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[DISCONTINUED][KERNEL][PLK-L01][SABERMOD v4.9.4] DigiKernel v1.2

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    @non-toxic : Thanks for your kind words, first of all please read the OP carefully, since you didn't let me show you a part of it.

    • Updated to 3.10.101.
    • Ready for root.
    • SELinux set to permissive.
    • Compiled with SaberMod v4.9.4 toolchain.
    • Used config of B370.
    Do you see here if I have written that I have "modded" the kernel in any way? And If you are talking about the features of what changes when you update the kernel from 3.10.86 to 3.10.101 then you should check it yourself on https://www.kernel.org/ as everyone knows where the changelogs of Linux kernels lies, and they are pretty much large so the developers don't post it on a thread. And @paulobrien compiled MCK with Uber Toolchain, which is known for its battery optimized features, and I compiled DigiKernel with SaberMod toolchain which is known for it's snappiness and fast performance. But I think you misunderstood the name of the toolchain "SaberMod" as a "mod" feature in the kernel well, SaberMod 4.9.4 is a name of a toolchain which is used for compiling the whole Android ROMs or Kernels.
    And the description is quite similar to MCK because first developers doesn't load any kernel with high features, first they just try to compile it and edit the source with some added features only, if you want to know what I did in order to boot it in SELinux as Permissive mode, and how to make it ready for root then here it is (I hope you really understand all this stuff):

    To make it ready for root:
    • Decompile your kernel.
    • You'll find a folder called ramdisk.
    • Go in there and open file called default.prop.
    • And edit/add below lines:
      ro.secure=0 [b](IMPORTANT!)[/b]

    To boot in SELinux as Permissive mode
    • Put this line at the kernel command line(CMDLINE).

    And once again, remember SaberMOD is a name of a toolchain and not a mod :D



    • Updated to 3.10.101.
    • Ready for root.
    • Full init.d support.
    • SELinux set to permissive.
    • Compiled with SaberMod v4.9.4 toolchain.
    • Used config of B371.
    • As reported by @Speedo.thc here AnTuTu Score of 56K+.

    1. Download "DigiKernel" from the link.
    2. Put it in your External SDcard.
    3. Boot into latest TWRP recovery. (If you don't have, download it from here thanks to paulobrien)
    4. Go to Install, select "DigiKernelvx.zip" and flash.
    5. ENJOY!

    v1.2 - 21 Sep 2016
    • Used patched boot.img of B380.

    v1.1 - 26 Aug 2016
    • ADB RSA dialog not popping up issue fixed.
    • Init.d support added, thanks to @Speedo.thc for his short & sweet script. :)

    v1 - 23 Aug 2016
    • Initial release.
    • BUG:ADB RSA dialog doesn't pop up on an unauthorized PC.


    So are you telling us that you are working on a cm13 build? You could be my hero!

    I'm not alone, there are other developers too, working with me, like @vardan1987777. :D :)
    Hey Guys,
    Tested the battery of the latest DigiKernel 1.2 on B380(Stock) and compared it to the stock Kernel's battery drain. I charged my phone to 100% on both tests and used it before i went to sleep. I will also showcase the standby time while i was asleep(remember i used the phone for while after it was charged to 100% and watched a couple of videos that's what that big usage at the beginning is)
    Here were my results:
    *everyone's usage may differ due to different apps used and how you use the phone

    Stock Kernel: This was through pretty light use (hence the 17 hour 12minutes usage) (facebooking and browsing the web occasionally)

    As you can see the battery drain on standby was quite bad it drained around 12%.
    Only around 3 hours and 32 minutes which is pretty bad in my opinion.
    Once i started to use it more heavily the battery % dropped quite a lot.

    DigiKernel 1.2: Used the phone more on this day watched videos and went on social media for the most part (15 hour 21 minutes)

    Battery drain on standby was much better on the DigiKernel only lost around 6% to 7%.
    I managed a decent 4 hour 25 minutes of screen time compared to almost an hour less on the stock kernel

    Great Kernel @DigiGoon Loving the battery life and the performance
    Hey, I have had the honor 7 for nearly a year now and I love the phone, just not the software! If you guys are able to make a cm13 build compatible with the honor 7, i think you will make a lot of people happy! any idea how long it will take?
    thanks for your efforts guys, once its released and working properly, i am happy to donate to you
    That request was already made and there's developers already working on that ;)