[DISCONTINUED][X82X][8.1.X][TREBLE] LineageOS 15.1(Oreo) for LeEco Le Max 2

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Thank you for the informations.
Currently I have a "LineageOS 16.0" backup (update 04.12.2019) installed. It seems that AudioFX works well with CDLA. Today I will test Boldbeast Call Recorder again. Otherwise, I'll try Xposed. Thanks again ..


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May 20, 2019

need help, will this zip flash properly or would it not work? Im Talking about the flashable zip that disables developer options


Oct 31, 2018
Hi guys,

Have accidentally damaged my phone and need to restore from TWRP backup. However, something is incorrect and I cannot get back to the previous status. Anyway, I would like to return to the last version of 15.1, official - i.e. am looking for 15.1-20190224-nightly-x2 - and I cannot find it! It is not available from official location, as there are only 16.0 versions available. Anyone has a copy of it? Thanks in advance.

Ok, never mind - have reinstalled the phone from scratch - and have gone to Pie instead.
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Dec 10, 2014
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LeEco Le Max 2
Moto X4
Heyyo @Jignesh Thakkar , sometimes OpenGapps has issues like that... please tap the back button until it goes back a screen, and then try to continue the setup again.

Otherwise you could try downloading MindTheGapps as it is better compatible to LineageOS anyways. The only thing to note though if you use it? MindTheGapps doesn't come with that face unlock, as the basic webcam face unlock isn't secure and can be fooled by pictures, so the maintainers of MindTheGapps considers that to be a security concern.


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Sep 8, 2007
where can I download latest official lineage 15.1? official lineage website only holds current versions of lineage 16.0.


Jul 26, 2019
Friends! I was trying to search by keywords in this topic but was not succesful. Can anyony tell me please what can be used to downclock CPU, that is to limit maximum CPU/cores clock? I consider downclock to extend battery life.
I installednthis unnocifial firmware, but due to some reasons I had to move to original rom 19s for some days. It appered to original rom 19s provide longer battery life. I don't know why, I am a fan of LineageOS and fortunately tomorrow I'll install LineagOS again.

But I really need to downclock CPU. May be Kernel Adiutor is useful? I have read some forums and users there said that kernel adiutor has no effect for Oreo. It looks true, because during my usage of LineageOS 1.5 for Le Max 2 I have set limit for cores clocks, but battery drain was too big.


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Dec 10, 2014
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LeEco Le Max 2
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Heyyo @xda_xxx , LineageOS 15.1 Oreo is discontinued. If you wish to still use it? I do have links in my first post for unofficial downloads... Although, I'd recommend LineageOS 16.0 pie as it has a lot more advancements than this since I've gotten quite a bit better at AOSP since Oreo.

Kernel Auditor should work on our kernel as long as you have root. Same with FK manager.


Mar 16, 2018
Internet distribution has stopped working. The phone seems to be distributing, but there is no Internet itself

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    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restores the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit our Gerrit Code Review.

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    - LEX820 (X2_CN)
    - LEX821 (X2_WW)
    - LEX822 (X2_CN)
    - LEX829 (X2_NA)

    - Make sure your phone is running firmware from at least 19S. If not? Please download either the minimum recommended version below (or optional updated versions) and install it via TWRP. It can be flashed before or after the ROM
    - Download the LineageOS and firmware zips. (see Downloads)
    - Copy the downloaded zip files to internal sdcard.
    - Unlock bootloader and install TWRP 3.2.3-1 or higher.
    - Boot into TWRP.
    - Perform a backup of your current ROM. (Optional)
    - RECOMMENDED: Do a factory reset (clean wipe)! No support if you didn't! (Wipe Dalvik, system, cache and data)
    - Flash firmware and LineageOS zips.
    - Optional: Install the Google Apps addon package. (see Downloads)
    - Reboot

