[DISCONTINUED][10 Sep][4.0.4][Sense 4.1 Lite][OTA|HUB|EQS|v1.2.1 ModPack] SVHD v2.1.0


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Aug 8, 2012
mygamers Presents You

Screen Shot

  • Based On Desire X RUU 1.18
  • Android 4.0.4
  • Sense 4.1 Lite
  • SVHD OTA Updater
  • SVHD HUB With Skin/Mod/KeyboardMod/BatteryMod/BootAnimation/Kernel Downloads (Based On myHUB Thanks To MikroSmile)
  • Fully Working Camera (HDR/Panaroma/Burst Mod)
  • 17 Working Enhancer + Beats + SRS + Dolby + Custom EQ
  • Smooth and Stable As Stock Rom
  • EQS
  • APM

Notes To Developers
- You are NOT allowed to use any file of SVHD Rom without asking for my permission

  • v2.1.0
-Rom SuperCharged As Defualt
-Increased Multi Tasking And Very Better Multi Tasking
-Added Die Hard Launcher Tweak
-Improved Battery Life
-Updated Aroma Installer to 2.70RC2
-Added SVHD ModPack Into Aroma Installer
-Added All Missing Widgets
-Added HTC Note
-Added HTC Stock App
-Added HTC PDF Viewer
-Added Matte Skin
-Added All Languages(WWE)
-Added MMS Screen On mod Into SVHD ModPack
-New Keyboard With Arrow
-Changed full wipe method so it won't remove games data

  • v2.0.0
-Rom Fully Rebased on Desire X RUU 1.18
-Android 4.0.4 + Sense 4.1 Lite
-Clear Port without any graphical Changes
-Special Optimization For Better Performance
-Very Very Stable (As Stock Rom)
-Fixed Headset Bottons Problem
-Fixed Flashlite Resizing Problem
-Fixed System_Server SuperUser Problem
-New SuperUser app by Koush
-Added Hangout (Removed Talk)
-Added SoundHound
-Added GooglePlayServices
-Updated Play Store to Lasted Version
-Updated myHUB to v1.0.7
-Updated Gmail to v4.5.2
-Updated Facebook to v3.6
-Updaet Drobbox to
-Removed Tweaks App (Cause there is no tweaks app for Lite Sense 4.1)

  • v1.7.5 (OTA)
**If you Install GooglePlayService Before Installing Update Uninstall That
-Fixed FlashLight
-Fixed DropBox In Gallery
-Fixed Google Play Service Problem
-Fixed Location Problem
-PlayStore Updated

  • v1.7.4
**Full Wipe is Required
-Some Changes In Keyboard (Now I think Chinees Input Work)
-SuperCharged services.jar
-Some Parts Themes to Stock JB (Blue Highlight Theme)
-Fixed AndroidSyncService Problem
-Cleaned Rom Base
-Defualt Font Size now is a little Smaller
-Some Small Graphic Changes
-More Optimization
-More Stable
-Updated myHUB to v1.0.7
-Updated SuperSU to v1.41
-Updated Play Store to v4.1.10
-Updated All Market Apps

  • v1.7.3 (OTA)
**This Update Includes v1.7.1/v1.7.2 OTA
-Better Working Enhancer
-Custom Enhancer Now Works Very Better
-Fixed All Widget Problems
-New Mail Widget (2 Widgets)

  • v1.7.1 (OTA)
-Removed Mirror Icon From App Drawer
-Added Sense 5 Lockscreen
-Added Arrow Support For HTC Keyboard
-Removed Misc Tweaks
-Added "MMS Screen On" into Advance Tweaks
-Added myHUB Into Setting
-Messaging app Updated to lasted HTC ICS Build (Better Loading Speed)
-Added Missing Fonts

