (which does not really seem to work for me)
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    This kind of forum with all the negativity and fighting is just going to make the developers not want to be a part of it. If anyone's worried about warranty wait a year until yours Is up and don't complain.

    I agree. This unlock bootloader tool is great news. But only people who should want to this immediately is developers and people with working knowledge of how it works. Developers will do this to get started on their Rom cooking, testing, or whatever. It isn't like everyone needs to jump out and do this immediately. We don't even have any roms or anything available yet for. Now that the tool is available, people need to just relax and let developers work their magic. Feel good knowing custom roms and more will be available soon. If you worried about OTA update, then this is not for you. Or at least not yet. Stay stock or rooted. People that have issues with their device should definitely not use this tool unless they understand fully that this wwill void warranty. Send in device if needed for RMA. Custom roms and developers will be able to fix alot of issues some have but some things only Asus RMA process can fix.

    I'm in no rush to unlock. Device still brand new. Plus want to give developers more than enough time to do their thing. The tool is here now. Great things will come. Its not going to happen first day tool is released though..lol. I'm just going to sit back n see what develops. So get ready for optimized ROMS. Along with more aggressive overclocked and undervolting.

    This is a day to celebrate for Prime owners. So lets try to make the community a more welcoming place for existing developers and ones that will be coming. I'm tired of the divide within users. Complaining about issues and complaining about people complaining about issues is very redundant now. If you have issues, do what you have to do to get it corrected. For those of us that don't, time to move on. Can't let others spoil the enjoyment and future of developement and Prime section of forum.
    This kind of forum with all the negativity and fighting is just going to make the developers not want to be a part of it. If anyone's worried about warranty wait a year until yours Is up and don't complain.
    What's with the bashing on asus with regards to this messing up your warranty?

    I mean, this thing in the ends allows you to do a whole lotta crap to your device and mess it up in ways unimaginable. Of course they say 'go ahead, unlock it if you need but after that you're on your own!'. Would be pretty unfair to let asus wind up for the possible mess created by users with all this...
    Damn, lets put a stop to the I international war here.

    Today is a day to celebrate!

    Lets put the egos aside and let the truly smart guys develop now!
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