[Discontinued]Runnymede AIO V6.1.1 Special Edition with INT2SD support [Beta]

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Mar 18, 2011
I was browsing for about 30 minutes and battery dropped from 100% to 85%. I'm using gingercakes_0.9_cfs_no2way_havs kernel.

Did anybody faced with this battery drainage and managed to fix it?

Anyway, besides the above issue and the 'notolification bar' bug, the rom is awesome. Thanks Seb for your work.

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i m experiencing around 13% battery drop on 0.8f bfs no2way HAVS kernel
After surfing for 30 min on 2G.

ya all versions of this ROM are not battery efficient when it comes to screen being ON.
changing governer to powersave might save 2-3 % battery drain but at the cost of performance which is laggy as hell.

P.S. i m using desire AMOLED


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Oct 6, 2011
sebastiaan, hi

I encounter one issue, that bothers me a lot. It's related to the usb+notification menu.
Let me explain, for example, the phone starts, I plug it to the usb cable, pull down the notification menu and everything is ok.
But when I turn on/off wireless and then pull down notification menu, the usb connection restarts and it happens everytime I pull down the menu.

The same thing happened in Runnymede007MOD ROM till michael rebuilded and reordered somehow SystemUI.apk in version 6.

Otherwise your ROM is pure revolution in sense 3.5 ROMs. :)


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Aug 16, 2010
So, have been running the 0.8f gingercake kernel for a couple of hours now and I have to say - for me - it is so much faster than 0.9.
Like really really faster.

I think the battery drainage is still there, though.


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Jun 15, 2010
sebastiaan, hi

I encounter one issue, that bothers me a lot. It's related to the usb+notification menu.
Let me explain, for example, the phone starts, I plug it to the usb cable, pull down the notification menu and everything is ok.
But when I turn on/off wireless and then pull down notification menu, the usb connection restarts and it happens everytime I pull down the menu.

The same thing happened in Runnymede007MOD ROM till michael rebuilded and reordered somehow SystemUI.apk in version 6.

Otherwise your ROM is pure revolution in sense 3.5 ROMs. :)

cant do that then i messup rcteam tweaks the changes that capy mede


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Apr 16, 2011

it is dutch language

automatic update (or someting like that) permission automatic update

you must turn this off

there are some app that it is turned on

i do that always never auto update
He means that his Market app keeps updating itself to 3.3.11. The Market ITSELF, not his 3rd party apps.

FYI, this doesn't seem to be ROM related. I have the same problem on AceSMod. No idea how to fix it either.


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Jun 15, 2010
He means that his Market app keeps updating itself to 3.3.11. The Market ITSELF, not his 3rd party apps.

FYI, this doesn't seem to be ROM related. I have the same problem on AceSMod. No idea how to fix it either.

root explorer
go to sd-ext/app_s
scroll down
look for market updater
delete it
remove the new market ( in settings applications and select the second tap system apps
search for market remove update
delete cache


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Apr 16, 2011
root explorer
go to sd-ext/app_s
scroll down
look for market updater
delete it
remove the new market ( in settings applications and select the second tap system apps
search for market remove update
delete cache
I'm not on this ROM, so that doesn't really help me. :p

There's no Vending.apk in /sd-ext/app_s on AceSMod, and I already deleted the Updater.apk, that's why I'm at a loss as to why my older Market version won't stick.

Just wanted to chip in on the convo about the Market updating problem, to show that it probably isn't related to your ROM, 'cause I have it too on AceSMod.


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Jan 23, 2011
sebastiaan, hi

I encounter one issue, that bothers me a lot. It's related to the usb+notification menu.
Let me explain, for example, the phone starts, I plug it to the usb cable, pull down the notification menu and everything is ok.
But when I turn on/off wireless and then pull down notification menu, the usb connection restarts and it happens everytime I pull down the menu.

The same thing happened in Runnymede007MOD ROM till michael rebuilded and reordered somehow SystemUI.apk in version 6.

Otherwise your ROM is pure revolution in sense 3.5 ROMs. :)

A "by chance" fix worked for me and other users here:
1. Flash snq kernel (after wiping cache and dalvik-cache).
2. Reboot.
3. Reboot again to recovery.
4. Instal Gingercakes kernel (0.8 or 0.9, you choose, and of course after wiping cache and dalvik-cache).
5. Reboot.
6. All works fine here.


