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So I'm on 3UK network and have been since I got my OPO. For the last two or three weeks I've been getting a notification to log in to the network, press on it and it opens a page saying Reference SIM002, a message from Three suggesting I'm tethering and saying I need to reboot. I'll see if I can attach a screenshot in a sec.


Anyway point is, I'm not tethering and this is happening when I'm on mobile network with wifi hotspot and wifi switched off.

Been trying to work out what app is causing it and just had it with literally only the ebay app open in recents, so wondering if it's the ROM itself causing problems? Anyone getting anything similar? I'm running latest CM12.1 nightly.
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    CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1) Official Nightlies Discussion Thread

    CyanogenMod tries to build a new, fresh "nightly" version every 24 hours for each of the devices it supports, which includes the most up-to-date changes to the source code, provided from all over the Internet. Of course, the nightly builds may also contain newly-introduced bugs, but hey- if you feel adventurous, you can help make CyanogenMod better by trying these experimental builds and reporting back bugs to the developers.

    Source: wiki.cyanogenmod.org


    Download Links:
    1. CM12.1 ROM: http://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=bacon

    2. Android 5.1 Gaaps:

    Flashing Instructions
    Comprehensive installation instructions for CM on the OnePlus One can be found on the CyanogenMod Wiki: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_bacon

    Note: If you are flashing from CM11/CM12, you MUST flash 5.1-compatible gapps after flashing the ROM!

    1. Download the nightly and move it to your SD card.
    2. Download gaaps and move it to your SD card. [This step is optional.]
    3. Reboot into the custom recovery of your choice.4A. Flashing dirty from CM11/12: Wipe cache/dalvik cache.
    4B. Flashing clean: Full wipe.
    5. Flash cm-121-2015xxxx-NIGHTLY-bacon.zip.
    6. Flash gapps.zip. If flashing dirty from CM11/12, then you must reflash 5.1 compatible gapps (link above).
    7. Reboot

    For those having problems with apps crashing:
    1. If you didn't wipe cache / dalvik-ART from recovery when you flashed 12.1 over 12.0, go back and do that first.

    2. If you still have FCs, go to Settings » Apps, find the offending app and click Clear data.

    3. Still no go, time to do a factory reset.

    This is a pre-rooted ROM, so there is no need to flash SuperSU!

    1. Enable Developer options by going to System » About tablet and clicking Build number rapidly 5-7 times.
    2. Under Developer options, click Root access and select Apps only, then Ok.

    That's it!

    Known Issues:
    (I will keep this updated)
    • Camera still splits the exposure when using the flash
    • You tell me
    Starting from CM12.1 today's nightly, a new sound panel is included in power menu, whose source code has been written by me.
    To enable it, go to Settings - Buttons - Power menu and enable "sound panel".
    This sound panel is available for all devices supported by cm12.1.
    If you have problems, please let me know.

    post to androidfilehost, that seems like a great place for a rom.

    1. Too much work for a one-off.
    2. My DSL connection is currently rather flaky, so uploads probably wouldn't finish (thanks AT&T...)
    3. With all these things, there nowadays unfortunately are too many people asking for support, and I have neither time nor patience for that.

    I may upload it to my own webserver. I prefer to be in control... But that depends on my DSL connection staying up...

    Update: It should now be available via torrent:
    md5: 2c8383584fd2ccc451969e9836fcd36d cm-12.1-20150521-UNOFFICIAL-bacon.zip
    When will be ready CM13.0 for OnePlus One?
    Exactly some number of minutes after soon.
    For the new CM 12.1 nightly (post 20150418), you have to use the official Cyanogen recovery for properly restore your current GApps. An alternative solution for now, a modified TWRP with current CM 12.1 kernel (f2fs support included): http://goo.gl/G2T5yY Please check http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/95349/

    Too lazy to set up TWRP recovery build for now, please tell TWRP developer about this transparent lz4 compressed ext4 issue.