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Feb 7, 2014
yes i flashed FW before ROM. just unbricked it again!
flashing jamal's FW now - seems to work fine!:fingers-crossed:

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seems now that I am stuck in NOS boot. going to flash OB 28 firmware

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i am back to FW OB28 and the phone is alive again:victory:
How did you flash anything in this state? I can boot into recovery because I am stuck in oneplus logo, I just can access to fastboot mode so I guess that's my way to go, am I right?


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Mar 20, 2015


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Oct 29, 2008
Hello. I installed the test build with VoLTE posted in the telegram thread and it's working fine but many apps force closing, which is very annoying.
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Oct 29, 2008
In the test build with volte many apps are force closing. Is it rom relegated or something else? Please see to it.


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May 8, 2015
In the test build with volte many apps are force closing. Is it rom relegated or something else? Please see to it.
Don't know if it's meant that way, but nobody needs to "see to" anything here. This software is use as is. It's coming off as arrogant.

Also, it's a test build for a reason. If you can't supply logs and help with development you shouldn't be using test builds. In order for someone to "see to it" you need to get them logs.
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Sep 22, 2012
I don't want my phone to unlock automatically with faceunlock enabled, I want to have the possibility to read my notifications in the lockscreen!


Feb 6, 2007
If someone managed to install viper4android on this rom?

Wysłane z mojego ONEPLUS A3003 przy użyciu Tapatalka


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Feb 10, 2016
Is battery drain fixed? Just to have an idea before deleting my data and flash the new version (reply when ypu can, after using for some time). Thanks!!!
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    There is an official Thread now, so this Thread is out of order!


    I am NOT the owner or developer of this ROM!
    All credit goes to @xyyx
    We are all very thankful for his work!

    Please if you want to post something on this thread, do NOT
    -post something that was already said before
    -tell us bugs which are already well known
    -ask for new features as I am not the developer!
    -blame @xyyx for bugs or better, don't mention him at all!


    Link to the ROM

    OpenGApps unofficial

    Magisk Beta
    Firmware for OP3

    unofficial TWRP


    What is currently not working?
    - VoLTE, but Vo2G is working fine.

    Please do NOT tell us bugs which are already well known!
    It can be very annoying if everybody is reporting the same bug again and again.


    xyyx for his wonderful ROM!
    @topjohnwu for Magisk!
    @eng.stk for TWRP!
    @Nezorflame for his OpenGapps build server!
    @jamal2367 for the Firmware zips!

    They gave you a solution you don't want to try. If you aren't willing to change something to make it work then don't post issues and ask for help

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    At the end of the day it's your ROM.

    Frankly all this VoLTE talk is incredibly annoying. If people want it so bad, they can learn to code and make their own.

    VOLTE is the main reason why I don't make thread here. Because volte's guys are very annoying. I tried caf telephony. It has some trouble with AOSP code. And I don't want to use hacks from Omni.

    As I wrote in Kenzo's thread:

    I don't force you to use my ROM. I fix bugs that doesn't require many commits from CAF.
    If you don't like something, please, use another ROM and don't write in this thread. Please.
    We should really curb this VoLTE thing for now because it's taking over the thread again it would seem. Just wanted to put the info up a little higher.

    For those of you who need VoLTE, there is currently no support on this ROM. The ROM developer does not use it, and doesn't want to code a workaround like in Omni. If you need VoLTE, I'm sorry to say it but you should go on Omni for now at least. Currently it also appears that magisk workarounds and system file editing doesn't really help either.

    The reason it isn't working is because the caf telephony sources have not been updated for Oreo, so that means that developers cannot get it to work officially because they need the base code to build on. Omni developer Maxwen decided to code support for it himself and that's why it works. It is safe to say that when the caf sources are released that all 8.0/8.1 AOSP ROMs will support VoLTE due to it being much easier and quicker to build off.

    Currently, if you depend on VoLTE, you're outta luck. If you have it but don't need it, switch your networks to GSM/wcdma if you can't disable VoLTE while keeping LTE connection.

    Just keep in mind that ROMs come AS IS, and you really don't have a right to complain too much. This is especially the case here on this thread. The developer here didn't even publish this ROM to XDA which means they didn't want to deal with the XDA community or anything. They make this ROM for themselves, and it's still nice enough that they let us use it. Some developers in the past when they haven't shared work on XDA flip out (within reason) when someone else does it, so thank you to the developer for being so chill about it!
    My VOLTE was going away after one reboot on latest OOS beta FW...

    All those VoLTE posts are USELESS.

    Once for all, no Oreo ROM will be able to fix it because it's UPSTREAM CAF thing. So stop flooding with 'it works', ' oh s*** it went away after a reboot' 'i tried firmware xyz and it doesn't work'

    It's a chipset manufacturer driver not yet available for 8.1.So if VoLTE is vital for you just don't use those roms and use STABLE roms. Using experimental ROMs has a price, be ready to pay it.
    Can someone share screenshot of this new fresh UI because mine is the same like previous..

    Here you go.