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Nov 23, 2005
Ha Noi
Disable noLed app.

Enviado desde mi HTC Runnymede usando Tapatalk
i've got problem w noled,when the messages coming,i'm using Hancent sms,the popup cant be light on and screen can not turn on,just one way when the coming call comes can turn screen on :(.tell me how to remove Noled apps,cuz it was build in the rom can not uninstall:((.thanks
Anybody feel that v2.2 drain battery so fast,after every call about 30 sec lost 2% @[email protected] think Runnymede 5 was awesome:D thanks Sesb
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Mar 16, 2011
Anyone get ROM Manager or 4EXT Control working after applying ad2sdx-1.0-RC01.zip on
Cool3D AceS v5. These 2 apps are force closing. Any help, advise? Thanks


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Aug 13, 2010
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    Runnymede AIO V6.0.4.3 Special Edition [Stable]
    Runnymede AIO V6.1.1 Special Edition [Beta]
    - by sebastiaan15

    Or: Donate here
    If you like my ROM, you can also make a little DONATION if you like...
    To help a poor guy like me out!

    Also, please don't PM me with questions...

    Scroll down to read the FAQ, and if you can't find the answer, ask here in the thread!


    - Post #1: Details about the ROM, installation requirements and instructions, changelogs, and the download link.
    - Post #2: Custom add-ons, kernels, themes and more.
    - Post #3: Useful links regarding S-OFF, 4EXT Recovery, amarullz's AD2SDX, and more.
    - Post #4: A detailed FAQ and installation guides in PDF format. Please READ BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!
    - Post #5: RCTeam Tweaks Descriptions
    - Post #6: Credits and thanks to everyone who collaborated and donated!

    About this ROM:

    Runnymede All-in-One is a Sense 3.5 ROM for Desire, based on the HTC Runnymede (base version 1.27.1400.4), featuring official Sense 3.5 with custom RCMix3D tweaks, working Beats audio boost, the "Aroma installer" by amarullz (the world's first touch-based install wizard with custom install options!), and a lot more! (see features list for details).




    - Based on official HTC Sensation XL base 1.27.1400.4: Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3.5
    - Full-featured Sense 3.5 with all 3D widgets
    - RCMix3D Tweaks: custom options for lockscreen, statusbar, Rosie tweaks, scripts, and more!
    - Supports generic A2SD and custom AD2SDX by amarullz (only for CM7r2 HBOOT): requires 1 to 1.5GB ext4! (more info about AD2SDX: see this post).
    - Deodexed and zipaligned
    - With init.d support
    - System optimization for graphics & speed
    - Multilingual (almost all languages)
    - Trackpad-to-wake and trackpad-to-unlock
    - Superuser 3.0.7
    - Virtuous_oc or andrev_oc daemon (default smartassV2: 384-998MHz wake, 384-576MHz sleep)
    - Includes Daemon controller for custom OC/UV settings (optional)
    - Includes IncrediControl for CPU frequencies and voltages (optional)

    Known bugs and fixes:

    - Skin, wallpaper and lockscreen previews don't work (this bug is present in all Sense 3.5 ROMs). Press "Menu" and select "List/Grid view" to fix.

    How to install or update:

    - CM7r2 or stock HBOOT (from Alpharev)
    - A 1 to 1.5GB ext4 partition (see partition guide for 4EXT Recovery).
    - A recovery with touch drivers: I recommend 4EXT Recovery. Optional but recommended. Must be S-OFF to use 4EXT! (see S-OFF guide).

    - For a step-by-step description of the installation process, see Runnymede AIO - Installation guide.
    - For help partitioning your SD card, see 4EXT Recovery - Partition guide.

    Important install notes:

    - If you are coming from another ROM (or another base version of this ROM), perform a full wipe!
    - If you are installing an updated version of this ROM with the same base, wipe cache, dalvik cache, system and boot. Then, select the same apps you have selected before in the INSTALLER!
    - If you choose AD2SDX script in the installer, let the ROM settle down after first install. If an error occurs, just click "wait" (don't select "close"!). Then reboot. After that, you can restore your apps and settings. (Errors may occur with AD2SDX if you don't reboot first after install!)
    - If you select some things in RCTeam Tweaks, you need to turn on WiFi, because some options need to download files from capychimp's server. Also, some options only take effect after a reboot (read the small text beneath the option).
    - If you want Beats Audio to work, go to Settings/RCMix3D Tweaks/Miscellaneous Options/Beats Boost and select it. Wait 1 minute, and then reboot.

