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[DISCUSS] [POLL] Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - A Breakthrough for Android gaming?

Will the Xperia Play help Android raise the quality of Games in the future?

  • Yes, more developers will start developing for Android

    Votes: 50 62.5%
  • Not sure if the Xperia Play will have any effect in terms of gaming standards on Android

    Votes: 25 31.3%
  • No, developers will still forget about Android and focus on iOS

    Votes: 5 6.3%

  • Total voters
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Senior Member
Dec 25, 2006
I believe that the low specs was to give the phone a good battery life, reports tell us that the battery is great, even gaming a lot!!

I know that there are dual core phones and with better screens, more ram, etc... but at least for me, the only question is... have you tried to play a game like assasins creed, backstab or fifa with the touchscreen? its hard as sh*t!! specially for me, a big guy with big hands, i cover all the f*cking screen with my thumbs, and its impossible to keep enthusiast for more then 3 minutes, the only games playable with touchscreen are puzzle games or games that dont involve your 2 thumbs always on screen...

So its plain and simple, this phone will give me all what i already have with my nexus one (which is basically everything possible on android), plus a front camera and the gamepad, which is priceless!!

I see myself playing a lot more with this phone, with emulators, android games and psone games, because it will be easier and more confortable to do it... this will probably means that my business will be broke in 2 months...lol


Senior Member
Feb 20, 2010
have you got a link/source to those exclusive dual core games? to be honest, if those games dont come from established game developers like EA/rockstar/sony etc i can live without them

no disrespec to gameloft and the smaller devs but the quality difference is obvious


Senior Member
Nov 8, 2010
nether whitacre
well i got my play afew weeks ago
and i am happy with it. i had the experia x10 previously
and i am well into gaming and emulators
and altho the play hasnt got high of the high end specs
its more than capable of playing decent games on.
and your all missing the point... its got a gamepad!!
ive played games on touch screen and its not even close to a real pad
its rubbish. u have to cover and obscure the screen and and theres no feel that u have pressed summat,
and multi touch can be buggy
bring out a quadcore cpu touchscreen fone isnt gonna help the fact that the controls are just a complete makeshift attempt to play games
i wonder how many touch screen ps3 or xbox controllers would sell if they bought them out... not many cause they got no feel.
plus dualcore doesnt mean twice the power either
ive got an i7930 2.8gig quadcore cpu in my pc and as good as it is
it isnt 4 times as fast as a single core 2.8gig
it just helps the cpu from maxxing out usage by offloading instructions and tasks to the other core.
so if you think that a dualcore fone will score twice as much as a same speed single core cpu fone in say linkpak or quadrant
u will be very very dissapointed


Senior Member
Feb 13, 2011
now that we got Chainfire3D opengl with plugins available, that means Tegra games should work on the Xperia Play as well, I wonder if someone could mod those Tegra games to make use of the gamepad...or does it work already?


Senior Member
May 23, 2011
I honestly don't think the developer landscape will change too much for android anytime soon, as most seem to want to develop games for iOS due to it's profitability.

I personally don't see myself EVER buying a game for android unless Sony starts officially releasing PS1 titles people actually want to play. I'm more than happy with snes, nes, genesis, mame, gameboy, etc.


Senior Member
Apr 27, 2011
For me it's quite simple, I can play casual games like angry birds or cut the ropes with only a touch screen. But for real games, I need a D-pad. So even if the hardware of the Xperia is not as powerful as Tegra2 devise or Samsung Galaxy S II, I have no choice, to play with my phone, it's the Xperia play or nothing.

I don't know if the phone is a commercial success, Sony Ericsson says that sales are fine, but rumors on forum say they are very bad. But I am almost sure that we will see other phones with a D Pad, and that's the future of handheld gaming.