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Mar 31, 2021
Motorola Droid Ultra
I know work on this has been discontinued, but RCA finally sent me a replacement - with no fuss. It only took about a month to get delivered.
IF anyone would like to take a crack at it, the variant is V39-V2.8.0, let me know.
Hi, I would like to know if this file is still available? I need to flash my RCA tablet RTC6773W22 since it says its WIFI file is corrupted at system check. Please let me know.


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Mar 31, 2021
Motorola Droid Ultra
Bump. Is it possible to put the .rom in the sd card and flash it from there?
The device is not rooted.
I am positive there's a hardware issue with the usb connector and I cannot flash it using the usb port.

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    DISCONTINUED - Left for research and archive purposes.

    After much hardwork @codelover and I are pleased to release both stock rom as well as TWRP
    for the 2 known variants v31 and v38. Please make sure you download and flash for your specific variant. Check faq if you do not know which variant you have.

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10TP 32bit or 64bit
    SPFT (Windows Version) “linux version coming soon”
    Correct Scatter File
    Preloader Drivers (if you do not know how to install manually go here)
    A Brain

    For flashing either pre-rooted Rom and/or TWRP you will need spft+scatter file. It is imperative that you make sure that if you got a v31 you only uses v31 files not v38. Same for the v38 users only use v38 files. You have been warned.

    Flashing Rom:
    Make sure
    Run the file flash_tool.exe
    Click on scatter-loading and select your MT8127_Android_scatter_RCA_Vx.txt file
    Make sure all listed files are checked and if any isn't double click on it and select the appropriate file
    Leave settings as Download Only “if working tab Format All + Download "if wont boot' then hit the Download button
    Make sure your tablet is completely switched off then connect it to your PC and the flashing process will commence immediately.
    Once it's done, you'll see the tick sign below and that's all. Reboot your device and setup your device afresh.

    Flashing TWRP:
    Same as above except only check mark recovery and select “recovery_twrp2860_vXX.img” and nothing else then proceed.

    How to ROOT:
    *With stock recovery: Kingo

    *With TWRP: SuperSu


    (V31.0 USERS ONLY)
    Pre-Rooted Stock ROM (scatter file included in zip and attached below)
    TWRP (scatter file included in zip and attached below)

    (V38-V1.8.0 USERS ONLY)
    Pre-Rooted Stock ROM (scatter file included in zip and attached below) (Currently being fixed sorry for the issues)
    TWRP (scatter file included in zip and attached below) (Currently being fixed sorry for the issues)

    Please keep thread clean and DO NOT ask things others have asked already as you will be ignored. If you do have a honest question and have a working knowledge of android. I would be glad to assist you the best I can. If you are noob and messed something up DO NOT ask for help. Meaning basics of knowing adb,logcat, installing drivers, and so forth. Sorry if you are a noob but please try to understand that things we may ask of your will require this and becomes too much of a slow down if we have to guide you thur everything.

    http://twrp.me/@Dees_Troy & his team mates, for TWRP Recovery
    @codelover - For being an awesome programmer, dev and person!
    @TripFX - For being an awesome Tester, v38 rom dump and Dev Machine Hoster
    @synius - For v31 rom dump and tester
    @nathanski - Tester
    @acejay3200 – Being a nice lab rat with knowing i may not be able to make a recovery for you or even brick your working device and not being rude..

    Others I may have missed
    Guys, thanks for sharing the ROM dump, we are still analyzing the files, until then V38 users please don't use/flash any of the files.

    Meanwhile, can someone help me to test new twrp recovery for V31?
    Hopefully the touch works, otherwise someone will have run Magic TWRP to get correct configuration for me. (We will provide info later if needed)


    Question: How do I know which variant I have?
    Method #1
    From a booted android, goto Settings > About > Build number
    You should see something like this.

    Method #2 (Better & more accurate)
    For this your device must be rooted & already have USB Debugging Mode enabled.
    Make sure adb.exe has been installed on your system (computer).
    Execute the following adb command:

                    adb shell
                    cat /proc/cmdline

    then search for ‘lcm’ text in the output:
    If lcm=cpt_clap070wp03xg_lvds < you need to use v31 files
    If lcm=1-lxjc070whm270_18a_rgb < you need to use v38 files

    Question: What if I dont remember which variant I have and can’t access adb?
    Ansere: If this is the case we will need to use SP Flash Tool to help identify your variant.
    Open SF Flash Tool, load V38 scatter and switch to ‘Read Back’ tab. Clear all then click Add,
    Click the new item & change the output file name from ROM_0 to ROM.txt,
    edit the readback address as below:
    Start Address: 0x9000000 / Length: 0x1000

    Then press “Read back” button, now connect the tab while powered off.
    When it’s done, open the file with wordpad and check if you have “ANDROID” at the beginning of the file, if your answer is yes then you have V38, otherwise use V31.
    I've been hard at work,
    the initial v31 release is incorrectly scattered
    Be patient with me because I'm testing it to fix my v31
    Yes it boots after flash but the tablet itself. Uses 2 system 2 cache and 2 userdata one is a regular image that gets remounted on the second system partition as ubifs this second partition gets flashed with the original system image every boot,

    because the scatter tells the device hey the ubifs is already mounted it boots once after shutdown it tries to copy the original system which is empty, so it writes the system empty and fails to boot a second time

    The nvram error is the WiFi mac address it won't cause issues but it's basically scanning itself not knowing it's itself as it's non identifiable it's fixed by 2 solutions one from earlier in this forum or the other forum,or flashing the devices original nvram.img

    I haven't givin up on development
    So bear with me
    Sent from my R800a using XDA Free mobile app
    v38 is still being worked on atm.