    Runnymede AIO V6.0.4.3 Special Edition Stable Version

    Or: download here
    MD5sum: 19f243b6ffd38c248e8d98264ce5b903
    Runnymede RUU 1.27.1400.4
    CM7r2 + Stock
    a2sd + ad2sdx

    NOTICE: Please read the IMPORTANT INSTALL NOTES and the
    FAQ (post #4) before posting questions in this thread!

    Runnymede AIO V6.1.1 Special Edition beta Version

    Or: download here
    MD5sum: f4313a1fe0177956bc5e372ad97d5559
    Runnymede RUU 1.27.1400.4
    CM7r2 + Stock + Fatsys
    a2sd + ad2sdx + INT2SD-S + INT2SD-M
    For missing apps use 4ext recovery


    - More info or questions about the INT2SD:go here.


    INT2SD doesn't use symlinks nor bind mounts. Instead of going through a symlink or a bind mount on the data partition, it makes Android write and read directly to and from the ext2/3/4 partition on your SD. INT2SD now, for the first time ever, comes in two flavours tailored to your needs:

    INT2SD-M - "Mass"

    Main characteristics:
    • /data on SD ext
    • number of apps is only limited by ext size
    • made for people who never have enough apps
    • requires a faster card
    • for use with fatsys HBOOT
    The classic "mass" flavour mounts ext to /data, thus eliminating the need for the mtd5 userdata partition. This makes the mtd5 userdata partition unneeded. It is used in conjunction with the fatsys HBOOT and is the prime choice for all app-addicts! If you have a fast card and desire a huge amount of applications, INT2SD-M is for you.

    INT2SD-S - "Speed"

    Main characteristics:
    • /data on SD ext, /data/data on internal
    • /data/data limited to 280 MB (probably enough for more than 100 user apps)
    • noticeably faster on slower cards
    • for use with CM7r2 HBOOT
    The new "speed" flavour mounts ext to /data and userdata to /data/data, achieving great speed while still retaining excellent storage capabilities. It's used with the CM7r2 HBOOT. If you have a slower card and are not severely app-hungry, but you still wish to experience the magic of INT2SD, then you will surely like INT2SD-S.

    fatsys HBOOT

    - More info or questions about the fatsys and hboot:go here.

    INT2SD Sense ROMs require a special HBOOT, fatsys. This special HBOOT has 427 MB dedicated for /system, 5 MB for /cache and 5 MB for /data and there is probably no ROM without INT2SD that would work on it properly. It was made so that the largest part of Desire's internal memory can be used for quick access to vital system files by storing them in /system instead of symlinking them to /sd-ext, therefore slowing the entire system down. There is still plenty of space for your apps if you make a large enough SD ext partition, since SD ext gets mounted to /data and the real, 5 MB mtd5 userdata partition goes unused. So, /data on SD ext, huge /system and no symlinks! Before flashing a Sense INT2SD ROM, make sure you have flashed the fatsys HBOOT!

