[DISCONTINUED][ROM][MOD] S8+_U1_Unbranded_Rom_PlayStore_Addon_Mods_ADB & Odin_Install

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    [DISCONTINUED][ROM][MOD] S8+_U1_Unbranded_Rom_PlayStore_Addon_Mods_ADB & Odin_Install

    The PlayStore Nougat Mods Zip Or The S8 Nougat Mods Zip Can Be Used On Any Carrier
    This involves some knowledge of using odin and adb if you do not how to use these please read up before attempting this as this thread is not going to be a how to use odin/adb thread​

    How I Achieved This If You Want The Technical Stuff
    I found that Older CSC zips pulled from the cache.img of the S7 model phone will install using adb sideload.
    I dont flash a S8 CSC file in odin because this contains the carrier stuff
    I have to flash 2 different csc files from the S7. The first one flashes the correct stuff to blacklist unwanted other carrier Apps and install vital verizon apps. But the first csc zip blocks samsung cloud so by flashing the second csc zip which is from S7 MM firmware Samsung cloud was not blocked then. Finally the 3_Install.bat zip removes unwanted carrier files that cause problems with verizon VoLTE.

    This Will Wipe Your Phone!
    Leave Phone Connected To Computer The Whole Time

    S8_PlayStoreNougatMods_V2.zip Replaces Samsung Apps With Google Apps
    S8_NougatMods_V2.zip Keeps All Samsung Apps Does Not Install Google Apps
    VoLTE_Fix.zip Updated zip Replaces the VoLTE_Fix.zip that came in the SM-G955U1_System.zip. Unzip this new zip and replace the old VoLTE_Fix folder with this new one

    Unzip SM-G955U1_System.zip
    Unzip Odin.zip
    Unzip S8_PlayStoreNougatMods.zip Or S8_NougatMods_V2.zip

    Reboot Phone to download mode/bootloader (Press Bixby+Pwr+VolDwn)
    Use the Odin3_v3.12_5_PrinceComsy
    Load the AP_Modified_G955U1OYM1AQE3_System_Firmware.tar.md5 In AP Slot
    Load BL_G955U1UEU1AQE3_CL11465547_QB13691305_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 In BL Slot
    Load CP_G955U1UEU1AQE3_CP6566449_CL11465547_QB13691305_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 In CP Slot
    In Odin In Options Tab Uncheck Auto Reboot
    Click Flash
    When Finished Manually Reboot Phone To Recovery This is tricky I had to hold down buttons to boot to download mode then immediately when phone starts to reboot switch to Bixby+Pwr+VolUp until you see S8 Screen
    In recovery wipe data then click Apply Update From ADB

    Now Unzip the VoLTE_Fix.zip Inside the SM-G955U1_System folder
    Click and run 1_Install.bat
    After zip is installed phone will reboot
    Once phone is at setup screen reboot back to recovery
    In recovery click Apply Update From ADB
    Click and run 2_Install.bat Inside the SM-G955U1_System folder

    Now once phone is rebooted
    Go through setup
    In settings go to about phone
    Click on Build like 5 times to enable developer Options
    In Developer Options Enable USB Debugging Make sure to watch phone screen and accept USB Debugging Key This is important!
    If you dont see the promt for key in developer options click revoke USB debugging Unplug Phone From Computer And replug in and watch for Promt again
    In developer options unclick verify apps over usb
    Click and run 3_Install.bat Inside the SM-G955U1_System folder

    Once phone has rebooted
    Open Rom Control
    Click on IMS Settings
    Click On IMs Service Switch
    Enable All these Options
    Click Back Button
    Click On Self Provisioning
    Click Toggle Wifi Activation and Make sure Wifi Activation says ENABLED Also Make Sure The Ones Above it are enabled
    Reboot Phone
    Open Rom Control
    Click on IMS Settings
    Click On Self Provisioning and Make sure all are still ENABLED
    Now You can Stop Here Or you can continue on install S8 PlayStore Mods Or S8_Nougat Mods

    Install PlayStore Mods Or S8_Nougat Mods
    Open S8_PlayStoreNougatMods folder Or S8_Nougat Mods folder
    Click Install_Playstore_Rom.bat (Same name is used in S8_Nougat Mods folder)
    For S8 PlayStore Mods. Once Installed You can Either Keep the Samsung Incall Screen or you can goto Option and Default Apps and change to Google Dialer as the Incall Screen once you decide to use Google you cant go back to Samsung one without renabling some APPS
    SystemUI Tuner And DPI Changer Apps will ask you if your roooted just click no or the rooted button it they will take you too a screen telling you you need to run adb commands to get them too work. This is already done on install so just click next

    U1 Unlocked Firmware Unbranded
    International Boot Animation
    Working WifiCalling
    Working Video Calling
    Working HD Calling
    Samsung Cloud Access
    No Verizon BS

    PlayStore Mods
    Google Dialer with working Nearby Places and Spam Calling
    Google GBoard
    Google Messages
    Google Clock
    Google Calendar
    Google Calculator
    Pixel Launcher
    Advanced Settings and Mods In Rom Control Including
    **Host Ad Blocking Via AdHell
    **Option For VPN Ad Blocking Via DNS66
    ** Package Disabler Via AdHell
    ** Battery Bar
    ** SystemUI Tuner
    ** DPI Changer
    **Outdoor Brightness
    ** Access To Phone Info To Change Network Settings
    ** Internet SpeedMeter
    ** Status Bar Mods Via Status App
    ** Torch On LockScreen
    ** LockScreen Mods Via Next LockScreen
    ** REcent Bar
    **Snap Swype Drawer
    ** Activity Launcher
    ** Apk Extractor
    And More

    Do Not Change Network Settings In Phone Settings. You Can Enable Data Roaming But dont change Network Settings . Use RomControl and Phone Testing Menu to change network settings
    Verizon Visual Voice Mail Does Not Work
    You may need to clear data on Google PlayStore and Google Play Services
    Missed Call Notifications Dont Show in Status Bar or LockScreen With Google Dialer
    FC Apps can usually be fixed by clearing app data

    RomControl Source
    Its a start my friends!
    I will update soon
    Does anyone know how to revert back to the stock Verizon ROM if I choose to go back?

    Download the Latest VZW Firmware
    and flash it with Odin3_v3.12.7 from the OP
    Mine hung at checking network settings so I reflashed everything and it worked again.
    Is there a more pico approach that only has the google play store framework and nothing else google (i.e. chrome, drive, etc.)
    Download package disabler and disable What you don't want. There is no way to permanently get rid of the stuff without root. All my install is doing is disabling stuff. It's all still there.
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