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[DISCONTINUED] Apollo Gapps ROM v1.3

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Jul 28, 2010
So now I use that rom for a long time it ist on my stock partition i dont have any working amaazon anymore sohow do i come to the new versions from lollipop that are popping out now? :)


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Dec 5, 2010
What did you edit in BuildProp I'm trying to get to load and I have 4.5.5 installed the bin isn't working....

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    Apollo Gapps Version 1.3


    This is a custom rom for the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” that is very close to being AOSP. All amazon services have been removed.


    • All amazon apps removed
    • All amazon background services removed (including OTA update)
    • Google services added (play store, gmail, gallery...)
    • AOSP launcher and apps
    • Rooted

    • Rear video camera not working
    • Device administrators force closes upon selection
    • Rendering of google maps

    • Install/update SafeStrap
    Create a rom slot
    • Flash/restore stock rom DATA to rom slot
    • Flash apollo-gapps-rom-v1.2 if you are on or apollo-gapps-rom-v1.3 if you are on
    For working Kindle Reader, install from the link below and set Play Store App to not auto-update it.

    IMPORTANT: Please be aware of the following:
    • I have only tested apollo-gapps-rom-v1.3 on
    • If you are on a version earlier than then apollo-gapps may/may not work.
    • Do NOT update to apollo-gapps-rom-v1.3 if you are on



    Previous Versions

    Kindle Reader App
    Amazon Kindle_4.2.0.54.apk

    • Version 1.3
    - Based on
    - Stock Keyboard now has swype functionality
    - Changed device name from Nexus 7 back to KFAPWI

    • Version 1.2
    - Front and Rear Snapshot Cameras now working.
    - Front Video Camera now working.
    - Updated Widget Picker.
    - Updated WiFi Driver.
    - Fix for Dropbox.

    • Version 1.1 - Initial Release

    - Kernel Source: Kindle HDX stock kernel, build number 1314.3.2.4

    • Cpasjuste
    • Everyone, for your support
    Quick update on the AOSP ROM I'm building from source...

    Good news, the build of 4.2.2 is now booting successfully. I have managed to create a separate gapps package.

    Although building from source has cleaned up a lot of the issues from the Apollo Gapps 1.2. There are now numerous fixes required to make it stable enough for release so will keep you posted.
    I'm glad to hear that the ROM is still further developed. What would be new features compared to the latestet released version?

    It will be a completely free of any amazon customisations (ie Pure AOSP 4.2.2 like Nexus devices).

    It was only today that the ROM has booted up successfully but, since my last post, I've got WIFI and sound working. Got a lot of testing to do now.

    Full details will be available upon release.
    Full AOSP 4.2.2

    Have been working away quietly in the background on a full aosp build from source. Have made loads of progress since last update.

    I now have the device going through full bootup, with full GPU acceleration enabled. Bluetooth is working, but WIFI is not... Need to also debug audio too.

    This is based on the stock kernel. I looked at the changes between this kernel and the release and there were no significant improvements made between them. The only significant update was the GPU driver had some extra code added which is the cause of the blank screen when trying to run apollo gapps 1.2 with amazon's latest update.

    I am working on Apollo Gapps 1.3. It will be based on

    I should be able to get it released sometime in the coming week.

    The only new feature in the ROM will be an aosp swype keyboard.

    After the release of the ROM I will make a flashable .zip file for the swype keyboard. Users of Apollo Gapps 1.2 can use this to obtain the swype feature without having to upgrade the entire system.

    This flashable zip should also work with Thor Gapps ROM too.
    @Cpasjuste - If it's ok with you I can send you a copy of the swype update to test when it's ready?