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Feb 23, 2014
Xpresso Launcher
By Team X
@Dadovvv, @Brandon Nel and Sir @jjwrongjj.

Please Don't tell me to add new features to it. Only original developer of the launcher can do it....that is SONY
Do not mirror these links without permission or w/o giving proper credits
Porting is also considered as a part of development
Please respect it :)

Installation Method:
For Non Rooted Versions:
? Download the version of your choice
? Install and Enjoy

For Rooted Versions:
?Download the version of your choice
?Move the apk to respective folder using root browser and give permissions rw-r--r--

?If you have superusermod installed just install the apk normally

Please Note :
For a clean installation to ensure no not installed errors, always uninstall the previous versions of the same

For more updates stay tuned with me on my Community (Only Xperia Users) https://plus.google.com/communities/102278997677380941784


Xpresso 10.0.0

Change log
- Base version updated to 11.3.A.0.18
-Only for non xperia devices
- All changes from original home
- All changes from previous
Xpresso 10.0.0

Xpresso 9.0.1

Change log
- Base version updated to 11.3.A.0.10
-Only for non xperia devices
- All changes from original home
- All changes from previous
Xpresso 9.0.1

Xpresso 8.8

Change log
- Base version updated to 11.2.A.0.3
-Only for non xperia devices
- All changes from original home
- 6x5 grid from 8.7
Xpresso 8.8 (5 icons dock)(With Icon picker) [Rooted Xperia (Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]

Xpresso 8.7

Change log
- Base version updated to 11.0.A.0.7
- For non Stock roms and rooted stock roms, And Non rooted Stock
- Bug fixes
- Added 6x5 grid size instead of 3x4
- 7 icons in dock (normal will be put up in next release)
Xpresso 8.7 (7 icons dock)[Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]
Xpresso 8.7 (5 icons dock)(With Icon picker) [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]
Xpresso 8.7NR (7 icons dock)[Non rooted Xperia Devices]

Xpresso 8.5

Change log
- Base version updated to 11.0.A.0.5
- Only for non Stock roms and rooted stock roms
- Bug fixes
- Swipe Down Animation from 11.0.A.3
Xpresso 8.5 [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]

Xpresso 8.1

Change log
- Base version updated to 11.0.A.0.1
- Only for non Stock roms and rooted stock roms
- Changelog section in settings
- Autohide page indicator
- More changes can be seen in changelog section
Xpresso 8.1 [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]

Xpresso 8.0

Change log
- Base version updated to 10.2.A.3.47
- Only for non Stock roms and rooted stock roms

Xpresso 8.0 [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]





Xnougat 7.1.0

Change log
- Base version updated to 10.2.A.30

Xnougat 7.1.0 [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]

Other Versions coming soon

Xnougat 7.0.3 Beta

Change log
- Icon pack behaviour changed , Xperia theme icons will not be supported
- XDA post hyperlink added to home settings just tap on Xnougat version to get here
- if you want icons from Xperia themes to appear then don't install this version

Xnougat 7.0.3 Stock App Drawer Icon [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices]

Xnougat 7.0.3 Stock App Drawer Icon [Rooted Xperia Devices/Non rooted Non Xperia Devices][Xperia Theme icons Supported]

Xnougat 7.0.3

Xnougat 7.0.1 Beta

Change log
- Xnougat initial release based on home version 10.2.A.10
- previous Xmarshmallow features
- Cui revamped
- New grid size option from official version
- landscape mode max no_Of columns in open folder stripped down to 4 from 7
- multi line labels and auto hide page indicators
- in 5x5 grid if labels overlap try long tapping the icon and release the label should now be multi lined to avoid overlapping
- Hyperlink to system settings from home settings
- transparent search bar and removed suggestion page
- new apptray icon
- Double tap to sleep not working on Xperia devices running stock rom

All ROMs (rooted+non rooted)



Xmarshmallow Version 6.1 beta
Base version : 10.0.A.0.62 beta

Modified size 5x5 desktop grid by @Dadovvv

Bug fix and dpi fix update
What changed :
Due to themes bug, the themes has been disabled on cui and instead embedded inside the home settings
Link -

Old one :
What's New:
Disabled useless suggestion page
Transparent search bar
Auto rotate
Support For API 16+
More apps can be now disabled
Google Now on desktop (For rooted Xperia Users only)
Search Button comeback
Under the hood changes with landscape bugs fix
Base version changed to 10.0.A.0.62 beta

Note: unfortunately Google Now is also one of the features that support only Original xperia home package hence it will be not working with Xmarshmallow

No Root Link Here:

Root Link Here :

Xmarshmallow Version 5.0beta
Base version : 10.0.A.0.53

What's New:
Disabled useless suggestion page
Transparent search bar
Auto rotate
Base version changed to 10.0.A.0.53 beta

Link Here:

Link Here For Non OSB :


Xmarshmallow Version 4.0
Base version : 10.0.A.0.40
Xmarshmallow Version 2.1
Base version : 10.0.A.0.24
Incremental Update :


?Support for AOSP, CM and other non Sony devices

?Support for rooted users

?Transparent Search Bar in Apptray

?New Home Indicator

?Non OSB version will be up soon


For Xperia rooted users and non rooted AOSP etc users


Installation method
For Xperia rooted users :
If you guys have superusermod installed then just install the apk
If not then rename apk to home-release.apk and move apk to system/app/home-release and give proper permission

For AOSP :
Install like normal apk

For Non rooted users


Install like normal apk

If it gives not installed error then uninstall previous Xmarshmallow v2.1 app?
Minimum Android Version Required For AOSP is 4.4
While For Non Rooted Xperia Devices is 5.1 probably

