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    android q stable 10.0.3


    • Added two new system fonts: Cang Er Jin Kai and Hua Kang Yuan (Setting Path: Settings-Personalization-Font)

    • Fix the problem that the weather application crashes with a small probability

    • Update Android security patch to 2020.11


    android q stable 10.0.2


    android q stable 10.1 2020-09-08

    • Fix the problem of weak GPS positioning signal
    • Fixed the problem of no sound in certain videos on Youku
    • Fix the problem that the alarm does not ring when the device is off
    • Fix the problem that fingerprint recognition cannot be used under certain circumstances
    • Update Android security patch to 2020.06

    • Added the wallet App, the bus/access card entrance is integrated into the wallet App, making the operation more convenient
    • Added WeChat payment method for bus card recharge

    Full screen gestures
    • Added support for sliding back on the bottom

    • Electronic anti-shake function has been added to bring you a more stable shooting experience


    android q beta

    Beta 4


    beta- 3


    beta- 2


    build date March 16(beta 1)


    i read all other messages, but situation is not clear: i wanna know who was in my situation (OS 9.0.11 rooted) how update to this rom (recovery, wipe everything except internal storage, flash rom, magisk, reboot and install play store apk?) and how it feels... it's a daily driver? Thanks in advance guys.

    It feels smoother than OOS Pie (even after dirty flashing from 9.0.11) but mind that Wi-Fi 5Ghz performance is absolutely ruined (from 255 mb/s when running speedtests on OOS Pie to 40 mb/s).

    I also had to enable Android Webview manually as all apps using Webview otherwise kept crashing.

    I also encounter a few minor issues:

    My MiBand 3 (running latest firmware) also reports being able to take calls on speaker while it can't by design (not sure if exclusive to this build too https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...2742129794/Screenshot_20200408-180749__01.jpg )

    Navbar in quick reply in landscape doesn't follow system theme unlike other parts of the OS (can probably be reproduced on 6, 7 and 7T-series due to OOS and H2OS having a shared codebase).
    This also happens in Backup and restore screen of OnePlus Switch and in some third party apps.

    Search in Settings feels slower than on OOS Pie.

    In Settings --> Battery --> Detailed usage, voice call icon can barely be seen when using dark theme (probably shared across OOS codebase on more recent devices).

    A few things show up (or don't) in Settings:

    - Work Life Balance show up in Settings as being in Utilities while clicking on it doesn't list it (probably not implemented in this build)
    - DC Dimming can only be enabled via OP Lab activity of Settings app.
    - RAM Boost doesn't sound to be present in this build, while it was supposed to be backported as per https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...eatures-heading-to-oneplus-5-5t-6-6t.1037976/

    A Settings app crash can be triggered if setting up fingerprints for the first time and clicking on "Terms and conditions".

    When sideloading APKs after downloading them from an app with a long name (eg Chrome Canary), app name doesn't display entirelyin the "From" field (see https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...04508271394836/Screenshot_20200408-194714.jpg ).
    Mind this is an H2OS specific screen.

    Hey guys. I used this rom to update to android 10 and i've been loving it so far. Gapps pico/micro don't work but I manually downloaded the playstore. My only issue so far is that twitter (and any twitter client) crashes. Every other app seems to work just fine except for twitter. Has anyone else had this issue or have an idea as to why this is happening? Twitter is my most used app and help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I can reproduce that with official client, but it only happens when using in app browser on long pages for a few minutes.
    No idea why it happens too, I didn't bother trying to reinstall app.
    Why playstore not showing netflix and i install via apkmirror it gives me error must be installed from playstore.
    Anyone help me out here.

    Netflix and other apps will only be available in Android Devices with the "Play Protect Certification", the way to have this as "certified" is using the stock firmware approved by Google (OxygenOS) or using Magisk and hiding the real state of the device from the software. Without this, at least Google Play will not show you apps like Netflix or allow you to install it by Play Store, if you're unable to sideload, thats kinda weird. But about the Google Play Certification, that's one of the reasons why OxygenOS takes more time to be delivered to the users, because of the Reviews made by Google to have a "safety device environment", in other words, OxygenOS must approve the CTS to have Google Suite, and that takes time.

    Until that time, i guess Netflix will end up being a issue if you're not allowed to sideload it.
    Thanks for the detailed info buddy! :laugh:

    I learned that HOS doesn't pass safetynet and so banking apps like gpay don't work on it. That's kind of a deal-breaker for me. Will wait for OOS Open Beta, I'm on PE for now. :D

    Thanks and cheers!

    It definitely does pass SafetyNet, don't worry! All passed on mine. All you need is the latest Magisk and the MagiskHide Props Config module. Download a terminal emulator (I recommend Termux) and run "sudo props" in the terminal. Follow the CLI through to set your fingerprint to the latest OOS Pie one for OnePlus 5T :)

    I've got Google Pay and Snapchat working just fine. My banking app doesn't work natively, but it didn't work on OOS Pie either because it has more advanced detection. All you have to do for those apps is to search for "sandbox apps" on the Play Store and allow it to set up a work profile (which is unrooted by default with Magisk), and then run your bank app through that. Brilliant!

    EDIT: Oh, and there won't be an OOS Beta. The OOS Open Beta program for OnePlus 5T has finished, so you'll be waiting for stable release in "late Q2 2020" (so probably June.... :/ )
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