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[DISCONTINUED][ROM][11.0] WaveOS v4.5 Rasmalai for Redmi Note 8/8T [OFFICIAL][UNIFIED]

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Aug 29, 2011
Thank you for your effort, smooth rom with great ui, only thing is I'm having slow charging issue (china variant). Hope you fix it, rather than changing kernel (have no choice) honestly, no custom kernel is at par with your QS. Cheers & Best regards!

Adithya R

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UPDATE - WaveOS v4.5 is here!


Source changelog:

Device changelog:
- Blobs updated from LA.UM.9.11.r1-03900-NICOBAR.0 (CAF)
- Stock blobs updated from MIUI 21.6.30
- HALs updated to latest SMxxx0 CAF tag
- Fixed tiktok, QQ and other apps crash due to vulkan
- Fixed voice call volume steps
- Fixed Google Photos "device too hot" error
- Fixed xiaomi parts KCAL settings out-of-the-box
- Added LED indicator for offline charging
- Reduce schedtune boosting for lesser heat
- Freed some RAM from useless virtual framebuffer
- Switched to QTI health implementation
- Various updates in kernel (Linux v4.14.238, CAF tag LA.UM.9.11.r1-04300-NICOBAR.QSSI12.0, scheduler tweaks and more)

This build can be dirty flashed over previous build (with wipe cache and dalvik), but clean flash is recommended for a more stable experience.


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May 20, 2020
WaveOS for Redmi Note 8/8T is dropped. I will not be updating this ROM anymore.


WaveOS for Redmi Note 8/8T is dropped. I will not be updating this ROM anymore.

If this is discontinued can I ask what ROMs in this device are you still maintaining?? Also ignore the duplicate I don't know what I'm doing just to reply this XD

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    Does it support Sunlight mode?
    Does it support Wifi Coverage Extend Option?
    Does it support whitelisting apps from dark mode?
    Does it support MIUI Camera with the same stock 48MP quality?
    Does it support adjusting freeform windows despite the manifests?
    Does it support skipping unlocking the device with a PIN after a reboot
    Does it support invert-nav-bar (force close back button)?
    Does it support Game Mode?
    Does it kill apps in the background for just switching between them?
    Does Mi sound work for wireless and wired headphones?
    Does it support pop-up?
    Does it show internal shared adopted storage on TWRP?

    And does it have ADB over network/NTFS File format/Soft Reboot/Advanced Power Menu/Quick actions via pop-up notifications.

    If it does all of these, I may pay the time and effort to change into your ROM despite that I need to resetup Magisk and Edxposed and System Settings.

    Hard luck with development 😁💚

    This ROM does not support those that can't spend a second looking up what it supports and half of the things you are requesting like "game mode" is just nonsense and the other half is AOSP 11 which ALL 11 roms support.

    One exception applies, it does use SLMK kernel LMK which is a horrid solution but still better than any other kernel LMK solution, I don't know why devs insist on this age old bullshit when LMKD gets weekly updates and works FAR better. It's this inclusion strategy of kernels by devs who don't understand anything about the Linux kernel that makes me wonder if I shouldn't just start over.

    However, you either try it or you don't, no one gives a flying **** which you decide to do so go away and once you are away, stay away.

    WaveOS v4.x - Rasmalai 🌊

    WaveOS is an android custom ROM based on AOSP, focused on delivering a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality and performance out of the box. The version 4.X is based on Android 11. Various optimizations and enhancements have been merged from CAF and upstream AOSP to maximize performance and battery backup, and improve OS functionality. We provide a unique and beautiful user interface out-of-the-box that's inspired by OnePlus' OxygenOS, and can be tweaked to your liking. We've also added handy features and customizations that improves user experience and proves to be useful at the end of the day, rather than bloating the ROM with unwanted features and customizations that could cause stability issues. We hope you like it! #NeverBetter

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Head over to our full features list at GitHub
    GApps included

    Device-specific features
    Miui Camera included
    Ambient Display options
    Mi Sound Enhancer
    KCAL (display color calibration)
    Clear Speaker
    QuicksilveR kernel v2.5

    What works?
    Almost everything

    What's broken?
    You tell me!


