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That's what happens when you rush to publish an app 😂
I fixed it but it will take some time for Google to approve this groundbreaking change

I had too much respect for you to do some sort of "ermahgerd you have so much intergrity" meme thing

also im the king of typos due to nerve issues in my left arm meaning what my brain sends to hands isnt what always appears onscreen :)
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Jul 28, 2015
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Thanks Google! So apparently I can't put Google's docs links on my description but I can put random GitHub links.. And this took like 4 days



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Jul 2, 2012
The author of the Play Integrity API test has answered about his app right the last post before your

Follow his posts back, read and you will find the link to his Early (Beta) version of the app on Playstore
Thanks for your reply, I'm not asking about API checker, I'm asking about how to run test from GPay or wallet on the post i replied to.


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Jun 18, 2011
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Hello helpful folks, I've been stumped by a very specific issue since Google made this recent switch to Play Integrity API. One specific credit card still does not work at one specific retailer. It worked before the switch, when I seem to have been one of the first here to notice their contactless pay failing on June 20. Like others, I got things working again with Props Config and then USNF 2.3.1-mod, except at this one retailer with this one card. The card works in Google Pay at every other retailer I've tried, and I can use other cards in Google Pay at this retailer. And I can tap the physical card at this retailer and that works. I've tried dozens of terminals all with the same result. I've removed the card completely from my Google account and re-added it twice, which gets me a new virtual account number each time, and that's all that the retailer should be seeing, so I don't know how this retailer remembers to reject it, even if they saved the old virtual number in some database of cards on rooted phones to reject.

This is very frustrating because the retailer is the public transit system in my city, and holding up the line while I fish into my wallet or try to change some setting on my phone is unappreciated here. Also because this is the card that I get 5% back for using there plus an added discount for using it mulitple times in a week. I know how petty this is, that I can either use a different card on Google Pay or just not use Google Pay here, so I'm mostly posting in case someone else is running into a similarly specific issue now or at some point later and has ideas.

If it matters, I'm on a Samsung S10e, Android 12, passing SN, Play Store Certified, all the checkmarks in Google Pay's contactless settings page plus Device Integrity and Basic Integrity on 1nikolas's checker. Thanks!


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Mar 26, 2010
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Just an FYI, Google Pay - now Google Wallet - gave me the "Your device doesn't meet the security standards" warning when I attempted to activate the "https filtering" option in the App Management section of AdGuard. Disabling it allows the app to run normally and restores the ability to add cards again.

Thought I might share this here - as one of the million reasons why - if anyone comes across similar issues.


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Oct 21, 2007

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE, stock A11, rooted (ofc, Bootloader unlocked), USNF 2.3.1-mod

IMO, as expected, cannot pass MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY since USNF spoofs to Basic attestation to pass CTS - Hardware Backed would require TEE that cannot be spoofed)

Is there a fix for this? I have Pixel 6 Pro and I have the same things checked. Can't pass MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY.

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    Mod Info:

    I have edited the first post of this thread.
    Indeed the linked solution is quite outdated, so an action was necessary.

    @CSX321 @73sydney
    Thx for bringing this up 👍🏼

    your fav..riendly neighborhood mod 😉
    @brambles1234, @Nekromantik, @cescman, others searching, here's a little Summary / Guide:

    Current fixes needed for Google Pay / Wallet

    These days we need passing deviceIntegrity in new Play Integrity API. (Don't worry about strong integrity; few if any apps will use this at present as that would exclude users/customers using any device launched with Android 7 or earlier even if on latest Android as well as a number of newer devices with broken keymaster implementations.) Nb. While Safety net API is already depreciated, it's attestation must all be passing and Evaluation type showing BASIC for PI deviceIntegrity to pass since the same signals (plus more) are used by PI...

    To check these, use YASNAC (S/N) and Play Integrity API Checker (PI) from Play Store...

    Many devices passing S/N CTS Profile match, especially those running Android 11+, won't pass PI deviceIntegrity verdict with current official Universal SafetyNet Fix alone. @Displax's safetynet-fix-xxxx-MOD is the current solution:
    - See my notes in post above for technical details, incl. why this solution also negates the need for setting a fingerprint in MagiskHide Props Config module for ROMs not passing CTS Profile match (China region, Beta, Developer, many custom ROMS)...
    - Also note Usage: Delete/disable/reset MHPC (if installed / spoofing fingerprint).
    - Note that Zygisk should be enabled and working, and only Google Pay/Wallet needs to be in denylist whether enforced or disabled with Shamiko etc active; no need for Play Store, Google Play Services processes etc when using any Zygisk-USNF builds...

