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[Discussion] Android 10

Are you excited about the Android 10?

  • Yes! Of course, I can't wait!

    Votes: 247 73.3%
  • Yeah, I like staying up to date, but I don't hurry

    Votes: 70 20.8%
  • I'm okay with android 9, I may not update

    Votes: 6 1.8%
  • I don't care about the update at all

    Votes: 14 4.2%

  • Total voters
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Waiting for someone


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Feb 15, 2009
Installed. But it did not give me a changeling (XEU official)
Have only the German sim inside the phone so I can't use Samsung members "beta notices"
Flashed the beta 4 via sd card successfully.
I think this one should be the latest beta and we are close to the official release in a week or 2.

Android 10 builds are being tested on all others CSC, also those who didnt get the beta


Edit : Also 5th beta was released for the Note 9 with the same PDA version in Korea
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Nov 1, 2013
Downloaded update.zip from this thread. Successfully sideloaded via adb. Could not update via sdcard as happened in the previous update. Equalizer still not working. Otherwise, so far so good.
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    Hello everyone!

    I decided to make a thread, where we can discuss the upcoming update for our lovely device Galaxy S9+. Maybe it's too early for this discussion, or not? I hope the moderators don't mind... I'm very excited about the update and a little bit frustrated that we will not get the beta first. I may upgrade to Note 10+, but I'm not yet sure, because I love too much my S9+ - the design, the screen, feels like everything is perfect though. Only miss the wide-angle camera :p

    The beta program just started! Currently available in India, Korea, and the UK. Thanks to SamMobile we had the first build which you can find below.

    The second beta will be available next week, according to SamMobile.

    The second beta is out. You can find download links and changelog below.

    The third beta is out. You can find download links and changelog below, as usual. The changelog on this one is pretty short and everything looks very stable. I guess is safe to say we can expect very soon stable release.​
    Beta N 5 came out today. You can find links and changelog below, as usual.

    Beta N6 is out. Links below.


    Samsung has released the Android 10 update for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The update is rolling out in Germany at the moment for those who are on Android Pie. Yes, the final build of Android 10 is yet to be released for those who are on the One UI 2.0 beta, though that is probably going to change soon.

    Beta Builds

    G960F_CSK1_ZSKD (S9) (Beta 1) (Exynos) - LINK

    G965F_CSK1_ZSKD (S9+) (Beta 1) (Exynos) - LINK 1 | LINK 2

    G960F_ZSKD_ZSL2 (S9) (Beta 2) (Exynos) - LINK 1 | LINK 2

    G965F_ZSKD_ZSL2 (S9+) (Beta 2) (Exynos) - LINK 1 | LINK 2

    G960F_ZSL2_ZSL9 (S9) (Beta 3) (Exynos) - LINK 1

    G965F_ZSL2_ZSL9 (S9+) (Beta 3) (Exynos) - LINK 1

    G965F_ZSL9_ZSLC (S9+) (Beta 4) (Exynos) - LINK 1

    G965F_ZSLC_ZSLG (S9+) (Beta 4) (HotFix) (Exynos) - LINK 1

    G965F_ZSLC_ZTA2 (S9+) (Beta 5) (Exynos) - LINK

    G965F_ZTA2_ZTA9 (S9+) (Beta 6) (Exynos) - LINK

    G965F_ZTA9_DTAA (S9+) (Stable Version) (Exynos) (The last one) - LINK

    Alternative, direct links for the betas 4, 4 Hotfix, 5, and 6: thanks to @mchaimech - LINK

    Installation instructions - HERE

    About the ROOT, check - this and this

    All credits to @sammobile and @henklbr who saved the day!

    From where to download the stock firmware

    I see people still asking from where to download it, since @sammobile[/user] need premium acc for faster download. There are a few alternatives that are very easy to use and I thought everyone Samsung fan knows them but it seems I was wrong. Gonna share them here.

    1. Updato.com
    This is for people who don't want to install any additional software. However, seems full of ads. If that doesn't bother you, use it.

