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    Welcome to CesiumOS, yet another AOSP project. But this is one that will be a very different and exciting project. What differentiates us from the rest, you ask? Well that's why you're here - to find out.

    *Note This thread is optimised for both Light and Dark XDA themes. View this thread in a browser to have a magical experience!:D


    CesiumOS is a project that is designed to be exciting. It is something that was born out of a sea of similar-looking AOSP roms. We offer a unique, yet familiar experience for your phone. We cherry-pick features that we think will *actually* be useful in your daily lives, and nothing more. Since this is the beginning of something beautiful and exciting, we will continue to add more features in the future releases. We will strive to keep the ROM bloat-free, yet still have enough features that will keep you satisfied.


    - Statusbar icons
    - 4G icon instead of LTE
    - Old style network indicators (Pre-P style)
    - Battery indicator customization
    - Status bar clock
    - DT2S on status bar
    - Fingerprint authentication vibration
    - DT2S of lockscreen 
    - Lockscreen shortcut customization 
    - Pocket mode support
    - Media art
    - Invert navbar
    - Navbar layout
    - Power menu customization 
    - Playback control
    - Screenoff torch 
    - Volume panel location
    [b]UI TUNER:[/b]
    - QS Tile colors
    - Brighness slider customizations 
    - R style notification 
    - Notification headers
    - In call vibrations
    - Battery light customization
    - Aggersive mode 
    - Smart Pixels
    - Three finger swipe to screenshot
    - Incall vibrations 
    - Signature spoofing
    - Face Unlock
    - Data switch tile
    - Hide gesture pill
    - A lot more ;)


    Download ROM here.


    Clean Flash.

    1. Take a backup of your phone

    2. Boot to TWRP and wipe - System, Data, Vendor and Dalvik Cache

    3. Flash ROM

    4. Reboot system, Setup your device

    5. Flash Gapps & Magisk(optional) after first boot.

    Dirty Flash

    1. Download Latest build

    2. Boot to TWRP and Flash build

    3. Wipe Dalvik Cache

    4. Reboot System


    Magisk Github Repo

    Open Gapps

    CesiumOS Webpage

    CesiumOS announcements

    CesiumOS Official Community channel

    CesiumOS Source code

    CesiumOS Devices source code


    Founders - Sahil Sonar

    Devs - Sahil Sonar, Paget96(Dan)

    Helpful People/Supporters - Gagan, Samad

    Logos and XDA Template - CarbonGTR, Nikhil and MIUNO

    Bootanimation - Sid and MIUNO


    Android Open-Source Project


    Pixel Experience

    Extended UI




    And all the other open-source projects we picked from


    Build Author/Maintainer - hpnightowl
    Device Name - Redmi Note 8
    Device Codename - ginkgo,willow
    Kernel Source - https://github.com/Cesium-Devices
    ROM Status - Official
    Current ROM Version - v3.1
    Stable ROM Version - v3.1
    I have tried the Wichaya and the other Gcam 7.3 and found that slowmo doesn't work or stutters a lot, it's unplayable, the other is rom is smooth as butter for first day!. Still going through with the SOT for now, have to use it for a day or more for the final verdict on battery

    next means in January update will update the camera libs so that you will not face the slutter issue in gcams thanks for reporting it :)
    @mzcl-mn use nik or bitgapps that's just a template will update it thanks for info

    I made a try. Installing the rom was without problems. But when I added gapps, ended in bootloop... It was open gapps for android 12 (nano)

    Use nikk or big gapps for now