Question Disabled DSDS in EU version (Spain) of Xiaomi Note 9T (5G)

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Mar 11, 2012
Hello all,

I have recently bought a Xiaomi (marked Redmi on the back) Note 9T 5G.
I migrated using Google from my DooGee F1, and that went quite well.
In the beginning there was one problem, that was related to the "Wake on Raise".
I found the solution on XDA-dev, it seems it only happens when migrating using Google, anyway, I found the solution here.
It was using ADB and resetting that setting using the ADB commands:

adb shell
settings put secure wake_gesture_enabled 0
exit (to exit adb shell)

But this was not all....

I found that reception of this phone was quite poor.
Where previously my DooGee had 4G, also indoors,the Note 9T always would go back to HSDPA+.

When I was in the village, the connection was 4G, so it had to do something with the radio, or the antenna.

To exclude any settings that could be wrong I decided to test some of the settings, only using the offcial settings of the phone, and this is where it went wrong!!

Going to the Sim1 & Sim2 settings, I found under Sim2 (this is where my 4G Data Sim was) a DSDS setting.
This is a blue slide switch, s it looked quite legit.....
DSDS is supposed to mean: Double Sim, Dual Standby, so to see if it would help to have just one Sim active I moved it to the Off position.
I got a message that to activate my change, I must reboot the phone, so I did......

Now I am in a kind of 'bootloop'.
It does boot, I can login using my fingerprint, I get the launcher screen, and in the Icon bar on top I see just one triangle for one Sim.

But after about 20 seconds, the phone will give a black screen and a rotating circle, and if I do nothing, it will boot into recovery.

I tried to flash the ROM again (mine is on and that went well, but the setting has not changed... :-(

My question is: is there a way of resetting this one setting, or all settings if needed?
I can only get ADB sideload, or get it connected to the MiFlashTool4.0.

I really would like to avoid the full reset from the stock recovery!!

Many thanks, saludos from Spain,

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