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Feb 13, 2016
My phone crash when open Google Map
What is this???

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    MIUI 7.2 for HTC One M8
    Based on Stock Google Play Edition ROM for M8 and MIUI 7 Patchrom for KitKat

    For Verizon/Sprint users, please read "How to install" carefully before you flash!

    Please take note that although this ROM is based on GPE, you will get a MIUI experience instead of an AOSP one. I do get some original features like Motion Launch and Dual-camera features to be kept.

    This ROM is approved by MIUI officials and hosted by Xiaomi Official Server. Although it is not directly maintained by Xiaomi, you can still treat this as some official ROM.

    Please convert to Sense if you have a GPE M8 or converted to a GPE M8.
    I recommend the latest Lollipop firmware to get the best of this ROM.

    About MIUI

    For those of you feeling uncomfortable with the changed menu button function, go to Settings---Additional settings--- Buttons.


    Of course, all amazing MIUI features.
    HTC Photo Edit.
    Motion Launch.
    Rooted (Go to Security --- Permissions --- Root Access to enable and manage. You have to do this every time you install a new app requiring root access.)

    New screenshots needed...

    How to install

    Verizon/Sprint users: Please download this boot.img (for 6.2.26 and later versions) or this boot.img (for 5.6.19 through 6.2.25) and replace the boot.img in the ROM zip file before you flash.
    If your LTE is not working, try *#*#4636#*#* or add your LTE APN in settings.

    S-off or Unlocked (If S-on, you won't be able to modify system files unless you flash a custom kernel.)
    Use Lollipop firmware (Not required but highly recommended) Some reported Marshmallow firmware works fine.
    PhilZ Touch Recovery is required (TWRP is not working).
    Wipe Data/Cache (You need this even if coming from MIUI 6).
    Flash the zip file downloaded.
    Don't wipe anything after you flash the ROM.

    Download GApps_pico.zip (without Contacts Sync) or GApps.zip (with Contacts Sync) and flash if you need.

    Don't report bugs if you fail to follow the exact steps.

    MIUI 7 Builds
    MIUI Official Server

    MIUI 6 Builds
    [5.7.17] MIUI Official Server
    [5.6.26] MIUI Official Server
    [5.6.19] MIUI Official Server

    MIUI V5 Builds
    [10/31]MIUI Official Server
    [10/10]MIUI Official Server
    [09/26] Mega
    [09/19]MIUI Official Server
    [09/12]MIUI Official Server
    [09/09]XDA DevDB

    [6.5.31] Fixed Security Center graphics.
    [6.5.26] Routine update.
    [6.5.19] Routine update.
    [6.4.28] Routine update. The graphics of the Security Center app are getting weird... but won't affect its functionality... A lot of new features have come from Xiaomi in the past month. You may check their website for complete changelogs. FYI: MIUI 8 is coming to Xiaomi devices pretty soon but I am not sure of Patchrom... My best guess would be the new Patchrom based on Android L will come with MIUI 8 codes.
    [6.4.21] Updated Bluetooth apk.
    [6.4.14] Routine update.
    [6.4.7] Routine update.
    [6.3.31] Fixed theme store FC, Settings FC. Fixed default browser setup.
    [6.3.24] Revisited all codes involved in this project. Better performance expected.
    [6.3.10] I expect better battery life with this build, as well as the screen timeout issue of some of you fixed.
    [6.3.3] More pretty Mipop. Removed Mipop switch since people find it annoying. Go to Settings to disable it if you want.
    [6.2.26] New boot.img built to fix the bugs caused by the buggy Patchrom update. Vzw/Spr users don't update OTA!!!
    [6.2.25] Fixed "security" FC when apps are installed. Removed Tencent anti-virus engine.
    [6.2.19] This should have Network Assistant fixed. I cannot test so tell me plz.
    [6.2.18] Added latest global APN list. Updated HTC Service Pack. Fixed some color displaying problems. Removed advance reboot (MIUI does not support this any more).
    [6.2.12] First stable MIUI 7 build. Camera works fine.