  • v1.7.0 (This Update Require Full wipe)
-Rom Base Updated to Lasted RUU of DesireX
--Rom Is more Smoother
--Fixed Dropbox FC in Gallery
--Fixed All Translation Problems
--Fixed Dialer Background Problem
--Fixed FC After MissCalls
-New Sound Enhancer
--17 Working Enhancer + Beats + SRS + Dolby + Custom EQ
--New Bets/SRS lib Files
-Fixed Rom name for Inspire 4G Users
-Camera Themed Sense 5
-PCSC Stuff Themed Sense 5
-Stock Battery Changed to Sense 5
-Added Tweaks App(Rosie/Lockscreen/Advance/Misc)
--Still Some Tweaks Doesnt Work
--New APM Controled From Tweaks
-New HUB/OTA (myHUB From microsmile Work)
-Kernel Updated to v2.9 For Desire HD Users
-SuperSU Updated to v1.34

  • v1.6.1
-Fixed WorldClock Language issue
-Fixed Backlight Bottom For Inc S Users
-Play Store Updated to v4.0.27
-Removed Dropbox Plugin in Gallery
-All Icons Rearranged
--Clock Icon Changed to Sense 5
--Task Manager Icon Changed to Sense 5
--HTC Setup Wizard Icon Changed to Sense 5
--Task Manager Icon Changed To Sense 5

  • v1.6.0
-Fixed Camera Problems
--Now Camera Works Better
--Disabled Taking Picture While Recording
--Removed Face Detection
--Removed Stereo Recording
-Fixed Language issue in Dialer
-Fixed Language issue in Personalize
-Fixed Music Control In lockscreen
-Fixed HTC Beats Notify Problem
-Added Disable LockScreen in Security Setting
-Added Arrow Support To Keyboard (Thanks to MaartenXDA)
-Stock HTC Skin now Is more Near to Sense 4+ (Sense4+ Navbar/Clock/...)
-SVHD HUB Updated To v2.2
-New Icon For SVHD Updater/SVHD HUB
-Location Icon Changed To Sense 5
-Updated Google Play Store to v4.0.25
-Updated ES File Explorer to v3.0.0
-Updated Facebook to v3.1
-Updated Maps to v6.14.3
-Updated Kernel Tuner to 4.4.7
-Updated Twitter to v4.0.1
-Updated YouTube to v4.4.11

  • v1.5.3
-Camera Fully Fixed
-New camera lib (Better Working with Incredible S)
-Fixed device model in Build.prop
-All changes in v1.5.1 / v1.5.2 included so all useres can flash this OTA

  • v1.5.2
-APM Back to Stock Ones

  • v1.5.1
-Updated HUB Servers

  • v1.5.0
-MultiDevice Support
--Supports Desire HD
--Supports Desire S
--Supports Inspire 4g
--Supports Incredble S
-More Optimzations
-Added Inspire 4G patch to Aroma
-Added GPS Config to Aroma
-Added SVHD HUB With Skin/Mod/KeyboardMod/BatteryMod/Kernel Downloads
-New APM With ScreenShot (Thanks To nik)
-New APM Mobile Network Icon (Sense 5)
-Calculator Icon Changed To Sense 5
-More Things that I cant `t Remmember ;)

  • v1.4.0
-All Icons Get Sense 5 Icon
-Added All missing APK from RUU
-Fixed Skins Now Showing (Support OneS/OneX Skins)
-Fixed Not Showing Sesne 4.5 Skins In Personalize
-Some Optimization in APK
-Removed Some unusfull Codes From build.prop (Fixed problems with some apps)
-Fixed Friend Stream (Now I think It Should Work)

  • v1.3.0
-Sense 5 Themed
--EQS Sense 5 Themed
--Camera Sense 5 Themed
--Launcher Sense 5 Icons
--Personalize Sense 5 Icons
--Setting Sense 5 Icons
-More Sense 4+ Icons And Feeling
--Font Color Changed To Sense 4+
--Music Buttons Changed To Sense 4+
-Music Enhancer Changed To HTC Stock
-New Messaging App With Secure Box
-Added Project butter
-Added build.prop Tweaks
-Frameworks reoptimized

  • v1.2.2
-Fixed Music And Gallery Problem

  • v1.2.1
-Fixed Browser Download
-Removed 3D Cube Animation
-Gallery Backed To Stock Sense 4.1

