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Discontinued[ROM][JAN.22]HyperSensation v1.8 |base 2.3.7 - Small, fast (only 54Mb!)

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Oct 19, 2011
Good to see you working on this, really like your ROMs!

Does anyone know a way to get the stock email with exchange. The flashable zip available is for the old version and force closes repeatedly. I tried pulling the Email.apk from Quattro 2 and pushing this to /system/app. This seems to work except for there is no option for Exchange?



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Feb 14, 2009
Rockville, MD
How's call quality on this ROM? AOSP builds (e.g. CM7 + etc) for our Sensations do not employ the noise cancelling feature during calls and as a result, people on the other side of the line hear a lot of background noise. As such, I always tend to go back to using Sense-type builds for the call quality.


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Oct 25, 2011
amazing work Kristof as always :)
as soon as i have some free time ill make an ics battery icon with percentage and share it with this awesome community :)

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Oct 19, 2011
Good to see you working on this, really like your ROMs!

Does anyone know a way to get the stock email with exchange. The flashable zip available is for the old version and force closes repeatedly. I tried pulling the Email.apk from Quattro 2 and pushing this to /system/app. This seems to work except for there is no option for Exchange?


I'm totally blind and missed Exchange.apk - pushed that now and Exchange is available in Email.


Oct 19, 2011
I pulled it from Virtuous Quattro Alpha 2 (in /system/app). Have attached it, and the email to this post.



  • Exchange.apk
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  • Email.apk
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Oct 19, 2011
Has anyone gotten talk to work I have both flashed and pushed and it stills crashes!

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Try the file attached instead, put it in /system/app. Pulled this from Virtuous Quattro, works for me.

If you've tried another, you might want to clear data on the app and reboot.



  • Talk.apk
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May 27, 2009
Hey my friends,

is it possible to Download the 1.6 Version?

Respekt for your work but i dont like the ICS style i love the other rom style *g

Greez BS

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I'll probably upload my very own 1.8 version tomorrow (with the new wallpaper and a few extra tweaks...) :D

PS. I am also now back on GB, as I find it still superior in stability and speed.
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Jun 26, 2009
Spider Patch1

this patch is kinda out of date now but it was made for hypersensation v0.1

Thanks Kristof for this amazing rom i made a small patch to make the rom how i like it and i wanted to share it so if anyone else also wants it


this patch has:
FaceLock.apk (im not sure this was already in the rom but added it just to make sure)
LiveWallpapers.apk (live wallpapers no longer lag so i started using them)
Music2.apk(the music app in hypersensationics is buggy randomly skips this music player works fine)
ROMControl.apk(give you lots of rom settings better them cm7 settings)
Settings.apk(lets you go into the romcontrol.apk from settings)
SystemUI.apk(default ics blue theme)
framework-res.apk(default ics blue theme)

i do not own any of the stuff in the patch i would like to thank the virtuous team for there amazing work :)

you also will need to delete cmsettings from system/app as they never worked for me
you will also need to delete the old music player music.apk in system/app

if there is anything you don't want from the patch just delete the apk from the zip file

adb remount
adb push Gmail.apk system/app
adb push YouTube.apk system/app

Gmail: http://www.mediafire.com/?q7ze7e83ch7tz43

Youtube: http://www.mediafire.com/?db4f33g30sdvt5l
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Nov 21, 2007
Install latest ics 4.0.3 firmware, super wipe, install rom.

Ok, sorry to come back to this, but:
- Can I find the "latest ics 4.0.3 firmware" here on XDA for the Sensation? Is that this here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1414243&highlight=ics+4.0.3+firmware?
- "Super wipe" is the same thing as "Full Wipe"?
- Install rom, I can do it...

I am trying to go from previous rom HyperSensation v1.6 to this one for information.
Tried as is, and it doesn't work as it reboots for ever on the loading 1st screen. So I go back to v1.6 for now.

Thanks and see you.


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Nov 15, 2010
I'm having occasional issues with apps crashing, normally while scrolling. These include Facebook and the browser. Having installed Email.apk and exchange I cannot get them working. It just sits saying that my email will appear shortly but it never does.

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    23rd March 2012 - Message from the developer here

    I believe that our Sensation can do a lot more / be a lot faster / and therefore we can be more productive than with the Sense ROMs.
    I also like to customize my own apps in a given ROM, so any simple/minimalistic ROM is a plus for me.

    I therefore present to all who like this approach my very own HyperSensation ROM release.