    - Download the LineageOS zip(s). (see Downloads)
    - Copy the LineageOS zip to internal sdcard.
    - Flash LineageOS. (Wiping Dalvik and Cache is optional, but recommended)
    - Reboot

    TWRP: Official https://twrp.me/leeco/leecolemax2.html

    - Official archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20190316230302/download.lineageos.org/x2
    - Unofficial: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lineageos-for-x2/files/15.1 Unofficial Releases/
    - Unofficial Google Drive mirror: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fa-icWihAwcF0dzkbuSU3p5IKig9b6H_

    SU-Addon: (Please be sure to download arm64 15.1) https://download.lineageos.org/extras

    Migration-Tools: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=254680 (Unofficial->Official, Official->Unofficial)

    Google Apps:
    - MindTheGapps (Please use ARM64 versions) https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=170282&sort_by=date&sort_dir=DESC
    - OpenGapps:

    Google Camera: (Recommend Tolyan009 builds as Arnova8G2 builds are not always compatible to Oreo x2 ROMs) https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/

    ThE_MarD's LineageOS for x2 SourceForge directory: (also contains some mods and tweaks) https://sourceforge.net/projects/lineageos-for-x2/

    Weather Provider: (Unofficial but works on Oreo. Needs location permissions to work) https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=673956719939814896 | (Official ones not ready for Oreo yet)

    Minimum required versions:
    - LEX820 (X2_CN) 20s
    - LEX821 (X2_WW) 19s
    - LEX829 (X2_NA) 20s

    Optional newer versions:
    - LEX820 (X2_CN) 30s
    - LEX820 (X2_CN) 466D

    Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lineageos-for-x2/files/Firmware Updates/


    Send your patches up for review: https://review.lineageos.org/

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [DISCONTINUED][X82X][8.1.X][TREBLE] LineageOS 15.1 (Oreo) for LeEco Le Max 2, ROM for the LeEco Le Max 2

    ThE_MarD, codeworkx, mosimchah,moto999999,1nfrag,shivatejapeddi,KuranKaname,GalaticStryder,andr68rus,Tortel1210
    Source Code: https://github.com/LineageOS/

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: x821 19s. X820 and x829 20s. Higher is optional.
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2018-04-01
    Last Updated 2019-08-12
    Special Thanks
    @codeworkx for his major contributions to the LeEco msm8996-common code and kernel and the awesome open source camera HAL
    @mosimchah for his contributions to the LeEco msm8996-common code and kernel
    @moto999999 for helping the x2 get LAOS 15.1 working. When others left LAOS he helped get the momentum started again.
    @infrag for his contributions to x2 such as the multiple audio fixes, LEDs and sorting out the open source camera HAL blobs and assisting with QS Torch
    @shivatejapeddi for his contributions to x2 such as finding the fix for QS Torch and the regularly requested VoLTE support XD
    @KuranKaname for his contributions to x2 such as helping get Dalvik VM and HWUI sorted out when 14.1 settings didn't work on 15.1, plus his never-ending mission to finding the most optimized code.
    @Tortel1210 for his contributions to x2 and helping out with gerrit.
    @andr68rus for everything he has contributed to x2. He may have moved to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (sexy device!) but will be fondly remembered for everything he did for the x2 to make Nougat great. We will finish what you started.
    @GalaticStryder for his fix for truly display panel that is better than my fix and his other awesome kernel improvements.
    [MENTION]ViSi0Naryy[/MENTION] for his contributions to LeEco msm9996-common with testing and contributions with Gerrit

    ...and finally the community. This is for the community, by the community. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

    If I missed anyone? Please let me know and I can add them.