    [5.7.17] http://jtjtj.co.nf/miui/jtjtj/m8/m8_JTJTJ_5.7.17.html
    [5.6.26] http://jtjtj.co.nf/miui/jtjtj/m8/m8_JTJTJ_5.6.26.html
    [5.6.19] http://jtjtj.co.nf/miui/jtjtj/m8/m8_JTJTJ_5.6.19.html
    [5.6.12] Added advanced reboot. Fixed External SD card permissions. Fixed Bluetooth device unlock. Replaced Clipboard with that of Mi phones.
    [5.6.5] Sync MIUI 6 5.6.4 updates. Replaced Elementalx with stock insecured kernel to avoid weird bugs. Fixed Music app overheating. Replaced Sense camera with Android M Camera. CDMA users should really get CDMA/LTE network to stick even after reboots...
    [5.5.29]You may now use Xposed, but don't use custom kernels any more. Replaced stock kernel with ElementalX. CDMA users should get CDMA/LTE network to stick even after reboots.
    [5.5.27]Fixed Gaussion blur. Fonts can be changed now. Replace Google Camera with Sense Camera. Updated HTC Gallery. Fixed music player problem. Tried to fix CDMA problem (Not sure if it's working coz I don't own a CDMA variant.).
    [5.5.25]Fixed NFC. Fixed signal strength display problem. Removed DotMatrix.apk (Download via Play Store if you need the Dot View case.). Replace Google Keyboard with MIUI keyboard.
    [5.5.22] Hello MIUI 6

    [11/18] Tweaked kernel to suit CDMA variants. Please flash seperately.
    [10/30] Rebased to Android 4.4.4, Reduced ROM size (650M to 450M), Fixed Calendar FC, Fixed Download FC, Fixed some randam reboots, Removed MiMarket (Not Compitable with 4.4.4)
    [10/24] Removed Talkback, CloudPrinting. Updated HTC Dot View.
    [10/10] Updated HTCServicePack, DotView App, HP Print Plugin, Talkback. Added HTC Zoe. Removed AOSP Keyboard.
    [09/26] Added iFlyIME. Added Ulltimate Dynamic Navbar. Removed o2o.apk.
    [09/19] Fixed Vibrate on touch.
    [09/19] Latest Google Camera.
    [09/12] Fixed theme issue.
    [09/12] Fixed *#*#4636#*#* issue.
    [09/09] Fixed Apps FC issue.

    Known Issues
    1. SIM contact is not working.
    2. You tell me.


    1. Custom kernels?
    (International variant M8 only) ElementalX for Kitkat MIUI 7.1. Thanks to @skudo101

    2. Modifications to the ROM?
    Please contact me first before you do ANY modifications to the ROM. I will never say no if you ask.

    3. ART?
    Nope. I don't think you can boot your device with ART.

    4. Why based on GPE? Not CM? Not Sense?
    Bugs that cannot be resolved since CM itself is still buggy...
    A Sense-based MIUI would require a lot of time and effort to build, and bugs are hard to resolve.

    5. Why still KitKat? I want Lollipop/Marshmallow.
    See #1664.

    MIUI Patchrom: http://github.com/MiCode
    HTC Stock GPE Source: http://www.htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads

    If you like this ROM, please click the "Thanks" button. We will also appreciate a lot if you connect to the Internet at least once after flashing for statistical purposes.

    I would like to thank:
    Google for Android
    Xiaomi for MIUI 7 Patchrom
    MIUI Co-developers for all the help
    All users and testers

    About donations

    Please consider donating if you like this ROM. I do need a new M8 device since the one I bought in China is blacklisted in the US (bite me...) and I cannot test calling/texting/etc with this device.

    Goldcougar - $100 (And we have a working unit to test MIUI 8!)

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    MIUI 7.2 for HTC One (M8), ROM for the HTC One (M8)

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Lollipop firmware Recommended
    Based On: MIUI

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated
    Current Stable Version: 6.2.19
    Stable Release Date: 2016-02-19
    Current Beta Version: 6.5.26
    Beta Release Date: 2016-06-06

    Created 2014-09-09
    Last Updated 2016-08-15
    Update on MIUI 8

    Xiaomi officials are wrapping up the making of MIUI 8 Patchrom. MIUI 8 for M8 will be based on Marshmallow GPE.
    Update on MIUI 8

    There will be 3 more updates to this MIUI 7 ROM, which will then be discontinued. The first few alpha builds of MIUI 8 for M8 will come out in around a few more weeks, and be based on Lollipop or Marshmallow GPE.
    Second Last Update for MIUI 7

    This is the last time Xiaomi updates its MIUI 7 codes. Next week I will bring more bug fixes and wrap up this ROM. I will work on MIUI 8 immediately after Xiaomi releases the codes.
    MIUI 6 update

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for not being here for a long time.

    The latest build of MIUI 6 has been uploaded.

    I have created a USA Paypal account, so I can receive donations now. Sorry for those who wanted to donate but failed. I didn't know Singapore Paypal account cannot receive donations...

    I am going to Amherst, MA for college this Fall:)