    Changelog Stable:
                  V6.1.1 Special Edition beta
    * Fixed INT2SD-M
    * Fixed RCTweaks support for INT2SD
    * Fixed reboot bug with INT2SD
    * Replaced reboot binary (reboot command now works)
    * Added fully featured bash in /system/bin (courtesy of mattgirv)
    * Added synclinks by Xyne from Arch Forums for INT2SD-M
                  Thanks for Proz0r's for the fixes
                    V6.1 Special Edition beta  
    * Added INT2SD-S by Proz0r (for CM7/r2 HBOOT)
    * Added INT2SD-M by Proz0r (for fatsys HBOOT)
                    V6.0.4.3 Special Edition
    * Fixed RCTeam Folder name in rom.zip
    (Because it was not installing it to the sdcard)
                    V6.0.4.2 Special Edition	
    * Add New gps.conf
       (if you use fasterfix then it back to the old one)
    * Set ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1
    * Changed and removed some things in build.prop
    * Add Adreno_conf.txt
    * Add libaudiopreprocessing.so
      (to lib/soundfx)
      (and add it to audio_effects.conf)
    * Optimize and repack apk with fixallAPKs script
      (thanks to baadnewz)
    * RCTeam tweak files on sdcard same as
       (so no need to flash prof peach zip)
                    V6.0.4.1 Special Edition			  
    * Add SEB AIO RED BEATS (Default)
      (Boot Animation)	
    * Almost all Bootanimations in installer
    * Removed Blue Beats Bootanimation
    * Removed all custom downanimations
      (only not the generic one)
      (returned to standard beats downanimation)
    * RCTeam tweak files on sdcard
      (no need for wifi anymore)
    * Changed back to older bravo-keypad.kl
      (most buttons are disabled)
      (only not the trackpad and powerbutton)
    * Add Adhoc support to installer
    * Add missing lib for defrag *.db files	
    * Change calculator app
    * Add Youtube to Installer
    * Add VoiceSearch to installer
    * Fix Contacts Pics
                    V6.0.4 Special Edition
    * Fixed Fc Dspmanager
    * add audio_effects.conf to etc
    * add wifioffloadpkg.xml to etc
    * Optimizing and defragging (*.db) files
      (new script)
    * Changed some thinks in Build.prop
    * New usr folder
    * Removed and add new BootAnimations 
      (Thanks Prof Peach)
    * CallDelay Patch wil install by default
    * Changed EGL Files (thanks alex-v)
    * Fixed one thing in aroma-config
                    V6.0.3 Special Edition
    * Add SEB AIO Tron Boot Animation to installer
       (default Boot Animation)
    * Changed some little things in build.prop
                   V6.0.2 Special Edition
    * Fixed HTC Stock apps
    * Fixed Low mic Volume
    * Changed weather apks from a older base
    * Changed HtcClock3DWidget.apk from older base
    * Disable or Enable Powerbutton to Installer
    * Disable or Enable Trackpad Unlock to Installer
                  V6.0.1 Special Edition
    * Add missing files (sorry for that)
      (because of the missing files it was draining the battery)
                  V6.0 Special Edition
    * New base Runnymede 1.27.1400.4			  
    * Add back Galaxy Nexus Colored boot animation
    * Add SEB AIO Gingerbread Skeleton boot animation
      (Default Boot Animation)
    * Update Maps
    * Update Facebook
    * Changed some things in Build.prop
    * And what i forgot


    OTHER ADD-ONS: download here.
    PDROID SUPPORT: needed files download here pdroid app download here about Pdroid info here
    RCTEAM TWEAK SDCARD FILES: download here. Please give some credit if you use it
    ADHOC SUPPORT: download here
    REODEX SUPPORT: download here (Unpack zip ,bootup phone ,plugin usb [charge only] , run odex.cmd , if done , black screen when unlock ,
    hold power button for the power menu and reboot)

    SEB AIO SPLASHSCREENS: Click on image to download

    SEB AIO BOOT ANIMATION: Click on image to download

    Rename to htc_bootanimation , and put it in data/local , with the right permissions
    Thanks to Prof Peach

    THEMES: download in the themes thread.

    - By snq-: download here.
    - By Droidzone: download here.
    - By bananacakes: download here (scroll left/right using arrows).
    - By Alex-V: download here or here.

    RECOVERY: I recommend 4EXTRecovery by madmaxx82, the best recovery for Desire!
    - Classic version: download here.
    - Touch version: download here.

    - Runnymede AIO Special Edition ROMs, base 1.27.1400.4 (with touch installer)
    - Runnymede AIO Special Edition ROMs, base 1.22.461.2 (with touch installer)
    - Runnymede AIO Special Edition ROMs, base 1.17.1010.1 (with touch installer)
    - Runnymede AIO ROMs, base 1.11.1113.1 (deodexed)
    - Runnymede AIO ROMs, base 1.11.1113.1 (odexed)
    - Runnymede AIO ROMs, base 1.05.401.4
    - Runnymede Desire ROMs

    - For Runnymede AIO V4+V5 Special Edition ROMs: see this changelog.
    - For Runnymede AIO ROMs: see this changelog.
    - For Runnymede Desire ROMs: see this changelog
    Back to the SNQ kernel,i think it's the best one for now...

    ^what he said - now w/ usb connection type selection support:

    bravo- (w/ callrec support)
    bravo- (w/o callrec support)

    wifin_update- (optional wifi-n update for the callrec version)
    wifin_update- (optional wifi-n update for the w/o callrec version)

    Written by Prof Peach. Big thanks!

