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[DISCONTINUED][ROM][STOCK][D855][5.0] ¤O¤O¤ VikingWay v1.2 ¤O¤O¤ [12Mar][V20i]

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Jan 8, 2014
Its not a issue, its not working by design cos of xposed compatibility and that's what you have flashed, ROM stripped of this services. If you don't know what I'm talking about there is a OP whit all the info right there for you to digest [emoji2]

Pssss: There is a mega link to download proper .zip file to gain cover feature, of course presumably you didn't flash xposed already, then just dont do it. [emoji2]

This is exact, I don't flash xposed already, so i flash the addons, thanks I miss it in the first page :good:


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Jun 21, 2012
perhaps you mean "the buggy interactive"? changed my governor to conservative using system tuner and set it on boot. i'm pretty sure trickstermod or any other cpu management app can do the same

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2 words: xposed & g3tweaksbox

Yes. interactive is the buggy one. Conservative, although it shouldn't be as good as interactive, ends up being so because interactive is buggy. I haven't had a change to try it for long. I went back to viking's stock kernel which doesn't seem to allow me to change governers. (I mean at boot)
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Apr 22, 2008
Thank you so much,

Smoothiest ROM for LG G3 and exceptional battery lifetime (xposed + greenify), see below:


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Jun 21, 2012
Viper4Android doesn't seem to work with this mod. Could you please add it? It's really useful, not placebo like most other things for our phone (yes i am looking at you thermal throttling). :)


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Sep 26, 2010
i encountered a weird error with the otherwise perfect rom :good:
if i map my back key to close the current application (press and hold), that command does indeed close it, but it also resets the wallpaper :silly:
Don't even wanna know how it happens...
is it caused by xposed+g3tweaksbox or does it happen to others too?


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Jun 7, 2010
i encountered a weird error with the otherwise perfect rom :good:
if i map my back key to close the current application (press and hold), that command does indeed close it, but it also resets the wallpaper :silly:
Don't even wanna know how it happens...
is it caused by xposed+g3tweaksbox or does it happen to others too?

Known Tweaksbox bug.


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Apr 20, 2011
Hi there,
Can somebody with experience with CloudyG3 2.1 can comment on the performance and battery of this ROM compared to Cloudys?

Any benchmarks done maybe?


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    Sorry for the short run VikingWay users, but I've completely lost the fun to keep this rom updated.




    VikingWay is a simple & fast rom that focuses on keeping the greatest parts of the stock experience and functionality.
    Everything that I consider as bloatware or crap is removed and I personally think it gives the rom an nice feeling.
    I just don't like the extra crap that is forced upon the user. VikingWay leaves you at a clean base with some "schoolsux touches"!!
    This is a rom I make for personal use, I just share it with you guys for fun. If you don't like changes I make or whatever, feel free to use another rom!
    Mod whatever you like yourself or enjoy VikingWay just as it is - simple, fast and solid.

    VikingWay features latest stock firmware for LG G3 with boot.img bumped, packed into a flashable.zip ready for recovery!

    * Flashed, tested and working on my D855 32GB version. It should work on both 32/16GB D855 models, prove me wrong!
    * This rom does NOT include root, use TWRP root feature or download latest flashable SuperSU.zip above.
    * Installation will not wipe any personal data like app settings, cute pictures of your dog or whatever.
    * VikingWay v1.2+ is compatible with Xposed for Lollipop, be aware that this feature still has rough edges and might not work as expected.
    * I might help you, I might NOT. Your phone might go crazy and blow up your aquarium full of colorful fishes after flashing this. You know the drill.


    > Download rom + optional stuff like SuperSU-root, Xposed, etc.
    > Full wipe in recovery is recommended before install. If you have problems please do a full wipe.
    > Flash rom.zip in TWRP then optional .zip packages in any order. Xposed and Lockscreen_WeatherCover addon can NOT be combined due to Xposed incompability with these LG apps. You have to choose what you want most!
    > First boot takes some minutes, but if you are stuck at bootanimation for 10+ mins (dirtyflash whoop whoop) try to pull the battery and let phone boot again! Else try to flash rom again and if that doesn't work, do a factory reset.
    > Enjoy & have a nice day.


    ROM(s) (MEGA) ¤ Download VikingWay ¤
    v1.2 md5 sum: F9DC5D9468C0DA644D3B5B98ECBF0D93

    SuperSU ¤ Download ¤

    Xposed for Lollipop ¤ Download ¤
    (VikingWay v1.2+ is "out of the box" compitable with Xposed. I recommend trying G3 TweaksBox for Lollipop or/and GravityBox for Lollipop module with Xposed.)

    ADDONS (MEGA) ¤ Download ¤
    (Lockscreen Weather/Cover addon package is NOT compitable with Xposed, you'll have to choose.)

    MODEM(s) (MEGA) ¤ Download ¤

    TWRP ¤ Download ¤



    2015-03-12 ¤ V20i ¤ VikingWay v1.2:
    - Changed dialer dial button into the same green color as the header.
    - Remove Google Messenger due to MMS problem.
    - Good old slow and ugly LG Messenger is back!
    - ROM now has Xposed compability "out of the box" by removing some LG apps struggling with Xposed.
    - MLT app and some other stuff now properly removed.
    - Added simple flashlight toggle widget.

    Old changelog:

    2015-03-8 ¤ V20i ¤ VikingWay v1.1:
    - Minor UI changes.
    - Changed default lockscreen wallpaper and added some G Flex 2 wallpapers to lockscreen as well.
    - Minor installer script changes.

    2015-03-8 ¤ V20i ¤ VikingWay v1:
    - Thread reworked and VikingWay rom released. Theres really no point of having the rom complete stock when robalm is serving this feature already.
    - Set stock default sharpening to half value.
    - Implement "Lite Script" directly into rom instead.
    - Rebased on V20i "AARE" firmware.
    - Included Lollipop sounds; notification, alarm etc.
    - Nexus 6 bootanimation.
    - Power On/Off sounds removed.
    - Stock, ugly, slow LG Message replaced with Google Messenger.
    - New default wallpaper, added some wallpapers from G Flex 2.


    @Skin1980 for livebump stuff.
    @Razertje for notifying about V20i firmware.
    @suljo94 for info about how to get Xposed working on LG firmware.
    Whoever made that nice landscape wallpaper.

    Wasn't happy with "v2.0" test after all - its trashed. I will still keep it on MEGA for a while.
    Version v1.2 released instead as planned!

    Going on vacation for a while and I think v1.2 is final for V20i firmware. Might theme LG Message somewhat in the future.. we'll see :)
    Thanks to everyone for helping out eachother and showing interest in my rom so far!!
    VikingWay v1 released! Enjoy & see OP for details and download :)
    Hello Vikings!

    Today, I share a test version of the next release with you, VikingWay v2.0!! Download in OP.

    Changelog so far:

    2015-03-11 ¤ V20i ¤ VikingWay v2.0:
    - Changed dialer dial button into the same green color as the header.
    - Added Google Keyboard, removed LG Keyboard.
    - Xposed compability by removing some struggling LG apps. Thanks @suljo94
    - Fixed MLT and some other stuff now properly removed.
    - Removed LG Health and LG Home.
    - Added latest Nova launcher beta. It's so fancy and smooth :)
    Lockscreen Weather/Cover addon package added for those who rather want this functionality instead of Xposed!
    A: You didn't flash the Xposed package > Just flash the WeatherCover zip. (Download in OP.)
    B: You flashed Xposed, but want lockscreen weather and cover support > Flash whole rom again to remove Xposed files from system + flash WeatherCover.zip.