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[Discontinued] [OFFICIAL] Descendant XI [Android 11]

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Oct 16, 2011
Does advance charging controller still work with the may update? Still looking at what ROM suits my needs, on LOS atm been on it for last 5 years using it on my p4a but not sure about it


Aug 14, 2010
Thanks for you're work..i've juste install this rom and IS so sweet and usable.

Do you know wich kernel was working with you're rom for optmize battery life ?



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Jan 21, 2006
Descendant 11.5 June Update is rolling out for Pixel 4a / Sunfish

UI Changes:
- QS informative pill has been removed and integrated in QS panel
- First stage of Volume UI has been changed, instead of showing half volumebar, a tooltip will replace this mode.
- QS expansion now has a bounce animation like Android 12
- Improve blur algo with kDrag0n code

- Fixed an issue that was preventing color consistency between Descendant Health and Settings
- Fixed an issue that was preventing brightness bar correct theming when called from Settings -> Display
- Fixed an issue that was preventing ringer icons to be sized correctly

Descendant Guardia Dashboard
Permissions will now be counted in Guardia's dashboard.
- Accessible from Settings -> Privacy -> Descendant Guardia

Descendant Guardia Privacy Chips
Privacy chips will be shown in statusbar whenever a permission is used
- Accessible from Settings -> Privacy -> Descendant Guardia
Clicking on the privacy chip, it will show further infos about the app requesting the permission.

Descendant Guardia Stats
Allow stats to be collected without being notified in any way when a permissions usage is triggered
- Accessible from Settings -> Privacy -> Descendant Guardia

Based on Lineage's Trust idea, a device integrity checker
- Accessible from Settings -> Security -> Integritas

Wallpaper dim
Automatic wallpaper dimmer if dark-mode gets enabled
- Accessible from Settings -> Display -> Dark mode

Go check https://downloads.descendant.me/

Also check this out:
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Jan 21, 2006
What GAPPS are included in this?

Why does it include Kiwi Browser and Metro (Which I have no idea what that is as searching for "Metro" yields about 500 results).

What kernel does this use and does it support LZMA (which TWRP for sunfish seems to require)?
It's descendant own gapps package.
Metro is a stand alone music player.

It's using dirty unicorns based kernel from superior os. I'll release a lzma ramdisk supported kernel soon.


Jan 26, 2021
I have one uploaded


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    pixel 4a.jpg
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Jun 29, 2021
Hey !

I downloaded your rom about a week ago and here is the bugs I've encountered so far :

Phone call :
- If I don't answer a phone call, phone will be stuck where the call animation is in loop. Declining the call doesn't do anything. Only option is to reboot phone.
- Ending a call doesn't always work.

Cellular data :
- Sometimes, cellular data won't work. Only option is to reboot phone so signal is back to normal.

Camera :
- Camera can't do focus. Test with google camera, snapchat and instagram.

App lock :
- When switching from an unlock to a locked app, the notification asking for fingerprint pop and close itself instantly.

Overall, this rom is pretty cool and is working well for a daily usage.
Those little bug are a bit annoying but I'll stuck to this rom for a long time :)

Thanks for your awesome work !

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    I'm no longer a maintainer for descendant,
    i kinda lost interest in custom android and have a lot of other stuff going in my life rn that takes a lot of time out of my free/personal time. Just setting new priorities I guess.
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    Descendant is a customised Android ROM that focuses on enhancing UX and UI
    over stock Android along useful features.


    Head to the download page.




    Same as any ROM.
    Do the necessary wipes and flash the ROM.
    No wipes are needed between updates from Descendant itself, unless specified.

    Flash the boot img: fastboot flash --slot all boot boot_descendant_sunfish.img
    Flash the rom: adb sideload romzip.zip

    Passes safetynet without root


    Listing all the additions would be a huge wall of text, that you wouldn't even read.
    So, head over the Telegram group and feel free to lurk.

    *This rom has now playing on lockscreen added*

    Preloaded applications
    Google Apps are included along Kiwi Browser and Metro.


    Having a bug or not booting for whatever reason?
    Look for "How to report bugs" on this post.
    Bug reports without logs will be ignored.


    @phhusson | @Letzen | @krule031 | @ezio84 | @linuxct

    POSP | DirtyUnicorns

    Android OS version: 11.0.0_r31
    Security patch level: February

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x DirtyUnicorns
    Recovery: DirtyUnicorns
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Created 2021-02-15
    Last Updated 2020-02-15
    Descendant XI April update for Google Pixel 4a (Sunfish)
    - April tags for device & kernel (vendor still march due to possible widevine issue)

    UI Changes:
    - Weather Icon Set is now animated
    - Improved Screenshot interface
    - QS Pill will now show SIM data usage and events/alarms ONLY if available
    - Permission Controller interface has been moved to the bottom and now fulfills the screen for better reachability
    - Settings UI overhaul

    - Fixed an issue that was preventing Google Calendar to be correctly themed
    - Fixed an edge case that was preventing the correct functionality of QS Pill events/alarms when both of them were available

    Always on display schedule
    - Accessible from Settings -> Display -> Lockscreen -> Always on display schedule

    System wide applock
    - Accessible from Settings -> Security -> App locker

    -New ringtone: Cybernetic Environment

    Descendant XI March update :