    About this FAQ:

    I thought I'd summarise some of the questions that keep arising. Its by no means all inclusive and I can't guarantee it will fix your issue, but it might be useful for some. I can't be held responsible if something happens... unless it's something good. Then hit the thanks button. Advice on XDA is like any other advice you might get... Take it at your own risk!

    - Always make a nandroid backup before doing a wipe/upgrade.
    - Read the installation guide and 4EXT partition guide before asking questions.

    General Q&A:

    (Q) Can I show support for the developer of this awesome Rom.?
    (A) Look at the top of the Original Post (#1) and use the donate button. Consider how much time and resources have gone into this awesome rom.

    (Q) What's so "Special" about the new Special Editions?
    (A) Where do we start? It uses the 1st of its kind touch screen Aroma Installer which detects your HBOOT version, allows you to select which apps to install, select which storage system you want to use and all done with a beautiful and simple user interface. Not forgetting the fully functioning Sense 3.5 launcher with RCTeam Tweaks, a super slick response and choice of working camera's, social networking and Beats sound enhancement.

    Known errors and faults Q&A:

    (Q) Is there a fix for occasional screen freeze or stall during calls?
    (A) This has been reported by a few. There have been people testing new HBOOT versions, updating radios, re-formatting SDcards or replacing them. One user has fixed his in-call freeze issue by flashing Bravo Data++ hboot from http://alpharev.nl
    I will update this regularly as results start to come in.

    (Q) My phone is giving me low memory warnings – Help!
    (A) There are two possible reasons:
    1. If you are using AD2SD and haven’t moved the Dalvik to the SD Card it can be taking up a lot of room in the phone.
    2. All apps, even when they are on the SD Card due to AD2SDX, still have some component in the phone; eventually the phone memory will become low. Test this by getting Cache Cleaner from the market and use it to clear the cache and see if the low memory warnings stop. If you can’t install Cache Cleaner because memory is too low, boot into recovery, clear the Cache (but NOT the Dalvik cache) and then reboot. Then try installing the Cache Cleaner app.

    (Q) My battery seems to die when the display still shows 20% (amount varies)
    (A) This happens with some kernels, but not others; mainly snq-'s kernel is affected by this issue. Try flashing another kernel to see if the problem goes away.
    Other than that, make sure your battery is properly calibrated. Clear the battery stats as follows:
    - Power off the phone and fully charge it until the led is green.
    - Turn the phone on for a couple of minutes until the battery indicator drops from 100% to 99%.
    - Power off the phone again and charge it again while watching. As soon as the led turns green proceed to the next step.
    - Unplug the charger, boot the phone into Recovery mode and reset (or wipe) the battery stats.
    - Reboot and continue to use as normal.

    (Q) After an install my phone seems to constantly sync.... whats up?
    (A) That issue has been tracked down to Facebook live feeds. Try uninstalling Facebook for Sense and installing Facebook for Android available free from the market. Or go unto settings>accounts & sync, select Facebook and uncheck live feed. (It'll be the one with the spinning sync next to it)

    (Q) I get an error ”can’t Mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 (File Exists)”.
    (A) That error and others like it are generally caused by a corrupt ext partition on your SD Card. The solution is to use 4EXT recovery, gParted, or a similar tool to reformat the ext partition to ext4. Leave the FAT32 partition alone and you shouldn’t lose any data. Don't use Windows-based partition tools!
    Some suggest using ext3 as it is a known quantity and most ROMS will boot with an ext3 partition, however Runnymede AIO requires an ext4 partition.

    (Q) When I boot up I get a "UID Inconsistent" warning. What can I do?
    (A) If that displays, press "I'm feeling lucky". Then open root explorer and look at: /data/system/uiderrors.txt It should give you the information which apps are corrupted. Uninstall them, reboot and reinstall.

    (Q) I've just installed the ROM and I can't boot back into recovery.
    (A) Make sure Fastboot is not checked. You can find that option in Settings>Power. If it's unchecked, you should be able to get into recovery.

    (Q) Beats doesn't seem to work.
    (A) Check if RCMix3D Tweaks>Misc Options>Beats Boost is checked. Start the player with headphones plugged in; it can take up to 10 secs for music to play. Once started the music will pause when headphones are removed. Hit play again and it will continue, though you won't benefit from the bass boost through the built-in speaker.
    Alternatively, ditch Beats and select DSP Manager from the ROM installation menu. If offers more control over the sound and a better bass boost!