    HyperSensation is now also on Facebook! HERE

    Screenshots (HyperSensation):

    - Download links, changelog and addons and extras in post #2
    - Extras and other links (ie. kernel, addons, etc) in post#3
    - FAQ and themes in post #4

    What you get:
    - Simple, minimalistic ROM to be a good base for your everyday needs (those who like every app to be in there "out-of-the-box" should steer clear)
    - Speed tweaks to make the base to make it even faster and more responsive
    - Tweaks to make battery life even better
    - Tweaks to included apps (camera, mail, etc) to make the experince even more whole
    - Lossless JPEG compression for photos taken
    - GApps included so you do not have to install afterwards (Maps removed, but you can install Maps through the Market, and Talk from post #3)
    - Smooth scrolling in all apps (disabled scrolling cache globally trhoughout the ROM)
    - Always updated base to keep your flashing appetite full :)

    All other addons/tweaks are exactly the same in the two branches, its just a matter of personal taste

    - Huge thanks to Vorbeth who started the CM9 builds for the Sensation!
    - thanks to Pongster for the whole idea of creating a minimalistic yet usable build, I used to run his HyperDroidGBX when I still had my HD2... :D
    - thanks to nitr8 and insanity ROM (SGS2) for the ideas and a couple of icons/theme images
    - thanks to ljankok for the friendship in cooking
    - thanks to vladnosferatu for the tweaks
    - thanks to crypted for the AGPS patch
    - thanks to septix for the excellent banners
    - thanks to splder for the volume adjustments and the bootanimation
    - thanks to AndroidON for the smooth scrolling fix and the volume steps mod HERE
    ROM Releases

    1. When you are finished setting up the device, do a normal reboot and then you will have normal operations!
    2. I have deleted a number of apps so that the ROM can be as lean and minimalistic as possible. If you find you need any apps that I have deleted, go to post #3 (Addons and Extras) and you will most likely find the app you need there! :)

    HyperSensationICS v0.1 changelog, released 2012.03.21.

    - New: KANG of Vorbeth's 2012-03-20 build
    - Update: Includes latest GAPPS 20120317
    - Fix: Lossless JPEG compression in photos
    - Fix: Removed scrolling cache from framework.jar for butter smooth scrolling
    - Update: added a few init.d tweaks for faster operations
    - Update: Nova Launcher included as default launcher
    - Update: hosts file
    - Update: gps.conf for better AGPS usability
    - Removed: a lot of unneeded things to make the ROM ultra light, so you can build it the way you want to

    Download HERE
    Addons / extras

    For ICS only (HyperSensation ICS versions):

    Exchange and Email (stock ICS) apps found HERE (thanks to calvin150)
    Talk app found HERE (thanks to calvin150)
    Addon patch (misc stuff) HERE (thanks to splder for the compilation)

    For Gingerbread base only (HyperSensation up until 1.8):

    You can flash the following via CWM:

    CM7 Stock Email - download HERE
    Google Talk (with video chat) - download HERE
    FM Radio - download HERE
    LatinIME (with predictive texting) - download HERE
    News and Weather widget - download HERE
    Search Button addon - download HERE
    SIM Tool Kit - download HERE
    Stock CM7 theme - download HERE
    Stock CM7 wallpapers - download HERE
    Theme Chooser - download HERE
    TTS Patch - download HERE
    Wifi Calling - download HERE

    Adb push the following files to /system/app

    Google Talk (without video chat) - download HERE
    Live Wallpapers Picker - download HERE

    Q: I get "Your device is not supported" in Market, even if I have LCD Density set to 240.


    If your LCD density is NOT 240 (which is stock), then when you try to get an app from the Market, it will say "Your device is not supported".
    The bummer is that the Market App remembers this, even if you flash the 240 stock LCD density patch.


    1. Flash the 240 LCD Density patch
    2. Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/All
    3. Select Market
    4. Select "Clear Data" under Market

    You can now download the apps...

    Q: I get FC's on writing any text, using the "M" version.
    A: Disable predictive text in Language & Keyboard settings, because to save ~10Mb space I have deleted all dictionaries from the ROM.

    Q: How can I have predictive text in the Minimalistic version?
    A: It was deleted to make the ROM as lean as possible. You can download the original LatinIME.apk needed in the Addons section in post #3. Adb push the extracted file to /system/app and reboot.

    Q: Issues with vibration not working? answer is provided thanks to SlwDrvr!
    A: Ok so for those that are having vibration problems like I am. Here's the fix. Settings > Profiles > Make your own profile or you can change up the default > scroll down to the bottom "Application Groups" > select the ones you want to change or have vibration for > so for example SMS you will see Vibrate Mode on the bottom, second to last, select it and choose ON. do the rest for the other application groups and vibrate will work. for sure.

    Q: How can I optimize battery life?
    A: Do at least 2 full charge cycles to really measure battery life: flash the ROM, charge to full, let it drop below 15%, charge to full, let it drop below 15%, charge to full, and then evaluate.

    Q: What dialer should you use?
    A: If you do not like the default dialer and miss the T9 dialer from Sense, the 2 best dialers are (both free on the market) Dialer One and TouchPal Dialer. I prefer Dialer One as that blends in just nicely with my black theme I am using.
    Dear All,

    It is with a very sad heart that I am writing this message.

    It has been an excellent few months now with a great crowd here at XDA and I have grown very attached.

    But life is changing, and so are the circumstances. I will be moving to a new company, a new job, but most of all, even a new country. Hence I can not keep maintaining the XDA threads, the ROM, or even cooking/devving.

    I say goodbye to all of you now, and if anyone wants to continue what I have started, please PM me.

    All the best, and keep up the teamwork which is exceptionally great here at XDA,