    UI Changes:
    - Changed Weather icon set
    - Brightness bar has been rounded a bit more on top left/right corners
    - Pattern/Pin/Password will blur when spawned
    - Reworked Weather Widget UI (after tapping on the weather in QS)
    - Replaced Josefin Sans font with RedHat one
    - Lockscreen Minus One Page (follows up)

    - Fixed up an issue with weather metrics

    QS Compact Layout
    - A smaller layout for QS header, activable from Settings -> Display -> QS Compact Layout

    Extremely Secure Keyguard
    - This option, accessible from Settings -> Security -> Extremely Secure Keyguard, disables all types of interactions that can trigger QS and QQS panel expansion via gestures

    Lockscreen Minus One Page Lock
    - This option, accessible from Settings -> Security -> Lockscreen Minus One Page, denies/enables the gesture to open the Lockscreen Minus One page on a secured lockscreen

    Face Unlock now is capable of unlocking apps that need biometrics verification.

    Lockscreen Minus One Page
    This page is accessible from lockscreen, swiping from left to right and dismissable swiping from right to left or from bottom to top.
    It has three quick options on the bottom:
    - Emergency Mode, Torch, DND

    Emergency Mode is an emergency feature that will keep your screen-on unless dismissed.
    While keeping your screen on, there will be multiple informations on screen:
    - Blinking help request on top (that will change language on every blink)
    - Name and Surname
    - Blood Type
    - Address
    - Pre-existant medical conditions

    It will also send message(s) to the contact(s) of your choosing, with your current position (if available), communicating that you need help.
    If your position changes meanwhile the emergency is still on-going, further messages will be sent communicating the change of your position.

    Emergency mode needs setuping.
    It's accessible by Settings -> Descendant Health -> Medical Infos
    or by the alert that pops-out when trying to trigger Emergency Mode from Lockscreen Minus One Page.

    Beware that the emergency number(s) you will setup has/have to be a mobile so that SMS can be sent.
    Also please note that this is a feature in beta and doesn't want to replace any medical equipment.

    The torch toggle, will trigger torch on and off.
    Same for DND toggle, will trigger DND mode on and off.

    Go check https://downloads.descendant.me/ for your device
    if you have problems disconnecting VOLTE of VOWIFI calls then download the newer build (descendant_sunfish-XI-20210311-Official.zip) thats on https://downloads.descendant.me/
    I'm no longer a maintainer for descendant,
    i kinda lost interest in custom android and have a lot of other stuff going in my life rn that takes a lot of time out of my free/personal time. Just setting new priorities I guess.
    This is Descendant 11.5
    May update is rolling out.


    - Fixed an issue that prevented Keyguard Wellbeing to correctly display stats after a reboot
    - Fixed a random crash in Wi-Fi's options
    - Fixed QS date click listener not redirecting to Calendar
    - Fixed QS mobile click listener not redirecting to Mobile Data settings
    - Fixed issues with Google Apps theming
    - Fixed an issue that was causing some AOD options to be greyed out
    - Fixed an issue with weather C/F being incorrectly displayed after metrics change
    - Fixed an issue with weather animated icon when there's rain conditions
    - Fixed missing preferences icons in Settings -> Security
    - Fixed Ambient Music Ticker issues (regardless its enabling/disabling was always appearing in lockscreen)
    - Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct application of third party icon themes
    - Fixed an issue that was preventing Lockscreen Minus One Page secured option to correctly work

    Features additions

    - LiveDisplay
    Accessible from Settings -> Display -> LiveDisplay
    - Rotation degrees controls
    Accessible from Settings -> Display -> Rotation
    - Quick pin unlock
    Accessible from Settings -> Security -> Screen lock (gear icon)
    - Separate notification/ringtone volume
    Accessible from Settings -> Sound -> Link ring & notification volumes
    - Warn users if media's playing but audio's muted
    Accessible from Settings -> Sounds -> Audio Handling
    - Navigation buttons layout
    Accessible from Settings -> System -> Gestures -> System Navigation -> 3-button navigation (gear icon)
    - Extended screenshots
    Accessible from any screenshot gesture/button combo
    - Wallpapers
    New wallpapers (thanks to MariusBPhotography) are available in Settings -> Display -> Styles app -> Wallpaper -> On-Device Wallpaper (or by long click on launcher)
    - Statusbar Tuner
    Accessible from Settings -> System -> Statusbar tuner
    - Allow album art background disabling on lockscreen
    Accessible from Settings -> Display -> Lockscreen
    - QS Media player
    Accessible from Settings -> System -> Developer Options

    UI changes

    - Settings
    The settings app has been totally restyled.
    For every dashboard category, there will be a header with 4 options to ease features/options navigation.
    Plus, an UI revamp that aims to make things simple and pleasant to look at.
    Descendant Health has been restyled as well.
    Screenshots will follow.

    - SystemUI
    The overall system interface looks have been smoothened towards a roundier look.
    The volume bar has been reworked as well to be more pleasant and also to give you less distractions when in full control mode.
    QS tiles coloring has been reverted to AOSP stage, after some considerations on how low contrast elements affects visually impaired people user experience.
    Screenshots will follow.


    - VoLTE/VoWiFi indicators are now available and manageable by Statusbar Tuner
    - Added NFC tile availability for devices that support NFC


    May security patches have been merged.

    Go check https://downloads.descendant.me/ for your device

    Device changes:
    Switched to lineage trees.
    Dual sim, dual standby enabled.

    Video preview: