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May 1, 2010
New York
Should work. "Safe" is subjective, especially with no recovery path. Proceed at your own risk.

I suppose if I somehow get bricked, that I can go ahead and attempt the USB port replacement. At that point I'll have nothing to lose. Oh, but with no recovery already installed, ADB will be useless. Grrr... scratch that. Perhaps I should replace the USB port first just to be sure? I love this tablet for watching video and I'd hate to break it.
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    - Safestrap provides TWRP like recovery capabilities for locked devices.
    - This is based on the original work of Hashcode.
    - This is for Apollo and Thor devices only.

    Known Issues
    - Secondary slots boot, but the WiFi module does not load
    - Since the secondary slots work but have no WiFi, you will need to flash Nexus v4 to the stock slot for now

    Compatible ROMS
    - HDX Nexus ROM v4
    - CM-11
    - Fire Nexus ROM

    Prerequisites for Installation
    - You must be on FireOS stock firmware 4.5.2, 4.5.3, 4.5.4, 4.5.5 or <- Please confirm this before proceeding <-
    - You must have root access

    - Install the app
    - Grant root access if needed
    - Read user agreement and accept to proceed
    - Then click install recovery
    - When recovery is installed click reboot to recovery
    - You should eventually end up in safestrap recovery.

    *** Please do NOT create any mirrors ***
    - Safestrap for THOR
    - Safestrap for APOLLO

    Thanks to my Testers
    - Davey126
    - kudoz83
    - lekofraggle
    - zamtang
    - paul26rem

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Safestrap KK, Device Specific App for the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7" & 8.9"


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.0.1
    Stable Release Date: 2015-06-18

    Created 2015-06-18
    Last Updated 2019-10-02
    OK well good news from me at least, I am up and running nexus v4.02 from stock FireOS 4.5.4 HDX 7" Locked bootloader

    I will type up the steps I did and what happened and post a reply.

    1. Download 3.2.8 rollback rom and put it in root folder of tablet
    2. Put tablet in airplane mode and run the system update and install the 3.2.8 rom
    3. Skip connecting to wifi during the initial setup wizard on the first boot into 3.2.8,
    or put tablet in airplane mode again after the wizard
    4. Download the 4.5.2 stock rom and put it in root folder of tablet
    5. install the 4.5.2 rom and after it boots back into 4.5.2 put into airplane mode again

    Now the offical step 6 to root is to install the cve20147911.apk (and click gimme root twice once in the program) via adb but that did not work for me for some unknown reason,
    so my step 6 was install kingroot 4.1.
    now be very careful at this point because I nearly screwed it all up, kingroot will need brief access to the internet to be able to root,
    you have to stay very aware because while u are connected the system will try upgrading to 4.5.3 in the background.
    (I thought I had disabled ota because I adb shell renamed DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk so I was surprised to see it downloading in the notification area).
    My eyes nearly popped out a bit so I quickly put the tablet back into airplane mode to prevent the system finishing the download of 4.5.3, and went back to kingroot and it was happily working away and the root was successful, I think kingroot only needs a short 5-10 second connection to the net to download whatever it needs.

    7. Download the Nexus ROM for thor and GAPPS and put them in the root folder of the tablet
    8. Install safestrap v4.01
    - Grant root access if needed
    - Read user agreement and accept to proceed
    - Then click install recovery
    - When recovery is installed click reboot to recovery
    - You should eventually end up in safestrap recovery.
    9. I then installed the Nexus ROM and the GAPPS and was searching around for a factory reset in safestrap but I couldnt find one so I just wiped dalvik/cache then I powered tablet off and on.
    10. It got stuck on the dots moving around to form the logo stage for about 10-15 minutes I thought oh damn.
    11. I then powered off the tablet then holding the volume up key and the power at same time for about 5 seconds and waited then it came up with a File System Recovery i selected Reset to Factory Defaults.
    12. Rebooted then yayyy!!! after the customary first time boot of a new OS on an android system taking longer than usual I was in Nexus!!!
    13. Installed kingroot again to root Nexus v4.02.

    .....so yeah that is my experience folks going from FireOS 4.5.4 Bootloader locked HDX 7" to Nexus v4.02

    :D :D :D
    Does anyone know if there are plans for CM12 or any lollipop ROMs to be ported for safestrap? Not gonna lie, for this reason I'm jealous of those with an unlocked BL!

    - CM-12.1 might be possible for Safestrap however:
    - We would need FireOS 5 Amazon Update
    - We would need root access which may not be easy at all because of how locked down it will be
    - Then there is simply no guarantee that Safestrap can be ported to FireOS 5
    - We will have to wait to see what Amazon does for us.
    Hi, I got the cm11 running on my hdx 7 and was happily playing pokemon go on it up until now. Unfortunately the latest version of the app uses SafetyNet to filter rooted devices and previous versions are not supported anymore. So I reinstalled cm11 w/o root and hoped It would pass the check, since I read about cm12 without root was able todo so. But no luck, I cannot log in. Even rooted and unrooted with SuperSu just to make sure.
    Anyone else got it to work or knows a way to pass SafetyNet with cm11?
    For awareness it is now possible to unlock the bootloader on *any* 3rd gen HDX which will allow you to choose from a broader array of custom ROMs inclusing Nexus, CM 12.1 and CM 13. I'm not prepared to offer a tutorial but there are other threads in the HDX forum that detail the procedure.
    Safestrap v4 has been shown to be compatible with FireOS v4.5.5.1 on 3rd gen devices with no persistent issues reported to date. However, the developer has not made any statements regarding SS v4 compatibility with any version other than 4.5.2.

    Based on the above and numerous user reports I feel Safestrap v4 on FireOS is a reasonable choice given complexities/risks associated with the alternative (rollback/upgrade FireOS to 4.5.2).

    - I can confirm Safestrap v4.0.1 is compatible with FireOS versions 4.5.2 to
    - CM-11 and Fire Nexus ROM in the next versions will switch to using the latest binaries.
    - Nexus HDX ROM will remain frozen as is

    EDIT: Updated OP with Compatible FireOS versions