    @popeye13 for helping cover my replacement motherboard costs
    @Bollex for also helping cover my replacement motherboard costs
    @kurtn for also also helping cover my replacement motherboard costs
    @xlcashlx for also also also helping cover my replacement motherboard costs
    @rbergiex (Robin Vd Berg since I'm unsure on username) for also also also also helping cover my replacement motherboard costs

    (If I got your XDA forum usernames wrong please let me know)

    Please donate to anyone mentioned above. Note that I do NOT accept donations (only exception to that was to help cover my replacement motherboard costs). I do alright with my full-time job and am financially stable for my family and my contributions are minor compared to theirs as I'm mainly good at testing and smaller fixes. They deserve the donations more than I.
    Heyyo, so things might be a bit before the next big upgrade.. Because codeworkx and I are working to bring project treble to LineageOS 15.1 :good:

    We have a commonized and binderized lights HAL (which is awesome and gets rid of the old implementation) and codeworkx's awesome implementation of Treble with automated scripts for setting up the vendor partition where it doesn't require a customized version of TWRP (I'm using official TWRP) and so it means there's no need to do any extra messing around to get it working as it is the same method to flash as any other ROM which also means to flash back to non-treble is as simple as wiping dalvik, system, cache and data and installing the non-treble ROM. Fancy!!!

    Currently it boots and almost everything works. Just need to sort out the commits Shiva Teja Peddi used to get camera and fingerprint sensor working plus selinux policies and we will be good to go!

    I don't have any ETA of course since I'm bouncing between family life, work and LineageOS but if I get a functional build up? I'll be sure to post an unofficial test build.

    Here's what the current working code looks like on Gerrit but yeah still more work to be done

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I've been asked to provide logcat, how do I do that?
      You can either root and use an app like MatLog, or if boot logcat is required? You will need adb logcat from a PC. Here's a simple guide from the LineageOS Wiki https://wiki.lineageos.org/logcat.html
    • The rear facing camera won't focus, what should I try?
      Please go into Settings > System > Camera Settings, and then enable the focus fix. You may need to restart any open camera app or potentially reboot the system in order for the focus fix values to work.
    • What is the difference between the official LineageOS builds and unofficial?
      Unofficial test builds are builds I put out to test changes before I push them to the Official builds... So please stick with Official builds if you want to play it safe... But if you wish to help test and provide feedback on changes before they go official? Unofficial test builds are the best way to do so.
    • My device won't boot after installing one of the treble builds of LineageOS, what can I do?
      Dirty flashing any LineageOS build (especially treble) with mods is completely unsupported as I cannot guarantee root/xposed/audio mods are treble compatible or can transition from non-treble to treble. If you have any mods like this? Please backup everything important off of your device > download LineageOS and Gapps of choice on a PC or USB drive that works with Type-C (or an adaptor to type-c) > on the device reboot to TWRP > Wipe > "Format Data" button > type "yes" > tap check box on keyboard > reboot to recovery > wipe Dalvik, system and cache > copy LineageOS and Gapps to the device > install ROM and gapps at the same time > reboot to system... If that still doesn't work? Please provide logcat attached in this thread.
    • I installed the latest version of an Oreo based ROM such as LineageOS 15.1 and now TWRP can't open my data partition! What happened?
      Quota support was enabled in LineageOS 15.1 for x2 for improved storage performance but it requires TWRP to also have it enabled. Please use latest official TWRP which includes quota support.
    • My device doesn't show any apps in the Play Store what should I do?
    • exfat does not work on LineageOS, what is up with that?
      LeEco Le Max 2 does not ship with exfat licensing so we are not allowed to incorporate it in LineageOS Le Max 2 builds. This was tested by both CrisBalGreece and I. If by chance there is an OFFICIAL EUI ROM build that includes exfat? Please let me know so I can test it as well... Here is the LineageOS device charter requirements on exfat
    • Why does LineageOS 15.1 not have a QuickCharge toggle?
      QC3.0 does not negatively impact battery health as our battery supports the wattage QC3.0 is capable of doing. The only real negative impact on battery health is leaving a device charging to 100% all the time. As for those who don't want to use QC? They always have the option to use a non-QC charging block or to edit the /vendor/build.prop and disable persist.sys.le_fast_chrg_enable
      For more information regarding this, please watch this YouTube video on charging device batteries
    • Switching between unofficial and official builds screws up my LineageOS install! How to fix this?
      Flash the migration tools linked in the first post before the ROM switch. If that does not work? Please do a data backup off of the device and then a full wipe (dalvik, system, cache, data) and then install the ROM and gapps. LineageOS official builds have strict build signing and does not officially support switching to and from unofficial builds.
    • What are AKT profiles and how can they help the Le Max 2?
      Advanced Kernel Tweaks modify the way the kernel handles things and can either have profiles set up for battery life or performance or a better balance of both. I'd recommend looking into this post by @monleylord for more information on it
    • What are the recommended Google Camera Mod version and settings for Android Oreo?
      Whichever build of Toylan009 is out that isn't device-specific builds
      And here's recommended settings by @Manavbishnoi from Telegram
      (Read till the last)

