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[Discussion] SAYGUS V2

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Mar 5, 2011
Have anyone got his money back??

I've made a legal refund request(20 days <14 working days> after my pre-order) 3 weeks ago, but I didn't get nothing.

Today they deleted all my tickets, and I'm not able to make any new tickets.

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Mar 5, 2011
That's sad. If they would deliver the phone in the next week, o would consider to cancel my refund request, but I'll go mad if I must stay till September with this Lenovo A328, after my Find7 was stolen.

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Apr 28, 2015
I checked till the first placed order!

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Mar 3, 2015
Victoria, BC
Have anyone got his money back??

I've made a legal refund request(20 days <14 working days> after my pre-order) 3 weeks ago, but I didn't get nothing.

Today they deleted all my tickets, and I'm not able to make any new tickets.

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I got mine, but it took them a ridiculous amount of time to respond, and when they did I had to wait another 10 days or so for the money to actually show up on my credit card.

That's super sketchy that they deleted all of your tickets though... When they responded to say that they had sent my refund or whatever they "closed" mine. I reopened it and told them I wouldn't close it until I saw the money on my account. Shortly after that I got a "receipt" email from them saying they had sent the refund. About 10 days later I did see the transaction on my account and closed the ticket. Not a great experience, but they did eventually keep their word. You should call them directly and ask though.


Mar 5, 2011
I got back to Saygus.com, and now I can see the tickets, but when I try to open, I get a 404 page not found error.

The same thing happened with my ticket to, when they responded they closed it, but I reopened saying until my money doesn't appear in my account, the ticket isn't solved, so it can't be closed.

Since then it passed more the 10 working days. Hope I'll get it back soon.

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Mar 7, 2012
Wow. All I can say is wow. I've been following this thread since day one, reading all the whining and complaining, seeing all suspiciously positive supporters, the jokes, the doubts, the controversies. I recall being super exited when I first found out about this phone, it really was a dream to have those specs in that for factor. I almost pre-ordered, then when they re-opened the pre-order promo I did submit an order but fortunately it got declined by my CC due to fraud protection. I was going to re-order but seeing their terrible customer service and unprofessionalism, i held back. The lies, delays really disppointed me but I still hoped that they would make it and maybe I'd get it after seeing some real reviews. I've been looking around but I can't find anything with a similar enough feature set at this size (<5 in). I had pretty much given up.. but now it comes to this? an Indiegogo campaign? Really? And making everyone who pre-ordered basically be a crowd-funding sponsor? All thse crowd-funding jokes and conspiracy theories basically turned out to be accurate. They took money form all these people, didn't deliver, and now they want more money!

Sure I know building a new phone is no easy task, but not delivering on time, missing all your own communication deadlines, immature grammar and communication.. I'm sorry but thats just unforgivable. Especially if you have failed once, AND you claim to have experts on your team. They should have known better. Don't make false claims and hype things up when you're so incompetent! What finally came clear to me through all this was if this is how they're handling the launch, god forbid if I ever need updates or service.. Its just not worth the risk.

For those of you hanging in there( crowd- funders) , good luck! I hope its worth it :)


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Aug 9, 2011
On indiegogo price have vat inside for european guys. No respect for first order from europe. We must pay vat ( In Italy plus 22% on price)

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Do you have any news about VAT ?

My credit card has not been debited of VAT and no email about VAT ... only an email dealing with shipping price ;)


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May 28, 2006
I requested my refund on May 6th and it posted back to my credit card on May 7th (although, I don't think it actually showed up that day, it was probably 2-3 days later). I am in the United States.

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It is kind of crummy of them to now start a crowdfunding campaign. They should have done that back in February. Then people would have had to expect delays.


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Sep 26, 2013
this is just plain wrong if the preorders are now part of the campaign. looks like refund chances just ended.? this is getting pretty deep. i thought only non-profits and not corporations?


Sep 17, 2014
Alarm bells are going off. This seems like such a scam. The fact that the fund was fluffed up by anonymous donors, the fact that they even need a funding campaign like this...


