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Jan 29, 2016
Lightheart 1.0 - Efficiency is key.

Hi everyone. My name is Skulldron and for those of you who do recognise me, know me as the creator of Project Pixel, another one of the greatest ways to emulate the Pixel Experience, whilst keeping all the benefits of using OneUI and its stock optimized drivers as its base. Today I'm going to be introducing something, different. Over the years of working on Touchwiz based ROMs, I've learnt the description of every little apk, every little permission, what it accepts and what it rejects, its pros and its cons. As a result of this experience, I have one of the best debloat lists out there, with each item on the debloat list, being tested, literally through trial and error for over 4 years, and it goes over every file and every partition known in the OneUI OS. This exact same debloat script was used in Project Pixel, which has recieved positive review after positive review for how efficient and how lightweight OneUI became after the debloat. Today however, I present to you Lightheart OS, a new project that I will be building myself and updating monthly (as I do own an actual Galaxy S10). Lightheart, is essentially built equal to Project Pixel, except that instead of Pixelifying and adding another gigabyte worth of apks, permissions and modules, just stops after the debloating and optimization bit. I have done something similar with the Galaxy Tab S2, and it was called Performante, but it was even more stripped on features than I would have liked myself, so today I showcase Lionheart, the Lineage OS to my Cyanogenmod.

1. Heavily Debloated System Size - The overall size of the system partition has dropped from 5.2 GB to 3.2 GB, along with RAM consumption dropping from 4.2 GB on stock, to 3.1 GB on Lightheart.
2. Heavily Debloated Product Partition - All bloat has been removed/deprecated from the Product Partition dropping its size from 592 MB to 78 MB
3. Better Battery Performance due to Efficiency - With the removal of an incredible amount of bloat, along with better performance and lesser services, you should be looking at better SOTs and better standby times.
4. Better Performance due to the Cruel Custom Kernel - The Cruel Kernel Team have been kind enough to give me permission and access to their kernel, which in itself has many optimizations, along with the allowance to achieve higher system speeds and overclockabilty via Mtweaks (Needs to be installed seperately, I will provide a link)
5. Preloaded Magisk with Cruel - Cruel Kernel comes preloaded with Magisk, all you have to do is install the Magisk Manager
6. October Patch with the promise of updates every month - As I use this rom as my own daily driver, i will update it every month to keep up with optimizations by Samsung and security patches.
7. Restored some stock Google Permissions - Some stock google framework was restored, such as the default setup wizard.
8. All Essential Samsung Features have been kept - All essential OneUI features have been kept alive, for the sole purpose of necessity.
9. Completely Deknoxed - It is covered under the debloat

1.0 - Initial Release

TWRP Install Instructions:​

1. Download the latest available TWRP Image from Ianmcd's thread (the current supported version is and will be linked at the bottom of the thread)
2. Download the custom VBmeta file and install 7Zip.
3. Rename the downloaded TWRP Image as recovery.img.
4. Highlight both the vbmeta.img and recovery.img, then right click while selected, 7Zip and then add to archive.
5. Once your in the 7zip interface, choose .tar and do not change any of the configurations and build the .tar file.
6. For this next bit, you'll need to download Odin 14.4 (links will be provided)
7. Open Odin, and then connect your device via USB.
8. Select AP, and then select the newly made recovery.tar.
9. Once it is loaded, press start, and when it reboots, hold the recovery combination (Power + Volume Up + Bixby) to boot into TWRP.
You have now successfully installed the latest TWRP for your S10 and can now proceed to actual install. Remember that if you are coming from stock you will need to flash the MultiDisabler, linked at the end of the thread.

Install Instructions (THIS ROM IS NOT FLASHABLE!):
1. Download Lightheart 1.0.
2. Open the zip and extract the folder.
3. Switch off your phone, and go into twrp via the button combination.
4. Make a backup of your cache (This will make the directory to TWRP's recovery system)
5. Boot back into the OS and head to where you stored Lightheart 1.0.
6. Cut the entire Lightheart Folder and move it to TWRP/BACKUPS/Random Number/
7. Now boot back into TWRP and wipe system, data, dalvik, cache.
8. Go to the restore option, and you should see Lightheart as a restorable ROM.
9. Restore Lightheart and once your done, boot into system
And thats about it for the install process. It is a bit unconventional, but I have been unable to procure or manufacture a working installer script as of this moment, so please bear with me for now.

Download Links:

1. TWRP Galaxy S10 Series:

2. TWRP 3.4.-03 (Ianmcd):

3. Custom vbmeta:

4. Lightheart 1.0:

5. Odin 14.4:

6. Magisk Manager:

7. MTweaks 17.3:

Credits and kernel source:
1. @evdenis for their remarkable Cruel Kernel
2. Kernel Source: https://github.com/CruelKernel/samsung-exynos9820

XDA:DevDB Information
Lightheart 1.0, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S10

ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP Ianmcd
Based On: OneUI

Version Information
Current Stable Version: 1.0
Stable Release Date: 2020-10-24

Created 2020-10-23
Last Updated 2020-10-31
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Hi. The plan is to slowly extend the ROM to the Galaxy s10+ and s10e, hence why the thread is in cross development

When you have done the above please feel free to report this thread and request it to be moved. For now it will be moved to the appropriate S10 only section.
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Jan 29, 2016
When you have done the above please feel free to report this thread and request it to be moved. For now it will be moved to the appropriate S10 only section.
Noted. Thread has been updated with corrections and a link to a telegram group I have made, in case ya'll need further support. Thankyou ^_^
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Noted. Thread has been updated with corrections and a link to a telegram group I have made, in case ya'll need further support. Thankyou ^_^

I encourage you to ensure to provide sufficient support on XDA. Please check the telegram sticky for more info. Also since this is essentially a TWRP backup I've edited your thread title to indicate this as this should be clear from the get go. Do not re-edit that again unless you're able to have the rom be flashable. Thank you and all the best of luck with your project.


Dec 24, 2010
Awesome !! Love it so far. Nice performance, genshin impact is not dropping frames like on other oneui ROMs.

Keep up the good work :)


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I would like to use your rom if it means longer battery life. However I have no knowledge of rooting or flashing a galaxy S10 phone. I'm not afraid of the terminal but I'm afraid of loosing access to KBC mobile or Google Pay or any other app that is financially or government involved.

Is it because you say deknoxed that it will have problems with such apps or quite the opposite ?

Another question is, Can Jodin3 be used as well? I only have access to MacOS.

Forgive my English, it's not my mother language.