      Best Gcam for our phone is by Tolyan0009

      Get the Tolyan0009 gcam latest link from @googlecameraport (also don't use the minimal settings version)

      Here are the best settings for gcam:
      *In advanced settings...

      •Model= Pixel 2 XL
      •Config camera hdr+ = Auto OR Pixel 2017 Zsl Hdr+(new)
      •Hdr+ Parameters= Default(lowest)

      [Front camera]
      •Enable HDR+ for front camera = [turned On]
      •Increase the detail of hdr+ = [turned On]
      •Flip image from front camera= [turned Off]

      [Portrait mode]
      •Portrait mode on all models= [turned On]
      •HDR+ enhanced portrait mode= [turned Off]
      •Zoom in default Portrait mode Back camera= Turned off
      •Zoom in default portrait mode Front camera= Turned off
      •Save all portrait mode pictures to same folder= [Turned Off]

      •Enable smart burst= [Turned on]
      •Max sensitivity analog gain= Auto

      *In normal settings...
      •Hdr+ control= [Turned On]
      •Correction of auto-exposure= (See at the end of post)
      •Turn off noise reduction= [Turned Off]
      •Lens blur megapixels= 8


      *In developer settings...
      •Check -> camera.diet_burst
      •Uncheck -> camera.use_photos

      Now, Its best to have correction of auto exposure set to off. But if in case you are in dimly lit area, set correction of auto-exposure to 8x And use HDR+ enhanced enabled always with Correction of auto-exposure

      And never set hdr+ parameters to super high unless you are trying to take picture of extremely low lit scene. Also don't forget to set hdr+ parameters back to Default(lowest) when you're done with the low light photoshoot.

      And for video, Use footej camera unlocked

      You can ask @Manavbishnoi if you're having trouble with gcam cameraport

    Known Bugs

    • Sometimes on reboot the lock screen crashes. (VERY hard to diagnose and fix this qseecomd/keystore/keymaster issue... only temporary fix if this happens is to reboot to recovery and go into > advanced > file manager > /data/system/ > delete any locksettings file > reboot)
    • Taking a photo during 4K UHD video recording produces a photo with green static instead of a photo. This bug only happens in Snap camera... Google Camera Mod and Open Camera (with Camera API v2 enabled) produces pictures without issue.
    • Screen on Time is usually only around four to five hours (VERY hard to diagnose battery drain issues... Any logcat with references to battery drain or kernel wakelocks will help resolve this)
    • CDLA cell calling has crackling/popping sounds
    • Using a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adaptor for auxiliary cables or headphones sometimes only work if the Type-C connector is being used in only one orientation or requires being turned around. (Similar to LAOS 14.1)
    • When starting video recording audio crackles for a second
    • Infinity focus not working (for panoramas, AR and some QR code scanners. Infinity focus also doesn't work in EUI ROM hmm...)
    • Some users report battery won't charge past 80% or 90% when using QC3.0
    • Sometimes can't charge on QC3.0 if temperature of battery is above 40°c (some users report also report this issue below 40°c)
    • Charging using a Type-C to Type-C does not detect properly, or only works when rebooted. Even so, sometimes requires replugging when device is off.
    • can't customize the back button. Only recents and home button show up as customizable. (Unsure if this is a bug or if we aren't allowed to customize it?)
    • Using Jello (stock LAOS browser) on some websites crash (such as web.de) but those sites work fine on Chrome and other browsers
    • Protected Apps not implemented (LineageOS issue, not device)
    • Status Bar customization not fully implemented (LineageOS issue, not device)

