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Dirty Unicorn Roms Oreo 8.1

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May 11, 2009

I tried the latest a few days ago. It's promising, but very bare-bones right now. Stable, fluid, and fast, but not nearly ready for daily use yet. Most minimal ROM i've ever flashed though if that appeals to anyone! Once features are added back and is released as Official, i'll be on it like White on Rice.

Still hoping for an Omnirom maintainer. I've got Omni 9 on my OP5 and it's daily driver material. Really good already.

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    Hi Everyone,
    As we are aware about Dirty Unicorn Rom & Now we have there RC build which is based on android 8.1.
    I have personally tested it for a complete day , Battery backup and performance wise thats a great Rom.
    Interested one can visit this page and give a try.

    Supported device : Oneplus 3 , 3T , 5 , 5T.

    First Look and review:
    If you would read the posts, you would know that they don't want people to post anything about DU on XDA.
    So what do you think about it?

    Not much. Alex didn't like XDA's direction, which seems fair. Creates new site to recreate what once was, admin gets upset, escalates things. Too much drama for me.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the "glorified tech support" thing though. It seems most people here can't even pull up proper logs when they have issues. "issue here plz fix o kind dev."

    I think XDA has become more of a tech site instead of an actual developer website, albeit developers still post here. If you look at Dev's Base, it doesn't have the completely off topic posts that XDA does. Not saying its a bad thing that XDA does, it just seems Dev's base is a dev site not a tech site.
    IDK, the large majority of Dev's Base seems to not be there for "tech" stuff. Considering the current lead of the site, I doubt it will change either. Its possible though.

    It's only possible to keep the site that way if it remains small or if they ban every new user that doesn't know enough.

    Looking at their G+ page and at what some DU users ask here on XDA, it's clear not everyone is a genius. Allow normal users to create accounts and install your fancy ROM and then you have a typical XDA thread with dumb questions.