[DISCONTINUED][G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE N950 2.3 - AQI1 | Android 7.1.1

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May 26, 2015


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Oct 6, 2013
Flashed this yesterday, and so far is very nice. But missing feature to mark sms as read on notification..
Maybe this is a csc feature, if so can someone tell me wich one to use (using BTU now)

Also, air message i can't find anywhere.. Used to have this on BTU csc before..


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May 10, 2015
I have a bug to report....
In slow motion video turns black...i can hardly see the image...
Other than that everything is working flawlessly....

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    Developers: mwilky, SoLdieR9312 & baadnewz

    Official Testers: sswagonman, patensas, white7561, zafer61

    Supported devices: G950, G955, N950


    • N950FXXU1AQI1
    • Android 7.1
    • Knox set to 0x0 when booted
    • Fully working private mode
    • Support for G95XF/FD/N
    • Customizable AROMA installer with option to debloat & remove knox
    • Choose from no root, magisk or supersu
    • Optimized for improved battery/perfomance
    • Tweaks app to control your experience
    • Device status set to official
    • 5 way reboot menu added
    • Added outdoor mode to settings
    • Added LED notifications to settings
    • Added screen recorder quicksettings tile
    • Removed OEM unlock toggle from settings to avoid accidentally re-locking device
    • Enabled SystemUI Tuner, activate by long press settings button in quicksettings panel
    • Much more!



    • License Status
    • ROM Version
    • Nightly Changelog
    • Tweaks Version
    • Useful links in regards to the rom

    System UI

    • Immersive Mode On / Off / Per App
    • Per App Auto Immersive Mode [Premium only]
    • Choose from left, center, right or no clock
    • Enabled/disable opening clock app when clicking on statusbar clock
    • Enable/disable battery icon in statusbar
    • Enable/disable double tap to sleep
    • Enable/disable multi user icon
    • Enable/disable battery bar & lots of customization
    • Choose number of compact quicksetting
    • Choose number of quicksetting rows/columns
    • Enable/disable brightness slider in quicksettings
    • Enable/disable locking of quicksettings pulldown while phone is locked
    • Enable/disable locked quicksettings to be usable when phone is locked
    • Enable/disable quick pulldown
    • Enable/disable blur effect on pulldown
    • Enable/disable removable system notifications
    • Enable/disable keyboard selection notification
    • Navigation bar custom height (Portrait mode)
    • Enable/disable all rotations
    • Enable/disable loud volume warning
    • Enable/disable high brightness warning
    • Enable/disable MTP-popup
    • Window animation scale control
    • Transition animation scale control
    • Animator duration scale control


    • Bixby button remap
    • Back button remap
    • Home button remap
    • Recents button remap
    • All remaps with custom app support


    • Camera flash battery % limit
    • Fingerprint/Iris unlock after reboot
    • Hide Iris preview on lockscreen
    • Randomize pin keypad on lockscreen (stock samsung theme only)
    • Enable/disable lockscreen help text
    • Enable/disable Secure screenshots


    • CSC selection
    • Enable/disable waking device when connection usb
    • Default app install location


    • Link statusbar colors
    • Colorable statusbar icons

    • Select color for navigation bar icons
    • Enable dynamic navigation bar color

    • Select color for header background
    • Select color for header text
    • Select color for header icons

    • Select color for quicksetting background
    • Select color for quicksetting title text
    • Select color for quicksetting "enabled" tiles
    • Select color for quicksetting "disabled" tiles
    • Select color for quicksetting divider
    • Select color for quicksetting brightness slider
    • Select color for quicksetting drag handle background
    • Select color for quicksetting drag handle icon

    • Allow/Do not allow transparency
    • Select color for notification background
    • Select color for notification title text
    • Select color for notification summary text
    • Select color for notification footer text
    • Select color for notification footer background

    Backup and Restore

    • Backup your color settings
    • Restore color settings from backup
    • Revert to stock colors


    • License status
    • Monthly Subscription
    • 2,5 or 10 bucks donation


    • Check for app updates
    • Force English Language
    • Switch to Black Theme [Premium only]
    • Notify about nightly updates on start
    • Notify about nightly updates in background
    • Set the background checking frequency


    RENOVATE N950 || 2.3 - 29th October

    RENOVATE N950 || 2.3 - Mirror - 29th October

    RENOVATE ICE N950 Port Nightlies


    • all color tweaks no longer require a reboot
    • added a seperate slider for notification panel background transparency
    • reworked notification coloring
      -if enable transparent notifications is set to yes, you have control over alpha levels for standard notifications and lockscreen notifications.
      -if enable transparent notifications is set to no, notifications will be solid color on lockscreen and standard notifications
      -if stock colors are set it will fully behave is stock, solid notifications when unlocked, and semi-transparent when on lockscreen​
    • added data usage text color tweak
    • updated kernel to latest source
    • added dex with any hdmi patch to kernel
    • fixed private mode qs tile not working if private mode hadnt been set up
    • fixed long press on private mode qs tile not opening private mode settings
    • fixed hyperlapse mode for G95X users
    • fixed applock fingerprint


    • Nightlies
    • Changelog
    • How to Flash ROM
    • How to use SVN
    • Firmware
    • Donation
    • Donators
    • FAQ

    Telegram ROM News Channel

    • Keep up to date with us. We will link to new firmware and let you know if there is anything new.