    Once PI deviceIntegrity is restored / passing, Google Pay/Wallet security requirements may pass again after some days (could take a week!) if simply left... Clearing Google Play Services and Google Pay/Wallet data should fix this immediately but you will need to set up cards again... Nb. Be sure to reboot immediately after clearing Google Pay/Wallet data (before opening app) to avoid issues (eg. app works but Activity list fails to populate).

    Clearing Play Store data may be needed to restore Play Protect 'Device is certified' in Play Store Settings, About... This will affect whether Google Pay and other apps calling S/N or PI APIs appear in the Store...

    Related Issues:

    A number of users have experienced contactless payment failure with Google Pay / Wallet stating "Your phone does not meet the security requirements" irrespective of SafetyNet or Play Integrity status. (Several of us experienced this suddenly, and it predated both new Wallet upgrade an Play Integrity implementation.)...

    Further, in tackling this I experienced two issues restoring a working setup;
    - Issue where 'Google Pay/Wallet is currently updating' fails to complete, and
    - After restoring app, Activity list fails to populate.

    I put steps to fix these here:
    Initial fix:
    Resolved Activity list won't populate:
    Summary (scroll to 'In short...'):

    Hope this helps those concerned. 🤠 PW
    Whenever I come to XDA and ask a question I'm normally receive a really unhelpful reply, along the lines of "if you search you will find your answer" This is can be very annoying, especially after I have spent an hour looking and I still can't find the answer? Hence the reason I ask a question.

    The reason I say this is because I have got Google wallet working and I will share what I did.

    1. Uninstalled Google wallet
    2. Deleted both cache and data from play store
    3. Updated Xprivacy Lua
    4. Reinstalled UNSF
    5. Changed fingerprint using su / props
    6. Restarted phone

    It is pertinent to say here that I fail all api integrity checks using the app on playstore. However Google wallet contactless payment works better than before.

    I will keep this updated if I have as any issues.

    Please understand that someone asking the same question over and over (and often expecting to be spoonfed) can be taxing.

    And yes the search system can sometimes take a bit of learning to fully utilize properly....but really, heres the key.....if its a recent issue, then the issue is very likely not just affecting you, and so the solution will often be found in the last 5-10 pages of a thread. People get really tired of people who rock up create a new post at the end of the thread, when the answer is maybe 3 pages back, and they seem to think thats too much effort. Standard Operating Procedure on any thread should be to read the last 5-10 pages before creating a new post. That would earn the average person who thinks theyre catching a tough break because theyve touched a nerve that been tugged at by 50 people before them a lot of respect....consider trying the last 5-10 pages of a thread method in future, it will often not only giver you the solution, but the context, which can be just as important, and often you may be able to provide some input or insight no one else has, which everyone can benefit from. Also if people just rock up and expect an answer in 5 minutes everytime (theres plenty do it, some people might have been registered for 3, sometimes many more, years and never post until they need something, happens all the time), then they dont learn anything, and they also dont contribute....

    As for your steps above:

    3. Updated Xprivacy Lua <-thats not required and is a personal choice, and has no real bearing ion the issue)

    Usually one would do:

    1. Install USNF Mod (the Mod is important as already stated)
    2. Integrity Test
    3. Test contactless menu in Wallet

    If contactless fails:
    4. Delete both cache and data from play store and reboot
    5. Test contactless menu in Wallet


    Step 4 has been known to take days to return a positive contactless setup, in some cases

    Note #2:

    5. Changed fingerprint using su / props <- this should be largely unnecessary except in the case of chinese ROM's or other edge cases as far as i remember
    ... Note #2:

    5. Changed fingerprint using su / props <- this should be largely unnecessary except in the case of chinese ROM's or other edge cases as far as i remember
    ... And with @Displax USNF_mod it is not needed even for ROMs not passing CTS Profile match (China region, Beta, Developer, many custom ROMS) in most cases. (There may rare be exceptions where this modded module doesn't work.)


    This mod actually adjusts the fingerprint prop to achieve the mismatch needed along with device prop mismatch to trigger bypassing of hardware based attestation enforcement in Play Integrity (different from the actual Evaluation type fallback triggered by the exception caused when trying to use key attestation with an injected 'fake' keystore provider registered)...

    All these mods, official and unofficial, target the gms attestation process (one process within Google Play Services) only. The prop changes are not globally applied, so issues with OEM specific functions (eg Galaxy Store, special camera functions etc) caused by model prop changes and issues with Play Store (eg. YouTube not updating as expected) etc caused by fingerprint prop changes are successfully avoided...

    Issues with unmatched security patch prop dates are also avoided with this solution...

    The @Displax mod also kills a second bird (or rabbit 😜 ), ie. allowing ROMs not passing CTS Profile match to pass as mentioned above, simply because the fingerprint prop used for HA bypass trigger must also be properly certified for CTS...

