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Aug 20, 2012
Hello. I have installed DirtyUnicorns 14 and now my right and left buttons are swapped. Can I get the right button to go back ?

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    I think that it would be useful to have a thread to discuss Dirty Unicorns ROM here at XDA forums.

    I'm testing the current weekly at the moment, with stock kernel and can say it is very, very smooth. Really worth a try, believe me!
    I never figured out how to set fastlane.. can you help me?
    Sure. Open a kernel manager like EX (paid) or kernel adiutor (free). Go to CPU settings and select Blu_active as your governor. Go to Governor settings. Switch fastlane from 0 to 1 to enable it. 50 should be the default threshold. If you set the value to a lower number, CPU will ramp up more aggressively.
    I played around with the settings on DU and Blu Spark kernel a lot. Fastlane enabled with a threshold of 70 only on the small cluster is a configuration, I enjoyed a lot. It doesn't ruin your battery life, while improving scrolling performance noticeably. There is no perfect configuration, experiment with it until you find something that suits your usage.
    Hope this helps you out.
    New weekly is available!
    Just clean installed the latest RC build during lunch time: it runs really well and I can confirm that the kernel looks fresh.
    I repeated my quick scrolling test with graph bars and immediately switched (again) to conservative governor which gives less dropped frames.
    It is beyond me how other more famous governors still don't guarantee the same performance of conservative, but I'm really happy with this setup.

    There is no mystery in this. Conservative governors scale slowly. While the "famous" ones scale quickly.

    Whenever there is a load, the cpu should scale up quickly, finish the task and then go back to sleep asap. Conservative governors scale up and down slowly.

    Now how this affects the "scrolling test". We perform the test by rapidly scrolling up and down. The "famous governors" will try scale up and then quickly come down too. As the frequencies drop you may see a few frames go above the green 60fps line.

    Conservative govs due to their slow nature main relatively stable frequencies during scrolling which gives them an advantage in fps.

    But in real world, I don't see a scenario where we need to scroll up and down like we do in scrolling test. Thus the benefit of using conservative appears to be very limited. Secondly as long as you are below the green line (60fps) it doesn't matter. Our eyes cannot differentiate between 70 and 80 fps. But conservative governors here are at a loss because during heavy loads such as gaming, sometimes the scaling is too slow resulting in framedrops and freezes.

    I have been experimenting with interactive + zzmoove (another conservative governor) since even before XDA wrote about it. Yes it feels smooth but games sometimes lag.

    This is just a crude explaination which I found out from my experience. If anybody has a better explanation, they are welcome to share it