    2. SamFirm 0.3.6
    It's deprecated but still working though.

    3. Frija
    This is the most updated with very nice interface. I would recommend it.

    Mirros to Google Drive with stock firmware:

    Android 9 Pie


    Android 10 Q






    • Single Take
    • Pro Video
    • AR Zone (Picture Link, updated AR Emoji, Stickers)
    • AR Doodle
    • My Filters
    • Shot Suggestions
    • Selfie Tone
    • Smooth zoom transition
    • Recording with shutter button in Photo mode
    • Swipe down gesture on the shutter button
    • Night Mode on selfie and telephoto modes


    • My Files – Network Storage
    • Gallery – Quick Crop and Clean View
    • Messages – Categories and custom chat backgrounds
    • Samsung Dex – Snapping windows with mouse
    • Link to Windows/Your Phone – Shared clippoard
    • System
    • Quick Share
    • Music Share
    • Deep sleeping apps
    • Changes in few settings pages
    • More screen zoom options


    • New design
    • Better haptic feedback (for example when deleting text)
    • Undo/Redo gestures
    • Spotify and Netflix integration
    • Search, Translate and Samsung Pass were added
    • Changes in Handwriting mode

    Notes, related to the beta builds:

    1. I think it was a mention somewhere but will write it here also. Both files are in .bin format. You need to rename them in update .zip so you can flash them through stock recovery.

    2. You can't flash it directly if you are rooted, need to be completely sock - this includes the stock recovery. Also, you should be on this firmware G965FXXU7CSK1/G965FOXM7CSJ5/G965FXXU7CSJ5/G965FXXU7CSK1. When new beta's come out you will need to flash them as the way they came out, like beta1->beta2 and etc.

    3. The USA and Korean builds are not compatible with the rest models. Be careful what you flash on your device. By the tip to remove them to not lead to confusion, I will separate them below in the spoiler. The authors of the files can feel free to make a new thread about the specific device.

    Korean Builds

    G960N_CSJ1_ZSKD (S9) (Beta 1) (Exynos) - LINK

    G965N_ZSKD_ZSL2 (S9+) (Beta 2) (Exynos) - LINK

    USA Builds

    G965U1_ZSL3 (S9+) (Beta 1) (Snapdragon) - LINK

    G965U1_ZSL3_ZSL9 (S9+) (Beta 2) (Snapdragon) - LINK

    B]G965U1_ZSL9_ [/B] (S9+) (Beta 3) (Snapdragon) - LINK

    Notes, related to Android 10:

    • You can't install any more custom fonts on Android 10 unless you are rooted.
      Check the Galaxy store for your favorite font. If it's there you can buy it and use it.
    • Swift Installer, Substratum doesn't work anymore on S9/ S9+ like before.
      You need will the Synergy. However for me isn't working at all, so basically I can't use any substratum theme or mod. On the other hand Hex Installer works very well and I will recommend it.
    • Blocking ads with DNS still working.
    • Technically, there is no reason to not be able to receive OTA, after flashing stable DBT version with Odin. Just make sure you don't use CSC (use HOME_CSC instead) file to wipe everything and break something with your current CSC. I personally flashed CSC file by mistake, my CSC didn't change it but now I can't receive OTA. No big deal for me will flash it manually when there is a new update.
    • OTA files won't wipe anything. Some user reports that his phone is wiped after OTA, but this usually is impossible. A good idea is always to make a backup with Smart Switch before any procedure of this kind.
    • OTA files won't wipe anything. Some user reports that his phone is wiped after OTA, but this usually is impossible. A good idea is always to make a backup with Smart Switch before any procedure of this kind.
    • Yes, ROOT is possible on Android 10. Check THIS thread to see the steps for rooting.
    G965FXXU7ZSLG Android 10/OneUI 2.0 Beta4 HotFix


    S9+ Beta4 HotFix ZSLC -> ZSLG: G965F_ZSLC_ZSLG (Thanks to SamMobile)
    G965FXXU7ZTA9 Android 10/OneUI 2.0 Beta6


    S9+ Beta6 ZTA2 -> ZTA9: G965F_ZTA2_ZTA9 (Thanks to SamMobile)
    G965FXXU7ZSL2 Android 10/OneUI 2.0 Beta2


    S9+ Beta2 ZSKD -> ZSL2: G965F_ZSKD_ZSL2 (Thanks to SamMobile)
    G965FXXU3ZSKD Android 10/OneUI 2.0 Beta1


    G965F_CSK1_ZSKD (Thanks to SamMobile)

    Note: you need to be at this firmware (India - INS)