    --> This makes this USNF build a true 'Universal' fix, encompassing both old S/N API and new PI API, as well as the whole range of certified stock and uncertified China region, Beta, Developer and custom ROMS...

    👀 PW
    Play Integrity API Checker updated to v1.0:

    Thanks @1nikolas
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    The new Google Play services update caused this.

    Temporary workaround:

    1. Disable Google Pay/Find My Device as Device Administrators in Settings > Security & location > Device Administrators.

    2. Search "Google Play services" in the Settings search bar.

    3. Press the three dots and press "Uninstall previous updates".

    4. Download this update - https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-play-services/google-play-services-14-7-99-release/
    Pick your needed edition (arm or arm64, etc.), download it and install it.

    5. Disable Background data access for Google Play Services and Google Play in their respective App Info pages.

    6. Download Google Pay from the Play Store.

    7. Set up your cards. Enjoy!

    Never EVER update Google Play services manually, until a Magisk update is available that bypasses the upgraded SafetyNet. Note that Google Play services is responsible for adding/verifying the card, not the Google Pay app! Hence why there seems to be an overlay when adding a card/verifying an existing one.

    Tested Google Pay versions:

    2.79.x-2.83.235070858 - working

    Tested Google Play services versions:

    14.7.99, 16.0.86 - working with Magisk 18.1

    14.8.49-16.x- working with Magisk 18.2 Canary
    This thread is inspired by the PoGo Magisk discussion thread. It's meant to keep the clutter of "Google Pay doesn't work" posts out of the main Magisk threads.

    Please use this to discuss issues with Google Pay and possible solutions.

    There's a working solution here:

    For general tips on first getting SafetyNet to pass fully, check here:
    Ok. I tried this and it worked on gms 17.1.22, allowing one to add cards and pay in store. Warning YMMV, but this is the process I did to get this working. One caveat is that Google pay does not register the "recent transactions" on the Google pay app. Another caveat is that I suspect users will have to reverse some step if gms is updated and then reapply, but this still needs to be confirmed

    Without further ado, here is my process:

    1) download a SQL database editor. I used


    2) download a terminal emulator program. I used terminus but any terminal emulator should work.

    3) make sure Google pay is forced close, if it is open.

    4) open SQL editor. Navigate to /data/data/com.google.android.gms/databases

    5) open dg.db

    6) change any value that lists "attest" in the name (first column) to 0 in the third column. Mine was showing a value of 10 in the third column for each of these values. (Column c for sqlite databse editor I used)

    7) open the terminal emulator.

    8) get root access (su)

    9) cd /data/data/com.google.android.gms/databases

    10) type: chmod 440 dg.db
    This makes dg.db read only (for owner and group, and no access for world.)

    11) reboot

    I suspect when gms is updated, one will have to go back to steps 10 and 11 and chmod 660 dg.db to allow new keys to be written to the database, and then go back and redo all these steps to reset the attestation values back to 0.

    If there is still an error, verify in sqlite database editor that all attest release keys values in dg.db are 0 when dg.db is read only (owner and group).

    Again, YMMV but this worked for me, so I give it back to the community now.

    Edit: recent activities did show up soon afterwards for the payment method.

    The app is finally public! (thanks Google for taking a week to approve this 🤦)
    I made it beta testing since I haven't tested it on much devices. If you find any problem, please open an issue here and I'll take a look at them once I return from vacation.

    Source code:

    If you are curious, the possible outcomes I've seen are:
    • 3 ticks (unrooted samsung)
    • tick/tick/x (unrooted redmi note 4 with unlocked bootloader)
    • x/tick/x (my rooted a11 op7t)
    UPDATE 1/8/2022
    This app is officially discontinued in favor of a new app I published on Play Store. Read more here:


    I just made this simple app which tells you if your device passes the new Play Integrity API (which is presumably what Google Pay and Play Store use to detect root now). If you don't trust random apks from the internet feel free not to use this. I'll upload the source code at a later time since it's very junk now (probably on github).
    You can use it to play around and see if you manage to get it to pass without having to mess with Google Pay. There are screenshots of the 2 possible outputs (pass screenshot is from an online emulator).
    Also I didn't test it much since I don't have many devices that can pass. Hope it works fine 🤞

    Hope this helps someone find a solution :)

    Here is a quote from Google of what exactly "Does not meet device integrity" mean:
    The app is running on a device that has signs of attack (such as API hooking) or system compromise (such as being rooted), or the app is not running on a physical device (such as an emulator that does not pass Google Play integrity checks).
    If you are having problems with your testing device meeting device integrity, make sure the factory ROM is installed (for example, by resetting the device) and that the bootloader is locked.