    ROM: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wave-os/files/rasmalai-4.x/ginkgo/
    Magisk: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases
    DFE (Encryption Disabler): https://bit.ly/2OLb6Mi
    Ginkgo | Willow

    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe data, cache and dalvik if coming from another ROM
    Flash ROM zip
    Flash latest firmware
    (optional) Flash DFE
    (optional) Flash Magisk
    Format data if encrypted
    Reboot and voila!

    Upgrading to a Newer Build
    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe cache and dalvik
    Flash ROM
    (optional) Flash DFE
    (optional) Flash Magisk
    Reboot and voila!

    At least Android 10 firmware is mandatory
    Ginkgo users are recommended to flash Android 11 (china beta) firmware

    Screenshots in post #2

    Follow us on
    Twitter | Telegram
    ROM and device sources: https://github.com/Wave-Project/
    Kernel source: https://github.com/ghostrider-reborn/android_kernel_xiaomi_ginkgo/tree/11.0

    Cheers and #NeverBetter !
    UPDATE - WaveOS v4.3 is here!


    Source Changelog:

    Device changelog:
    - Upgraded most blobs to LA.UM.9.11.r1-03200-NICOBAR.0 (CAF)
    - Updated stock blobs to MIUI 21.4.14
    - Updated HALs to LA.UM.9.11.r1-03600-NICOBAR.0
    - Fixed camera freeze in some social media apps
    - Fixed camera lens switching delay
    - KCAL improvements in xiaomi parts
    - Added vibration strength control in xiaomi parts
    - Added fingerprint shutter in MiuiCamera
    - Made notch cutout wider/smoother
    - Improved and fine tuned auto brightness algorithm
    - Switched to new QTI thermal HAL
    - Fixed screen blackouts under sunlight/heat
    - Fixed random reboots in suspend and 4g usage
    - Increased default media and voice volume steps
    - Improved 5ghz wifi signal tolerance
    - Fixed google play system updates
    - Enabled and fixed sunlight visibility improvement (SVI)
    - Reduced min cpu freq and boosting for battery improvement
    - Disabled KPTI for performance improvement
    - Reduced readahead to 128kB to improve storage performance
    - GPS and wifi config optimizations and fixes
    - Tuned cpusets and scheduler for better performance
    - Improved rounded corners and fixed hide cutout option
    - Reduced minimum screen brightness
    - Switched to android userspace LMKD
    - Added support for willow hwversion 18.31.0
    - Improved zram read/write performance
    - Switched to QuicksilveR v2.5 kernel
    - Merged LA.UM.9.1.r1-09200-SMxxx0.0 CAF and v4.14.231 in kernel
    - Misc optimizations and fixes

    This build can be dirty flashed over previous build (with wipe cache and dalvik), but clean flash is recommended for a more stable experience.

    Screenshots are in post #2.

    Cheers and #NeverBetter! 🌊
    No, LMKD does NOT kill any processes that are needed, that is the entire point of it, it's part of the android system instead of a hacked together kernel module that is supposed to be equal for all devices of every single ROM out there from all versions.

    LMKD uses PSI to determine memory pressure and CANNOT kill needed processes or even relevant ones in the system, the "pinned" stuff is respected by LMKD but not by LMK or SLMK.

    Oh and I forgot, the entire "android personalization services" thingy that they all include anyway is designed to use LMKD, if you don't, it won't work right and things will conflict. Most ROM devs don't get how this work yet either and most don't care either for some reason. that is WHY PE is my choice of supported ROM, becacause while they **** up all the time, at least it's AOSP and I can fix it before release.

    I've been a kernel dev before either of them were even born.
    What rom do you recommend for the redmi note 8?