    Change Log
    @ThE_MarD, hey ?
    Can you also provide an option to enable automatic call recording for specific phone numbers, like in the dialer of EUI?
    Call recording option shows up when a call begins, it is inconvenient to press the button and then talk to people.....rather than directly taking the call.
    Also how can I enable dialer app in the lockscreen instead of camera or the speech recognition app ?
    Heyyo, sorry that is more of an operating system modification than a device maintenance modification and I'm not that good at software development... so I don't really know how the call recording feature works...

    As for changing the lockscreen shortcuts? I looked into it and I think it isn't implemented in LineageOS 15.1... so please follow this guide on how to change them

    @ThE_MarD, My device is failing to unlock using pin.... This is happening since last three ROMs, facing this issue since one week now... This issue was first faced on AEX , then AOSiP, and now facing the same issue on Lineage OS.... I'm not able to figure out what exactly is causing this issue.... Pleased help, cause I need to delete to lock files from TWRP every time I face it and add the password again for security reasons.... Any help would really be appreciated.... Thanks:)
    I'd recommend following what @sinha02 wrote and to (backup everything important off of your phone and then go to) Wipe > Format Data > yes > keyboard checkbox > reboot to recovery > copy ROM and Gapps (and optionally root installer of choice) and then to install all files at the same time and then reboot to system (afterwards you can copy back to your phone the backed up files too).

    Finally Network is working Smoothly, I reinstalled updated lineage ROM after wiping total storage
    Glad to hear it! Enjoy! :good:

    So a new unofficial test build is going up and links to download as always is in the first post of this thread... PROJECT TREBLE for LineageOS 15.1! Codeworkx's awesome implementation of treble doesn't require any specialized build of TWRP and works fine with the current official TWRP 3.2.3-0 build and can also be dirty flashed from current unofficial builds.

    Please note, this does not currently have the Widevine L1 fixes as this build was focused on treble... but lots of good changes! With all the treble tweaks and thanks to @shivatejapeddi for the guidance, we no longer need the camera shim! It's gone so there's less selinux headaches and potentially even a slight reduction in battery drain as every service no longer wants to get attributes of the camera shim.

    PLUS... we are using upgraded fingerprint blobs from capricorn which are modified to use fingerprint 2.1 service natively! No more fingerprint wrapper from 2.0 service! Both those combined changes means the lockscreen lag IS GONE! It no longer waits on keymaster like it used to in order to unlock via pin/pattern. YES!

    Project Treble has also made me a lot better at writing selinux policies since it's a lot more difficult than regular non-treble selinux so meow our selinux policies are darn near perfect! Everything should function as it should and hopefully it'll even run a little more smooth than pre-treble.

    So yeah, let me know what you think! Hopefully you all also enjoy it! Since it's really stable since codeworkx and I have worked hard on this for the last while? It is all merged on gerrit so it's coming to the next official build on Tuesday (or Wednesday if the build servers get bogged down) :victory:

    Edit: oops! I forgot selinux camera flash policies... I'll try to put up a new build asap lol

    Edit 2: ok, updated unofficial build going up with fixed selinux policy for camera flash hehe sorry about that for early downloaders!

    Edit 3: I've also provided a selinux permissive kernel in the unofficial builds / kernels links just in case a GSI won't work with enforcing. If you find one that won't work with enforcing? Please provide the ROM name and logcat so I can try and track down what part of selinux is causing it.