    (Q) Why can't I connect to my PC with the USB?
    (A) Make sure USB Debugging is checked in Settings>Applications>Development. If it is, the USB symbol should display in the header bar when the lead is connected. If it still doesn't display, you might need to install up-to-date drivers on your PC.

    (Q) The volume seems too loud/quiet... Can I fix it?
    (A) Two methods:
    - Easy one: go into RCtweaks>System tab>Enable/Disable Commands>Enable Xloud. Make sure WiFi is on!
    - Not so easy one: follow the addons link in the second post. Download RunnyMede_Loud.zip to increase basic volume or RunnyMede_No_Loud.zip to turn down volume. Drop the zip to your SD card and boot into recovery, wipe dalvik and select the zip from SD to install.

    (Q) I've installed everything and I keep getting a boot loop on first startup.
    (A) Make sure the installer detects the correct version for your HBOOT (stock or CM7/r2). Another common reason is people installing AD2SDX on the stock HBOOT version. It WILL NOT WORK. Wipe everything and install again but this time select "generic A2SD" in the installer.

    (Q) I see comments about excessive battery drain. How bad is it?
    (A) For me and many others, its not bad at all. I get 36+ hours moderate use from a single charge. There are a few who report losing 1% every minute.... and despite changing radios, formatting sdcard, disabling WiFi etc. they see no improvement. It varies from device to device.
    However, always consider that Sense 3.5 is a heavy program and was never designed for the Desire hardware. There are so many variables, like signal strength, background apps, brightness levels... it's impossible to guarantee how long the battery will last with any one individual setup.
    Always make sure your battery is calibrated before reporting bad battery life (scroll up for the recommended calibration method).

    Installation Q&A:

    (Q) Do I absolutely need to install a touch-enabled recovery to use AIO SE versions?
    (A) No. You can still use your existing recovery. Scroll up and down using volume keys or track button. However, it is recommended that you install 4EXT Recovery, which is designed for the desire. It has all the usual recovery features, as well as a partition tool and touch screen control version. Installing a new ROM will never be the same again.

    (Q) How do I know which version to install?
    (A) That's easy. The new Aroma Installer checks your phones internal storage partition size to see which HBOOT version you are running. It will then install the correct version. This has been tweaked to allow a more accurate detection but please feel free to post your query if this is wrong for you. Download "Quick System Info" free from the market and quote internal/external storage for any queries.

    (Q) I've installed the ROM and it's booting up, but all I'm seeing is a the boot animation. How long should it take?
    (A) I have seen users reporting the 1st boot take over 20 minutes, so be patient. If it's still not running after 25 mins, personally I'd pull the battery and try a reboot - but that's just me, and I wouldn't direct anyone to do the same. Worst case scenario is you do a full wipe and try the install again; you won't have lost anything if you made a backup before you started.

    (Q) It says in the OP it states do a full wipe when going from old to new base... what versions are we talking about?
    (A) As a rule, a jump in version like v3.0 to v4.0 is a new base and requires a full system, boot, cache and dalvik wipe. Anyone updating a version (ie v3.1 to v3.2) only need to do a partial wipe (explained in more detail below). Reformatting your SD is optional but may cut down on compatability problems.

    (Q) Do I need to do a full wipe every time I flash a newer version.?
    (A) If you are installing a simple rom update (e.g. v3.0.3 to v3.0.4), then a simple cache and dalvik cache wipe is ok. If, however, you are going from an earlier base to the latest one (e.g. v3.0.x to v4.0.x), you should always wipe system, boot, cache and dalvik. Reformatting your SD is optional but may cut down on compatability problems. Note that there are times when a full wipe will be necessary even inbetween new base releases; read the install instructions carefully.

    (Q) How do I need to setup my memory card?
    (A) The desired partition layout is:
    - Main storage: fat32 primary partition
    - Minimum 1024MB ext4 primary partition (max 1.5GB, there have been problems with bigger ext4 partitions)
    - Zero swap partition
    GParted seems to be the tool of choice, Alpharev CWM recovery works but I'd suggest 4EXT Recovery which has a good partition tool built in. I have done a full picture guide on SD card partitions available here. Don't read this and then install a 2GB ext4 partition with 5MB swap, and then complain because your phone's acting up!

