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( Discussion And Feedback ) May Security Update Rolling Out For Mi A1

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May 13, 2013
Does anyone know when will end the support of A1?
I mean with monthly security updates.
At September?
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Aug 17, 2018
Most likely yeah. Since it will surpass the 3 year old update period.
Unless they will support it more, but I don't think so

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Apr 19, 2015
Xiaomi Mi A1
please check your battery optimization, my phone changed battery optimizatión automatically leaving almost all apps being killed on background, my bank app gave me an error having to reset it and poweramp just stopped everytime i locked the phone...


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Apr 4, 2013
Xiaomi Mi A1
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro
It might be, hopefully we still maintain a healthy dev interest in this device so we get custom roms in the future...

About that last one... is there any custom rom with the latest update that is 100% stable and has no issues?

Also, can custom rom get OTA updates??
Lineageos, pixel experience. Fully stable and ota updates like stock rom

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Apr 19, 2015
Xiaomi Mi A1
welp looks like the phone support has already been ended, maybe time to change to a custom rom?

Lineageos, pixel experience. Fully stable and ota updates like stock rom

do one of those roms support Hi-Res audio with Poweramp, a time ago looked like one custom rom allowed the device to use qualcomm audio optimization chip.
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    I just hope it does more than just deliver the monthly security patch. Oreo is far from perfect yet

    Based on what ?

    Btw majority of the people here doesn't realize how OTA works (pretty much the same as miui), they first push update to a small selection of users and beta testers, if there is some bug they don't push it further, until they solve whatever bug. When the update is ready (they can push several updates to a small selection of people, while the majority will wait) they push it to everyone. That was the case with oreo. And that's why you shouldn't force update by any method, then wait peacefully until the update is ready for everyone. Forcing something that isn't 100% ready by methods that aren't 100% safe will result by whining about millions of bugs and bashing Xiaomi for something that is user's fault.
    All Users - Android Pie 9.0 Update With Build No. PKQ1.180917.001.v10.0.9.0.PDHMIFK Is Rolling Out For Tissot With The Size Of 70.8 MB With Latest May Security Patch.
    Based on Android Pie 9.0.

    Users Who Got The Update Provide Your Feedback Here.
    Android 8.1 oreo is rolling out with june security patch


    ★ Security patch level updated to june 5 2018

    ★ improve stability and performance

    ★ The Power Menu is also an area where you would immediately*notice the visual changes

    ★ The search option at the top of the setting, unlike the button present earlier, has now blown into a full-fledged search bar

    ★ Also, you’ll notice that the notification panel and other things like some screen overlays have a slight tint of the color of the wallpaper you have. This is possible because of the new wallpaper colors API which lets apps send color information to the system UI

    ★ WiFi speed labels
    It is one of the useful Android 8.1 features that many users would love. The list of available WiFi networks now shows whether the network is fast or slow by displaying ‘labels’ (Very fast, fast, OK, slow) below the name of the wireless network. This would help Android 8.1 users find fast WiFi networks with ease

    The network labels can be disabled by visiting*Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi > WiFi Preferences > Advanced > Network rating provider. Choose*None

    ★ Another subtle change you’ll notice in Android 8.1 is in the status bar. The icons displayed in the status bar have rounded corners

    ★ Notifications shade has become translucent giving a slight peak of what’s behind it

    ★ Theme will change according to your wallpaper e.g dark for dark and light for light

    ★ Android 8.1 Oreo’s easter egg is an animated Oreo biscuit that turns into something else after several taps. You can check out what’s new this time by tapping the version number multiple times

    ★ Default app now show first in app & notification settings

    ★ Devices running Android 8.1 can now display the battery level of Bluetooth-connected devices such as headphones, speakers, etc. The battery status is visible in the Notifications panel, tied to the Bluetooth icon. The Bluetooth menu also shows the battery percentage of the devices

    ★ As a part of the Android 8.1 features set, the apps now can only play one notification sound per second. So, even if you receive 50 WhatsApp messages (for instance, when you connected to the network after a few hours), there will only be one notification sound for all of them

    ★ Android Oreo’s smart text selection has received improvements in copy and paste tasks. When you long press a text, it automatically highlights the relevant words and suggests further actions


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    The Chinese devs probably busy celebrating Chinese new year , let them enjoy their precious moments with their families first.
    Has anyone received March update??? How can I force it?!?!?? c'mon I need that precious sugar
    Only March? I am already using android P