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Nov 29, 2012
I've heard that what baseband -36 is the best for signal, wifi and 3g, but dont know really (I'm noob too :) ). I was having problems after I flashed BB -36 on custom ROM.
Have you had that problem before you started to do any moding to your Xplay? Maybe its network issue?

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Nov 17, 2012
I've heard that what baseband -36 is the best for signal, wifi and 3g, but dont know really (I'm noob too :) ). I was having problems after I flashed BB -36 on custom ROM.
Have you had that problem before you started to do any moding to your Xplay? Maybe its network issue?

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I bought this phone last January 2012 and I never had any problems with it until it started a problem with signal 2 weeks ago.

I just can't get any signal when indoors but my other phone (samsung) does have and I can only get a good signal from my Xperia play when i'm outside.

I'm thinking about bringing my phone's firmware back to its original state when I first bought it but will that somehow resolve the signal problem? or is there any other way to resolve this?


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Apr 14, 2011
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I just installed Doom kernel and Markphyton ICS Rom.
Everything is functionnaly fine. But it's sssooooooooooo SLOW ! It is not really usable.
Did I miss something ? What sould I check before I give up and roll back ?

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    Alright, here we go:
    I, as a developer of the Xperia PLAY was fully confident an ICS update would be released, and I have just found out it will not be. Not am I only disappointed in Sony, I find their excuses pathetic. They have shafted us here...
    Because of this, I am now not going to buy any other Xperia product, or ANY Sony smartphone.
    You can't promise an OTA, then change your mind. Games on the beta worked fine, it wouldn't take much for the developers to update them...

    And now Sony, you have made Android fragmentation worse than it was, and what happens to ICS only games? Do we get them?

    Sony, you can't be trusted. You change your mind too much. I should have known after the X10 thing.

    After all this, I will still continue development.

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    This Thread will be here for all the discussion regarding Sony, Xperia Play, & ICS myself & Techno-update will be monitering it. Keep it clean!

    All other threads related to ICS on the Xperia Play & Sony's Stance on updating will be closed & link to this thread.

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    Alright alright alright...

    I will make sure myself, that the Xperia PLAY gets the same kernel/ROM updates as the other 2011 line by porting the ROM across.

    Unless Sony change their mind of course....

    /end of -#@@@&@&#5%££-£+£ ranting threads please.

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    Let's start from the beginning. The Play, from a pure hardware view, can run ICS. Sony, HTC and other companies are releasing hardware with ICS and lower specs than the Play (Tapioca, Desire C). We've seen that the beta runs mighty fine in the performance department, and it's obvious that the job can be finished if Sony cares to do so.

    However, this is a matter of the gaming ecosystem. In short: the only companies Sony cares about are the big names like EA, Gameloft, Rockstar, etc. as they make the big majority of the Play game sales.

    However, with regard to development, the Play is not important to those big names: they see it as "the redheaded stepchild Android", because they have to make extra effort to make it work with the game pads, instead of easily deploying the code in it like they do in the whole different platforms they code for (not only mobile phones, but smart TV's, console-related app stores, Steam and so on). Sony bribed those big developers with a lot of cash (remember all those free EA games and temporary exclusives?) so that the Play remained visible.

    Fast forward to now. Gingerbread is present in a good 60% of Android Play Store-running hardware. ICS has only like.a 4%. Android is the best selling platform, with, let's say 500 million active devices. If my numbers are not wrong, that gives 300M GB devices 20M ICS ones. Developing with ICS in mind implies higher development costs, because you have to study the new features and use them. And of course, big name developers target wide audiences: by default they'll program with Gingerbread in mind, so they couldn't care less about ICS right now.

    Someone mentioned Windows 7 incompatibility with old games: there is actually a Compatibility mode which was mainly designed for the purpose of using older games. Now Steam has taken care of that, which suits MS fine.

    With the ICS upgrade, Sony probably contacted their "partners" and asked them to update their software (basically switch from the Sony custom gamepad framework to Google's standard one which Sony probably contributed themselves) for it to work properly in ICS, like they do in Sony gaming platforms. But unlike the PlayStations, it's those big name developers who are in control now, particularly in Android. Therefore, they showed Sony the middle finger.

    Indie developers, on the other hand, are much more careful with their code, since they don't have the ability to port a game to twenty platforms and offset the possible losses of one platform with the other one. That means they produce code which is much better tailored to the platform they work on, and you can see it because most indie games work properly in both GB and ICS (note that I'm not talking about the quality of the game itself, but of its code).

    TL;DR this is a power struggle between Sony and the big name game developers. The latter have won here, at the expense of the users. Support independent developers but make sure they don't make the "big name" status, because they'll get the need to control everything and screw users like this.

    P.S if someone is so unhappy about not having ICS that they don't want that piece of crap lying around in their home, I offer to pay $50 plus shipping for it :)
    I've decided boycotting Sony isn't something I will do, and after reading through a lot of information, I have decided that Sony actually have a valid reason for not pushing out ICS to the public.

    However, I still think they are lazy and they can't be bothered to fix a problem, and because not all people use their phone as a gaming device, they should push all their updates out to the developer community.

    They can't expect all games to work out of the box, and what they have done is make android fragmentation worse, and ICS games will never be Xperia PLAY optimized. But, they have avoided what could have been a great mess.

    I still hope they include our device into the kernel source code for updates that will follow for other devices.

    The touch pads were also implemented badly too, and source code for ROM developers as well as documentation should have been released for the touch pads.

    Sony shouldn't care whether a game works on an update, that is the game developers problem, and it is up to the game developer to find a fix.

    At least we have CM9, and some great developers working on the PLAY.

    Another point that frustrates me:
    CyanogenMod 9 was out before any OEM updated their ROM, this shouldn't be right. CM devs are unpaid, and have other jobs to do. If OEM's focused on updating their devices instead of shoving in laggware and bloatware, and dumped their proprietary UI's, android fragmentation would be very low and app compatibility would be high, and updates will be very quick.

    I am expecting something from Sony, if we don't get anything, then its a sad sad story for us.


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