[Discussion ] Gsuite bypass magisk

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Sorry, worng fourm. Can't delete, lol. Still interesting though

For all Samsung users.

I have no clue why this Module I stumbled on is not more known. It is amazing how well it works and what it does. It lets your Samsung device use .zip bootanimations instead of .qmg.
Its made by "afaneh92". I know him as guy the developed TWRP for Note 10 (N970U Snapdragon) my current phone. I can even use the bootanimation changer in the Play Store, thats hiw well it works. Its been about 3 weeks since i flashed it with Magisk. I shared it before but no one serms to care, for some reason. I think its pretty freaking awseome though.

Its attached if anyone cares, lol


  • changeBootAnimate.zip
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