[DISCONTINUED][ROM][UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1][BETA] Resurrection Remix 5.6.9 for Zenfone 6

Which app do you want in system ?

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  • Amplify

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  • Seeder

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  • Greenify

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  • E-Mail App

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Dec 24, 2015
for clear picture....


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Oct 6, 2006
rom updated, factory reset is highly recommended

system apps's odexes removed because causing optimizing screen on every boot but i will add again when fixed

os is 5.1.1, marshmallow can come after all fixes (except gps, fm) but not now

great thanks for the update!

what are the user advantages from those changes you made to the rom with the recent update?

and if there was any workaround for Google services wakelocks and alarming in order to keep more juice safe?
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Apr 18, 2015
great thanks for the update!

what are the user advantages from those changes you made to the rom with the recent update?

and if there was any workaround for Google services wakelocks and alarming in order to keep more juice safe?

Iso increase is for better lowlight photos
Google keyboard is freezing 1-2 seconds at first boot so returned to aosp
Some updates
More stable art

Yes but i wasn't uploaded new gapps.Gapps has lots of services etc. and i am checking it
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    Official Resurrection Remix Website

    Android 6.0.1_r43

    Note: I'm not responsible for any bad thing

    Supported models

    *grady_8 (A601CG)
    *dimdimdim (A600CG)

    What is not working
    *GPS (Only A-GPS working)
    *FM Radio
    *Sensor bugs (Sometimes)

    You must unlock bootloader before flash !

    First Release Changelog (5.1.1)
    *cpu rendering disabled
    *increased picture quality (back cam is taking 4128x3096 picture now)
    *increased video bitrate
    *marshmallow bootanimation integrated
    *speaker is more loud
    *removed unnecessary zf 5's files and asus apps
    *aosp launcher and camera next apps integrated
    *logcat removed
    *added ad blocker (hosts file updated)
    *sdcard script for faster write/read speed
    *some files updated to firmware
    *good ram management
    *pico tts updated
    *sensors working
    *google keyboard integrated for gesture typing
    *sony's x reality engine and bravia engine integrated
    *disabled io stats
    *some build.prop tweaks added
    *reduced rom size
    *no 1080p video record error
    *deep sleep working

    2016.01.29 Update changelog (5.1.1)
    *bravia engine updated to v3
    *sensor libs updated to firmware
    *sqlite updated
    *720x1280 wallpaper integrated
    *dns changed to google for net speed
    *disabled usage data sending
    *audio bitrate increased to 256 kbit on high quality videos (from 192)
    *SMAI Kernel v4 integrated
    *file manager and sound recorder changed
    *apn lists updated
    *boot animation changed to lollipop and added shutdown animation

    2016.02.05 Update changelog (5.1.1)
    *disabled bytecode verification
    *SMAI kernel v5 integrated
    *added quick boot option to developer settings but not working now
    *removed unnecessary files
    *kernel adiutor app updated
    *cyanogen os audiofx and dialer integrated
    *crash log removed
    *shutdown animation removed (causing bugs)
    *scrolling cache disabled
    *added whisperpush and fixed crashes
    *audio files patched for more clear sound

    2016.02.05 (2nd) Update changelog (5.1.1)
    *vm management and net tweaks added
    *battery improvements
    *SMAI kernel v6 integrated
    *phone app changed to previous
    *some apps optimized
    *fixed soft reboot bug on installing some apps
    *system apps odexed

    2016.02.07 Update Changelog (5.1.1)
    *some fixes and improvements

    2016.02.13 Update Changelog (5.1.1)
    *battery scripts added
    *SMAI kernel v7 integrated
    *bravia engine removed
    *disabled kernel panic
    *disabled debugging
    *fixed google play services battery drain
    *quickboot removed (not working)
    *fixed creating empty folder on app and priv-app
    *rom size reduced

    2016.02.20 Update Changelog (5.1.1)
    *busybox updated to 1.24.1
    *try to fix music player stability issue
    *sqlite3 binary updated to
    *general improvements
    *tcp tweaks added
    *7.3 build's kernel integrated
    *increased in-call volume

    2016.03.05 Update Changelog (5.1.1)
    *fixed saving to sdcard on zenui apps (by quanganh2627)
    *updated file manager, kernel adiutor, keyboard, webview, sound recorder
    *new alarm, notification, ringtone sounds added
    *fixed and improved deep sleep
    *try to fix video bug on browser
    *fixed platform permissions
    *edited dalvik heapsize for more appropriate value
    *some minor fixes and general improvements

    2016.04.03 Update Changelog (5.1.1)
    *back camera max iso increased to 1600 from 800
    *updated security patch
    *updated some libs
    *rom size reduced
    *updated su
    *odexed framework
    *keyboard app changed to aosp
    *updated webview
    *used different art

    2016.04.21 Update Changelog (6.0.1)
    *rom updated to RR 5.6.7
    *odexed system apps

    2016.04.27 Update Changelog (6.0.1)
    *enabled dpst
    *updated sources by tank0412
    *audiofx removed and added equalizer from stock rom
    *improved performance
    *minor changes

    2016.05.09 Update Changelog (6.0.1)
    *reduced working processes (dpst too)
    *reduced boot time
    *updated security patch
    *rom updated to 5.6.8
    *doze enabled by default
    *fixed freezing after taking photo on camera app by tank0412

    2016.06.04 Update Changelog (6.0.1)
    *rom updated to 5.6.9
    *disabled ksm
    *disabled wakelock logging
    *reduced speaker sound to avoid sizzle
    *enabled usb debugging by default

    Feature Requests

    How to install
    *Download rom to your phone
    *Reboot to recovery
    *Flash rom, flash gapps (if you want) and make factory reset
    *First boot will take 1 minute

    How to update
    *Download latest build to your phone
    *Reboot to recovery
    *Flash rom,flash gapps (if you want) and make wipe cache

    *Rom (419 mb) Link
    *TWRP Recovery 3.0.M2-0 (15 mb) Link
    *Bootloader Unlocker (2 mb) Link
    *GApps (54 mb) Link

    All Versions
    *First release : 2016.01.25 Link
    *Update : 2016.01.29 Link
    *Update : 2016.02.05 Link
    *Update : 2016.02.05 (2nd) Link
    *Update : 2016.02.07 Link
    *Update : 2016.02.13 Link
    *Update : 2016.02.20 Link
    *Update : 2016.03.05 Link
    *Update : 2016.04.03 Link
    *Update : 2016.04.21 Link
    *Update : 2016.04.27 Link
    *Update : 2016.05.09 Link
    *Latest Update : 2016.06.04 Link


    If you like my work, please press to thanks button

    *X AnwarMov​

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Resurrection Remix for Zenfone 6, ROM for all devices (see above for details)

    grady_8, grady_8
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader & TWRP Recovery

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Beta Release Date: 2016-01-25

    Created 2016-01-25
    Last Updated 2017-04-26
    i am making last changes, please be patient
    rom updated

    for fixing freezing on camera app after taking photo; you can use Google Camera

    i used tank0412's and dgadelha's sources so all credits go to tank0412 and dgadelha
    rom updated

    for fixing freezing on camera app after taking photo, u can use Google Camera

    please report the sensor stability, i am not tested yet
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