    Telegram ROM Support Chat [International]

    Telegram ROM Support Chat [German]

    • Report bugs & ask whatever you need to know. ROM specific only.



    Please do not take anything without asking us first. We will 99% allow you to use anything, just ask first though.
    You cannot use any of our work which hasn't been released in an official ROM release unless given express permission.
    We are not responsible for anything that happens to your device while using this ROM.
    By using this ROM you agree with the above terms.

    Thanks to @SuperR for the awesome kitchen, without it this wouldnt possible.
    All my team for being awesome

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [DISCONTINUED][G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE N950 2.3 - AQI1 | Android 7.1.1, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8

    mwilky, soldier9312
    Source Code: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=215118

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Bootloader and Modem, TWRP Recovery

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.3
    Stable Release Date: 2017-10-29
    Current Beta Version: 0.1
    Beta Release Date: 2017-09-26

    Created 2017-09-16
    Last Updated 2017-12-03
    RENOVATE N950 || 1.0 - 24th September

    RENOVATE N950 || 1.0 - Mirror - 24th September


    • Re-added RiCE control and all the features
    • Re-added all extra tweaks/enhancements stated in the OP of XDA thread
    • Added option to enable/disable iris preview on lockscreen
    • Added option to enable/disable taking screenshots in secure apps (@edzamber for finding the smali file)
    • Massive improvements to speed/perfomance @baadnewz
    • Fully removed S-pen (G95x only)
    • Removed and turned off non working camera modes (G95x only)
    • Added full N950 support (thanks @geiti94 for patched camera bins)
    • Updated RiCE app

    • fixed rotation getting stuck occassionally
    • fixed low audio levels
    • fixed app removal in aroma

    Kernel changes:
    • UPDATED: Enabling DEX with any HDMI adapter
    • GPS fix for S8 and N8 roms
    • Under the hood optimizations
    • Added option of switching between Enforcing & Permissive
    RENOVATE N950 || 1.1 - 26th September

    RENOVATE N950 || 1.1 - Mirror - 26th September


    • Fixed missing camera modes for note 8 users
    • Fixed shape correction
    • Fixed video stabilization
    • Fixed camera in 3rd party apps
    • Fixed missing ScreenRecorder app
    • Fixed revision number in app
    • Fixed zoom in camera

    Kernel changes (208): @farovitus
    • Possible fix for random reboots
    • Possible fix for root lost
    • Updated: Default farovitus's settings
    • Disabled: INPUT_BOOST
    • Added: Boeffla_wakelock_blocker + set default list of wakelock to block natively
    • Added: CPU_BOOST
    • UNDER THE HOOD OPTIMIZATION & Fixes, Wanna thanks @arter97 for his advice regarding reducing dropped frames.

    • Fixed burst mode for G95x users
    • Fixed selective focus
    • Fixed errors when messing with zoom in pro mode
    • Camera is now bug free
    • Fixed qs turning on/off anim not using custom colour
    • Fixed app removals
    • Fixed face unlock on N950
    • Fixed MTP on N950
    • Fixed deep sleep issues (kernel issue)
    • Fixed colouring of the brightnesss slider and two icons each side

    • Added option to remap bixby button to custom app (works when bixby is installed/uninstalled)
    • Added option to remap bixby button to menu buttom (works when bixby is installed/uninstalled
    • Added option to remap bixby button to full screenshot (works when bixby is installed/uninstalled)
    • Added option to remap bixby button to partial screenshot (works when bixby is installed/uninstalled)
    • Added option to remap bixby button to toggle flashlight (works when bixby is installed/uninstalled)
    • Added option to remap bixby button to kill current app (works when bixby is installed/uninstalled)
    • Quicksetting colour and header colour tweaks are now fully customizable without the need of a reboot (will remove reboot pop up in next app update)
    • Added new the GreatDream kernel - basically fully stock but with build optimizations + permissive selinux @Noxxxious for the pointers
    • Updated RiCE app to be even more awesome!
    RENOVATE N950 || 2.1 - 10th October

    RENOVATE N950 || 2.1 - Mirror - 10th October


    • added and enabled back csc mods and tweaks to installer
    • added back AppLock
    • updated Magisk to 14.3
    • added option to remap long press back button
    • added option to remap long press home button
    • added option to remap long press recents button
    • added option to remap long press home button whilst screen off
    • bixby remap is now short-press

    • fixed bibxy still launching with remap action
    • fixed quick quicksettings icon number tweak if theme was applied