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  • Sep 25, 2010
    I have updated my poco f2 pro to miui but the Notification issue is not fixed (mixing all the notification, WhatsApp notifications are not grouped like in miui 11). But this update feels much smoother operations (miui was little bit slower than miui 11) in the phone.
    is there a button shortcut for floating windows?


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    Feb 15, 2006
    i was on rooted with magisk (by patching boot image pulled from zip firmware).

    Phone will no longer boot (stuck at MIUI logo) after i upgraded to with magisk patched boot image. I don't understand why. My steps as follow:

    1) flash stock boot image to phone via fastboot before upgrade
    2) downloaded full receovery zip file, extracted the boot image and patched it via magisk; copied the patched file to PC
    3) copied rom to downloaded_rom folder in phone, upgraded phone with it via Settings
    4) phone rebooted to normally after upgrade
    5) rebooted to fastboot and flashed magisk patched boot image
    6) phone will not boot (stuck at MIUI logo)
    7) phone again boots normally if I flashed back stock boot image to it

    Any enlightenment to what i did wrong and how to rectify deeply appreciated. Thank you.

    (I have used the above method to upgrade rooted LG phones previously and it always went uneventfully; unsure what other steps are need for Xiaomi.)


    Oct 10, 2020
    Can someone confirm please, I have read but i'm not sure,on MIUI 12.2.5 (Global ), Android 11, xiaomi removed the possibility to block the sensors in the developper options. Thank you.

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      Recently our devices that have not been intervened for modification have received the new version of Android 11 based on MiUI (RJKMIXM) so they have added things such as also removed things and a few bugs, then I will leave a list of what that to my appreciation I managed to discover with this update and it would be great if they also share more things.

      Additions and improvements:
      - iOS style bar available for gestures (with option to remove in settings) without the need for the long-awaited Poco Launcher 3.0.
      - Improved animations such as multitasking and when opening apps.
      - Fixed pixelated screen on lock screen.
      - New emojis. (LOL)
      - From Poco's Launcher if you slide down the right side you lower the control center, to the left you lower the notification center, it is no longer necessary to do it from the status bar and clearly you have to have the new control center active and from Home do the gestures.
      - By having the device horizontally, if you slide the new control center, now you can see it in a better way, that is, on the left side you will see the customizable quick accesses and the right side the fixed ones with wifi and data.
      - Sound assistant in the sound and vibration section
      - Beauty mode for video calls

      Things they removed and certain bugs:
      - I cannot access the last app from Home by pressing the multitasking button twice if you have it active
      - They removed the notification priorities (high, normal, unimportant, etc.)
      - They removed the button for the pop-up windows from multitasking as well as the one from the split screen (I think it was that) that was in the upper left corner
      - Even if you have accelerated animations (x0.5), the new animations (such as multitasking and when entering apps) will still be at x1
      - In certain sections they removed some vibrations
      - In some notifications (it only happened to me on WhatsApp and Google messaging) when you get a single notification, it is misconfigured
      - (bug) If you have dark mode, when accessing the section with the shutdown, restart, etc. buttons, the letters will be the only ones that will be white, the icons will be black (f for those with dark backgrounds)
      - (bug) 50% brightness down is lower than it was before

      PD: Sorry for my bad English
      No. But the way to do differs a little bit.
      On: -> developer option " freeform window" must be activated. Then a special tile will give " flying window". Start the app and press the tile...

      Off: tap on flying app navbar and swipe up the app window.
      Wrong thread section, this thread is about ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Development.
      Reset your phone and see if all the bugs are still present.THX

      I know, I actually did the post there and it appeared here in some strange way.
      Everything on the list is with the phone factory reset after updating.
      ok. any of you that have received the update from updater app have force close from updater app after apply the update? After clearing data of that app, i got no more FC on the app but now i am unable to see changelog, its says "you don't have permission to access the update log", and trying to download last update manually says "Can’t download update, wait a minute or two"... it's really annoying!
      I have received (RJKMIXM) update and the rom is ok but the biggest issue i have is with gestures control. Now the the "go on home screen" and the "open recents" don't work at all, neither with poco launcher or nova launcher. It's a big bug for me and now i must use the buttons on the navigation bar.
      try this app! -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.conena.navigation.gesture.control&hl=en_US&gl=US
      this app will give you back gestures on all app screens.
      -> needs less power and works for me! You can hide the app overlay if you don’t like it!.
      (freeware - no ads!)

      maybe some of the XIAOMI bugs are the same as present at Google A11. See here: https://piunikaweb.com/2020/12/08/android-11-update-bugs-issues-problems-tracker/

      If anyone here would compare this list, I would be delighted!(y);)
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