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[DISCONTINUED] Derpfest 11 alpha builds for sunfish

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Feb 26, 2014
I know this is an unofficial build but I was just curious if any one was passing safety net with this rom. I've tried magisk hide and magisk props config and I've checked to make sure magisk hide is working. I've flashed the universal safety net fix to no avail. If anyone has a working fix please let me know. Maybe it's not possible right now but wanted to ask anyway. Love the rom besides safety net so thank you.
Edit: Fixed this issue with all the above methods and using the hidden core edxposed module. However I did notice with hidden core activated my screen just stays on and drains my battery so I ended up deactivating it. But still nice to know that I can pass safety net if needed.
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    I just uploaded a new build synced with latest derpfest sources.
    Also dit some changes to Devicetree for smoothnes (vulkan backend and triple buffering) and enabled the aosp blur :)

    Check the mega folder linkt in first post for latest release
    New build is up!
    synced with latest derpfest source changes
    Tree, vendor and kernel updated to december tags from google.
    Check the mega.nz folder linked in first post for latest files.
    Just a quick note to let you guys know i wil not be pushing new builds of this rom anytime soon (if ever).
    I've stopped using it myself and feel that i cannot support it whilst not running it myself.
    thanks rignfool, works great

    boot.img and magisk patched boot.img for latest build
    thank you for your work on sunfish and android in general. i really learned a lot by looking at your commits and gerrit :)
    It's my pleasure. I unfortunately don't have much free time these days, so stepped away from Android for a bit.. but maybe I'll be back at some point in 2021.