    (Q) How and when should I wipe?
    (A) Wiping between ROM flashes is always a good idea, but can sometimes be very inconvenient, so here are some general guidelines to follow.
    When the Android version changes, you will always need to do a full wipe, and if you change from one type of ROM to another, again a full wipe is required. If you are upgrading to the latest version of your current ROM (as long as the Android version hasn't changed) you will only need to wipe cache and dalvik cache. See below for some examples.

    - Moving from CM7 to RunnyMede AIO - full wipe required!
    - Upgrading from RunnyMede v3.0.2 to RunnyMede v3.0.3 - full wipe not required!
    - Upgrading from RunnyMede v3.0.3 to RunnyMede v4.0.1 - full wipe required!

    The recommended method of wiping is again in recovery and not through ROM Manager. The use of superwipe.zip files is not recommended either. Before doing any wipes, make sure you have done all of your backups!

    There are 2 different types of recovery that most people will be using: CWM or 4EXT. The instructions below tell you how to do a full wipe.
    Clockworkmod Recovery: First of all, select wipe data/factory reset, then go in to mounts and storage and select format /cache, format/data, format /system. Then head into advanced and select wipe dalvik cache.
    4EXT Recovery: Head in to Wipe / Format and select wipe data/factory reset, wipe dalvik cache, format system, format data, format cache and format boot. The latest 4EXT recoveries also have a "Format all partitions (except SDcard" option which does it all in a single click.

    (Q) Whats the difference between Odexed and DeOdexed roms?
    (A) Its complicated and a Google search is the best advice. These are the basics: a deodexed ROM has all the files neatly arranged in blocks, each block doing its own thing. This is easy to theme as everything needed is in the one apk folder.
    In odexed ROMs, the files arranged in a different way, so common shared parts may already be open when you go to start the application. In theory this is quicker; however, you are reliant on a fast SD card to benefit fully. The downside is theming as the file structure means that certain necessary files will be shared with other system apps.
    Note that older versions of Runnymede were offered in odexed and deodexed variants, but the new version isn't anymore.

    Customization Q&A:

    (Q) Where can I get Arabic support?
    (A) XDA member docnasef has put together a package for you. Here is a link to the post with zip attachment. This gives you Arabic / Hebrew support in messages, sms, mail, and browser, with correct RTL.

    (Q) Can I customize the notification bar?
    (A) Yes. You can make changes in Menu>Settings>RCMix3D Tweaks>Settings.
    Alternatively, there are flashable zips in the addons section of the OP.
    If there is nothing you want from that selection, why not "cook" your own in the online kitchen. Many thanks to angusc for his quick guide here.

    (Q) Why won't my UOT modifications work? After installing, none of them (or only some of them) show up!
    (A) This is almost always down to the location of the system files (framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk, and com.htc.resources.apk). In the stock and CM7r2 versions of the ROM, these files are in different places, which is important for UOT mods.
    - SystemUI.apk is located in /sd-ext/app_s/ for both stock and CM7r2 HBOOT.
    - Framework-res.apk and com.htc.resources.apk are in /system/framework/ for stock HBOOT, and /sd-ext/framework_s/ for CM7r2 HBOOT.
    Depending on which HBOOT version you have, you need to select the location of these files in the UOT Kitchen (in the File Upload tab); otherwise your modified system files will be installed to the wrong location, and they won't work!
    For a more detailed explanation about how to apply UOT Kitchen modifications for this ROM, check out this guide by angusc. Many thanks to him!

    (Q) Can I use SetCPU or similar to control the CPU instaed of the Daemon OC which is pre-installed?
    (A) Yes, but be warned... as soon as you install another clock control tool like SetCPU, it will be detected on startup and over-ride Daemon OC Controller. Daemon Controller is recognized as the best for your phone, reacting to screen on/off a lot quicker than a Java app so will be more efficient. If you want SetCPU because you can see time in state (a feature not included in Daemon Controller) why not install CPU Spy (free) from the market?
    Feel free to post any suggestions for additions/corrections to this guide, or PM Prof Peach himself. Again, big thanks to Prof Peach for taking the time to write this out... why not buy him a beer, eh? ;)
    AD2SDX Special Edition for Sebastiaan15 RunnyMede ROM

    AD2SDX Special Edition
    for Sebastiaan15 RunnyMede Desire ROM

    Flashable Zip - Version 1.00-RC01



    • You Willing to Reboot a Couple Times, :D ( not needed in RC Versions )
    • Report the bug clearly, not just oh,,, my phone slower..
    • Only for this ROM. I am not sure this mod will run on other rom.
    • You willing to reboot after you install so many application at once boot.
    • You willing to full wipe.


