[discussion][guide]cm7.2/cm9.1[update-drivers released]

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May 29, 2012
I mean when we can get the same look appyling theme by theme chooser why bothering to port the entire rom ??? in my opinion its better to create only theme ..... :confused:

No..you are not entirely correct.There are various modifications on the themes in some roms and various other features like 30 step volume mod,Alsa Audio,tabbed settings,etc are added which do not work properly on stock roms.You can get the look but not the feel of the Rom :D

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May 21, 2013
entssel and

CM7.2 is MUCH BETTER than stock ROM.
Thanks for developers.

Except the known bug, Everything works well.
[delete]But the minimum volume(Media) is so loud, I think it can reduce.[delete]
The volume of all the system is so loud....
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Sep 25, 2012
these are software cycles
pre-alpha-> Alpha-> Beta-> Release Candidate-> Nightly-> Final Release


The correct is experimental>nightly>Milestone snapshot>Release Candidate>Stable

But in our case will be pre-alpha>alpha>pre-beta>beta>release candidate>final

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Oct 27, 2012
Hello guys,
Can anyone tell me how to activate viber for notifications because I can't find it please

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    Please use this thread for further discussion.

    This thread is for all the discussions,queries,help,etc so as to avoid spam in dev threads.

    Finallyyyy after so much struggle by each and everyone of us.Broadcomm released the drives.And if there are no more tricks in it by broadcomm we can hope for stable cm7,cm9 and maybe even cm10.

    For more info about what this is,what is possible in future and for further update go here:-

    One again a huge thanks to all devs for all their contributions and wishing them best of luck for future from all the Ace i community.

    Our dev team without whom we would still be in the middle of no where.:-
    7. Legolas93

    Links to Dev threads

    1. CM 7.2-

    2. CM 9.1-

    3. Bieltv.3 cm7.2 basic kernel-

    4. Thunder Kernel by Lopicl.00-

    5. Hells Fusion Kernel(prototype-U kernel)-

    Stock Task Manager for cm7/cm9 by me:-
    (for checking ram usage and clearing it)
    Just copy in system\app and give rw-r-r permission and reboot.

    And if you are interested in helping devs to fix bugs fast then please provide them with logcats of your bugs.Simple guide for making logcat is here

    Happy flashing.
    Geetings -HellRaiser-
    Hi to all, it has been a quite time. CM7 thread has been closed due to spam on that thread, and I think it is the best it can happen. Also, I'm glad to announce that something is "cooking" on it's way, something diffrerent - not a ROM. I'll gave u more information soon as first alpha release will come up soon (relative soon: in 1 month of time). I'll let you know what it is soon, but it has been a really nice work on the team, yes, it is not discontinued. I'll add a post to my blog when time, as I've said many times, the time is something I don't have alot... So well, expect it with anxious, and stay tuned too :) New project is coming to Ace-i
    Re: All CM7/CM9.1 By Bieltv3 Discussion And Guide

    Nope it isnt discontinued, but common guys Ive real live an this take alot of time... So common dudes thats not as easy as u think

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    Have found a way to fix the Cache error (that will fix the Play-Store bug too).

    Before flashing the CM-Based ROM you want, follow this (doesn't care which ROM you are on):

    1. Download this and put it into your SD-Card.
    2. Go into CWM Recovery and flash the downloaded file.
    3. Press Next until there's a screen where you can select between EXT4 and RFS.
    4. Select RFS and press Next until it finishes.
    5. Now format /system, /data, /cache and wipe data.
    6. Now Reboot Recovery and flash the ROM.

    And your Play-Store should work fully, doesn't matter which Baseband you use. :D
    Re: [DISCUSSION][GUIDE]CM7.2/CM9.1/Hells Fusion Kernel

    Hey bro remove the hells fusion faq from the thread name cuz I am reopening my thread

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