Original :
Changelog :
1. Base Version changed to 10.0.A.0.24
2. Double Tap To sleep feature
3. Remove duplicate icons
4. Playstore icons support

Issues :
1. Same as previous versions of Xmarshmallow
2. Initially d2s will not work. First go to settings>security>device administrators> check on Xmarshmallow to fix
3. Fingerprint unlock will not work if you use d2s feature to lock your device
4. Icon packs may take longer time to load
5. It no longer supports some non Xperia devices, so if it gives you any not installed error then it doesn't supports your device anymore

Link :

Xmarshmallow Version 2.1 for JellyBean Users by Brandon Nel
Base version : 10.0.A.0.24

Xmarshmallow Version 2.0
Base version : 10.0.A.0.10

As You All Guys Know That Xperia X Home is leaked already, So now I have ported it for non rooted users also :)

Xmarshmallow v2

1. Base version changed to 10.0.A.0.10
2.All the features of Home from Xperia X
3. Playstore Icon packs are no longer compatible (under construction)
For more, see here :

Installation :
Uninstall the previous versions of Xmarshmallow and then install

Download :

Xmarshmallow Version 1.2
Base version : 10.0.A.0.5
I know it's little late... But did you guys tried xmarshbadgefix home version 1.0 which was in beta stage on Xda by +Micha? Ambroziak???????? ??????
I did some makeover over it and updated it to version 1.2

*What's tested :*
Messaging app (Only xperia's stock) badge
Whatsapp app badge

Added settings to go quickly to system settings and default home settings
Removed themes option from inside the settings
Added new badge icon
Removed modified by section

You must uninstall any copies of Xmarshmallow version 1 ie ones with modern layout
Xmarshmallow v2+ should work fine simultaneously with this version but in case if it doesn't work then try uninstalling Xmarshmallowv2+ also

*You can get it here :*

Xmarshmallow Version 1.0
Base version : 10.0.A.0.5

For Cyanogen And Other Users:
Recently I realised that my launcher not only works with Xperia users but also on all oems and OS running Android 5.0+ But for them the themes were inaccessible from the cust bar showing them the error 'app not found' . I tried to Change it for other users but I could not succeed. Hence I found out a workaround. I embedded them in the settings. Right now I have made for only three major theme engines. Link will be updated on Xda thread about the same in few hours . I hope you guys like it
1. Xperia
2. Layers
3. CM?
If you find it not working then uninstall the other one or previous versions and try again

Downloads New Updated for other users only :
For Cyanogen Users:
For Other users :
For Other users With No OSB :

For Xperia Users:

Download: ( with transparent background)
Launcher :
Here you go

Beta :
Beta Update 1
As some of you guys are missing the icons from the original concept like glass 2
Sir Michal Ambroziak has modded the launchers to work side by side together with original xperia home. So now no need to worry you've got it all. Now you can use all the three launchers ( original xperia home, concept launcher and Xmarshmallow)
Side by side together :)
It Contains both the launchers
Here's the link :


Beta Update 2
You guys might need to uninstall any previous versions of Xmarshmallow
Some of the unread count badges are fixed and we (Sir Ambor and I) are still working on it to try to fix them all
Sir Ambor is now added under the 'modified by' hood as a token of his contribution
It's an update over the previous update... But if it doesnt work then uninstall the previous versions and try again

Heres the link(Currently Only for Xperia Users) :


Special Thanks to Sir Michal Ambroziak for Modifications

For Layers Users

For Rooted Users_Update 3/2/2016:
For Rooted And Recovery Xperia Users
As some of you are rooted and have a recovery installed, I have made a flashable zip for you guys.
With this you'll get all the Xmarshmallow features as well as auto rotate feature, unread batch counts and Xperia themes support ;);):)
Download here :
Xmarshmallow flashable :


If not working try this :
As For rooted users, all the issues are solved by us.
We have solved these problems in the application xMarllshallow 2 for rooted users. For not rooted users ONLY SONY CAN DO THIS APP. So you need ask Them That will do .....
Download here:

Layers For Xperia Rooted Users:

Sony Xperia Apps For AOSP And CM

Wallpaper I used and some more:


Icons Used :
From Screens above :
From the attachments :


Hit Thanks If It Helps . Also You can Donate me to support my work and Buy a cup of coffee to keep Going
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Feb 23, 2014
Both pictures below are with same theme but note the icon of the house does not change does not make any effect, and this a bug? how can I fix?

Thanks, great job. ;)
+Marília de Oliveira Actually you know what... Xperia themes apply to com.sonyericsson.home while my launcher package name is com.xmarshmallow.home
If you want to theme my launcher, target another file in asset to my launcher
For eg. Rename the com.sonyerics.... To com.xmarshmallow.... And include it assets folder ??


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Feb 23, 2014
Can You add auto rotate option in next release? ;)

Some how it's not possible to Implement this feature for non rooted devices. Then Also I'll look into it?
These features and other many other features target the original home package, since to make it work with non rooted I have changed the package name, we lose some of the features
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Pyramid Head

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Mar 6, 2015
Silent Hill
I have finally managed to port Xperia Home launcher from concept rom to lollipop devices
Special thing about this launcher is that it Requires NO ROOT
and is Supported by all icon packs available in Playstore except the ones which Are Made for Concept Launcher
Few more tweaks are applied by me in terms of visual
Be sure to uninstall the concept launcher or z5 launcher first. If you're already using a another xperia launcher running parallely with original home then it won't install. First uninstall it :)
For more updates stay tuned with me on my Community https://plus.google.com/communities/102278997677380941784
Hit Thanks If It Helps And +1 on Community Post
Download It here:
Awesome thanks for uploading

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