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Development [Discontinued] [KERNEL] StormBreaker-V2 (Sweet/SweetIN)

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May 9, 2021
Redmi Note 10 Pro
Did you only sleep 3 hours? lol people are reporting low drain but this is extremely ambitious. Can anybody else confirm the idle drain and general battery life on this?
Getting 7hr+ Screen on time with gaming on max graphics for an hour or so. That says alot about the first build. And likewise I only lost 1% overnight.
The kernel isn't bad at all!!


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May 9, 2021
Redmi Note 10 Pro
You gotta love this dev man.. couldn't even test v1 properly and he rolled out an update already. Bruhhh thats damn fast.
The kernel is straight fire.
Keep up the great work👊🏻💥


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May 9, 2021
Redmi Note 10 Pro
Today I realized it's not so good. When idling it's ok. Now I have 35% (~85% on 2 p.m) after listening to Twitch in background/switching sometimes on to see what's going on. It's not great, will probably change to another ROM
Yeah pretty much the same. My SOT is pretty much ok but the idle drain has increased massively. I think its the deep sleep issue,,i dont think its the kernel..


Jul 1, 2020
I have an issue, when flashing this kernel, my fingerprint option disappears from security options. I'm on the latest arrowOS , tried latest stormbreaker


Senior Member
Nov 29, 2014
Redmi Note 10 Pro
I have an issue, when flashing this kernel, my fingerprint option disappears from security options. I'm on the latest arrowOS , tried latest stormbreaker
There is nothing wrong with arrowos. That kernel is not fully comptabile with arrow. The ROM dev says the kernel developer has to tweak his kernel to fully support arrowos for the fingerprint sensor to work.

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Apr 27, 2019
Battery idle and lifetime is great with ver 2. But I facing problem that google search keep stopping and crash and i cannot use that. I am currently in pe+ newest version (26/5). Anyone got the same problem and how i can fix it. Thanks!
P/s: I just fix it, turn out google error. It happened with almost android phones!
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    StormBreaker kernel is a minimal, simple and clean kernel for the perfect balance between performance and battery life.

    Feature List
    KCAL Color Control KLAPSE 5.0 Boeffla WakeLock Blocker Imported Latest Wireguard SD Fat Support CGroup Backports Simple lmk by Sultan Usb2 Force FastCharge Switch Devfreq Boost Driver

    Make sure you take a backup of your current Kernel before flashing! (I'm not taking responsibility for any damage)
    If you installed a custom Kernel before please flash the boot.img and dtbo.img of the currently installed ROM.
    Then just flash the zip file through recovery/franco kernel manager, Happy Flashing!

    Downloads: Here

    Source Code: Here

    Changelog: 2021-05-15

    Join our Telegram group to report bugs & get response frequently Here

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: V2
    Supports Both Miui & AOSP Roms as well as roms with OSS vendor

    Created 2021-05-09
    Last Updated 2021-05-15

    Edit if flashed first version & you faced fastboot loops then follow this
    New Build is UP Check OP post for Download links & Changelogs
    will add franco kernel manager ota & flashing support soon
    Same here as @PsyCoder420.
    The battery on Arrow is now excellent, idle drain 0.40 %/hr. Sweet. Phone feels much snappier too. Deepsleep works. Lowered cores about 20% and no change in perfo. Keep up the good work 👊🏻
    I tried your kernel.
    It normaly booted up on eu 12.0.14.

    I found small cores always stick on 1.68GHz and never go down. Is it intended?
    Large cores has great frequency response.
    it's governor issue... change schedutil to conservative & it'll be fine
    After The Edit in Original Post:
    Are the issues major? Do I need to revert to stock kernel?
    the issue was if you reboot your phone you may endup in fastboot

    If you find yourself in same situation do this steps
    1)connect your phone with pc & type this "fastboot boot twrp(name of your twrp image).img" it will then allow you to boot to twrp

    2)if you have twrp backup of the boot.img & dtbo.img then restore them and then skip this steps mentioned below

    3)if not then extract the rom whatever you were using (the rom you used before flashing this kernel) take boot.img & dtbo.img from it
    boot to twrp using step 1) then select flash img from second option in lower right side navigate to extracted files and flash dtbo.img in dtbo and then fash boot.img in boot after flashing both files now you can flash newly updated storm breaker kernel (links readded above) (also restore magisk (optional))