    • EXT4 Filesystem for SD-EXT - Should after FAT32 partition / 2nd partition. sdcard( FAT32=XGB, EXT4=XGB/MB )
    • EXT4 Should be at least 512, 1GB-2GB recommended, or you won't have any benefit with this mod
    • Sebastiaan15 RunnyMede Desire ROM


    • Copy ad2sdx-1.00-RCxx.zip into Your Storage Card
    • Go To Recovery Mode
    • Full Wipe Your Phone!
    • Flash The Sebastiaan15 RunnyMede Desire ROM
    • Flash/Run ad2sdx-1.00-RCxx.zip Directly After Flashing ROM
    • Reboot

    List Of Files/Directories base on Storage Location - RC Version
    NOTE: /data and /sd-ext is reversed

    SD-EXT/SDCARD - MOUNTED on "/data"

    • /data/data - Non System Applications Data ( not ROM apps, example: Installed from market, or manually install the zip ) - Like Saved Games data. It may grown so big depend on how much data did the app you installed saved something in app data.
    • /data/dalvik-cache - Non System Application Dalvik-Cache - All applications (apk) which stored in /data/app will store the dalvik cache in this Non System Application Dalvik-Cache.
    • /data/app - Non System Application Package.

    • /sd-ext/data_s - System Applications Data. System applications come from the ROM. the data will saved on internal storage. ( HTC Sense, Browser, Camera, Phone, Messaging... And many more ). It will grown and shrink, but It never grown bigger that internal storage size, so no problem with low disk space.
    • /sd-ext/dalvik-cache - System Application Dalvik-Cache - All applications (apk) which stored in /data/app_s will store the dalvik cacge in this System Application Dalvik-Cache.
    Others Data like app_s, framework_s, lib_s, etc depended on the ROM. This rom place all app_s, framework_s, lib_s on sd-ext. so AD2SDX will obey what the ROM want. :cool:

    It said "OK MASTER"

    * Rewrite script
    * Add Better Dalvik Handler + Dalvik Waiter Script
    * Enhance Waiter Script
    * Rewrite updater-script
    * Cleanup code and script comments
    BETA 4.4:
    * Fix dalvik-cache-app corrupt filesystem. with checking -e and -h ( FAIL )
    * Add Remove Uninstalled Application Dalvik Cache
    BETA 3:
    * Typo error fix for chmown->chmod
       Thanks leinad ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=19015887#post19015887 )
    BETA 2:
    * Fix /data/app with exist check.
    BETA 1:
    * Initial Release for sebastiaan15 RunnyMede Rom 4.8



    • Script are rewrited from scratch
    • New Data Handling & Efficiency script. Now Faster :D
    • So So Much Better Dalvik Cache Handling. No need to reboot after installing so so many applications :D .
    • New Flashable Zip Script :cool:
    • Add version check for future updating ( not work for version before 1.00-RC01 ). So it will safe to update the script.
    • You can do dalvik wipe anytime now without error :)
    • YES, No More Corrupt filesystem ( previously there is corrupt fs in /data/ad2sdx/dalvik-cache-app when doing ls )

    • New Dalvik Waiter. Run only at first boot or after dalvik wiped. No need to reboot your phone after install/restore many applications.
    • Real Dalvik-cache now in SDExt (swapped to data). the system dalvik cache was symlinked from Internal Memory. Same performance, better handling.
    • You can found "When your last time did the dalvik wipe" in /data/ad2sdx/dalvik-last-wipe.log :D :D :D
    • Not Used /data/ad2sdx/dalvik-cache-app, but directly /data/dalvik-cache, the system dalvik cache now in /sd-ext/dalvik-cache
    Update from BETAXX to RC01 was not possible ( sorry ), you should full wipe your phone, flash ROM, then flash new RC01. Next version I promise to create compatible update from previous version (prior RC01) because now it support version check :)

    What IS AD2SDX?


    After many time I stressful with Low Disk Space when Installing many Applications, or Slow Performance when Installing Data2sd or dalvik-cache to SD. I came up with some simple Idea to make my phone have big Internal Memory Storage, yet still robust in performance.

    This mod will move all Internal Memory (data) into sd-ext, "but not like data2ext", this mod will maintain the performance, because it still place dalvik-cache and system application data in Internal Memory.

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