  • v1.2.0
-Fully Fixed Camera (HDR/Burst Mode)
-Added Sense 4.5 Gallery (Thanks To Zarboz)
-Added Sense 4.5 Browser (Thanks To Zarboz)
-Added Matte skin
-Kernel Changed to XxXPachaXxX
-Fully working OTG
-Fixed Lag in Appdrawer

  • v1.1.0
-Kernel Updated To T3
-Added FriendStriem Widget
-Fixed Twiiter For HTC Sense
-Fixed Setting Language Issue
-Change OTA Updater Icon
-Added MusicBox v3 (Still Isnt Fully Working)
-services.jar SuperCharged For Better Performance
Clearing Sense Data For Have FriendStream Widget Is required

  • v1.0.0
-Initial Realase

Major bugs(High Prioritiy):

  • Nothing
Minor bugs(Low Priority):
  • Nothing Til now

  • XxXPachaXxX For His Amazing Kernel Work , Helps And A very Cool Guy ;)
  • HTC For Device
  • BlackOut Team For Their Kernel Base
  • Virtuous Team For Their VTS Application
  • football For RUU
  • alireza_sos For His Contributions
  • microsmile For Special Work on myStore
  • O.M.J For APM
  • lyapota For His MusicBox Mod
  • m0narx For His Great Enhancer
  • ckvp5 For Sense 5 Lockscreen
  • Epic. For His Great Theming/Graphic Mods
  • $or$ For The Banner
  • S.a.M.e.R_d For Battery Mods
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Aug 8, 2012

Useres : Please Don`t Make Mirror

MD5 :5ce634808ef3ebd5c010e48f1c1ba998

Old Versions

MD5 :5A749D5ED534396CFF5027FB61568D33

MD5 :BE492879CBC4254931F3E47C754ACA60

MD5 :646e5e77c94d0f997d36506ee07010ba

MD5 :1403edc19299230c39eade0ec7dd7201
MD5 :5edba5077acf4b2cbef710b23af44612

MD5 :51dfa4f6c93835440c7b121add8505e3

MD 5:4e22286d5d9280ac90fd5aa22732be8b

MD 5:f522f004119ed25b0b473545abac9ce6

MD 5:6e62583d4548894ca626355b6215fa95

MD 5:1b65d246128c5bc381b5be86094de9d1

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Aug 8, 2012
SVHD ModPack v1.2.1

SVHD ModPack v1.2.1

  • Aroma Installer
  • Remove Unneeded Apps And Keyboard Languages
  • Sense Resourece:
-- Sense 4.1 Icon And Resource Files
-- Sense 5 Icon And Resource Files
  • System Mods:
--SMS Screen On
--Volume Wake
  • Launcher Setting
-- Lite Sense 4.1 Rosie Mods (4x4/5x4/5x5 AppDrawer)
-- DeSense Mod

  • v1.2.1
-Fully compatible with v2.1.0
-Remove Unusefull apps Now is very Better
-Added MMS Screen On Mod
-Added Volume Wake Mod

  • v1.2.0
-Now Its compatible with SVHD v2.0.0
-Removed Lockscreen Mod (Will add later. needs some changes In Rom)
-Removed Full Sense Mods

  • v1.1.0
-Added Remove Unusful System Apps
-Added Remove Unneeded Keyboard Languages
-Added 2 Launcher (Apex/Nova) When you Choose DeSense
-Added 4x4/5x4/5x5 Mod For Lite Rosie
-Added Wipe Cache and Dalvik Choose
-New Method for Aroma Installer

  • v1.0.0
-Initial Realase

  • Includes The Rom Zip

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Dec 2, 2012
UI size

Please if anyone has tested it on saga device..can he tell me about the Ui size, becase recently i tried Sabsa Prime & vipersaga Roms and found that they have a small UI for saga devices,??


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Jul 14, 2012
Downloading and...
my antivirus report an Android trojan: Plankton.I (variant)
I think I'm not gonna flash...

[EDIT] it's the flash_player_installer.apk who seems to have the trojan
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Mar 7, 2011
I have a question, how do I change the icons and themes back to sense 4.1?

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