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Feb 14, 2015
They can't hold you to that 'flexible funding'

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A good summary of the most recent development. Note: flexible funding campaign! Indie gogo is not on the hook to get you your money back. You are making a donation to saygus, not contracting to buy a phone. http://www.droid-life.com/2015/06/1...-at-e3-and-launch-indiegogo-campaign-for-now/

Don't start this. You didn't buy it through indiegogo so you aren't part of the campaign. You'd have to have agreed to the flexible funding terms. Don't go getting people rowdy with unfounded speculation


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This is pretty disappointing news. With there record so far I can't imagine that anyone would actually pledge on indiegogo. You would just for forfeiting you money if they didn't deliver, with no recourse. Super glad i didn't pre-order.

It's like a ponzi scheme. Maybe they are trying to get enough money out of the poor folks who fund the indiegogo to actually be able to refund all of the pre-orders when they can't actually produce a phone. ;)
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    Alright then.

    I was thinking of getting my refund and decided to take my own advice and contact Saygus through the # I posted above.

    I spoke with Mindy. She of course took my info and asked me some questions. She read back to me "xxxxxxxxx.XDA" Yes..

    Once again she reiterated "xxxxxxxxx.XDA". I said yes again...

    She asked me to hold, when a man came on and said Hello this is Chad Sayers:eek:

    Chad was extremely pleased to hear from me and even better that I was a part of XDA.

    After some formalities, which included his thanks to all that have supported Saygus from XDA, he went on to explain some of the issues they had, and what they are working on.

    One of the company's looking to supply parts was Sharp. Over time, there camera failed to work with the system. Sharp later resolved this issue (or so they thought.) Sharp also made the promise to Saygus to build these for the March release date. Sharp had issues with assembly and layout which caused the first delay. Saygus ended up using a second source (for camera) which had assured Saygus this change would offer a May delivery.

    During the last few days of assembly (with devices ready to pack) they ran into further issues in Q&A (once again) with the back camera and connection interference. This lead to finding a better suited facility to finish the task of assembly.

    All the components are aligned (this was a brushed over statement)

    Chad says the phones are in the process :)silly:). He had to take a call but not before I stopped him and gave him my number. I asked him to call me from one of the V2s. He agreed to do this later today or tomorrow. This call will be put on YT of which (hopefully) I will confirm.

    The funny thing regarding the "call me" part was, him saying "yeah having a video showing that it can make calls is a good idea":laugh:

    I will now wait to see if he replies

    BTW I never did get to ask for my refund;)

    UPDATE Chad did not return call. Gave it an additional 3 days and then canceled order. At this point I feel there is to much smoke and mirrors. I can appreciate delays and the complications they face. I have issue with "the greatest technology found in any smart phone" still being a fact.

    When I did call to cancel, Mindy once again took my call. At the end of our conversation, she offered a possible delivery date of mid July to mid August.

    Good luck to all of whom hold out.
    This complete and utter lack of communication on the shipping dates is comical, reminds me of "The Cone of Silence" on Maxwell Smart where it always turns out for the worst.

    I understand they have egg on thier face from both the previous v1 and from the 22nd May debacle and they do not want the public relations nightmare of stating then missing another shipping date BUT to do as the old musroom joke says, to keep us in the dark and feed us s4!7, is too much now. Especially the BS they keep shovelling us.

    They must have known weeks before 22nd May they were going to miss the shipping dates (or did they magically have the necessary certifications on an unfinished phone?), and they continue their lies until today.

    Now they have started a new campaign and we seem to have lost importance as the new campaign brings in a wave of new and enthusiastic customers (indiefunders) with all sorts of stupid requests - can we have a phablet, can you put all hte buttons on the other side, can you make another fundamental change that'll take months to re-engineer - and Saygus respond to all these "fools" hoping to score some more "fools" gold. And yet they constantly ignore us, the original customers who really do deserve a lot better from them.

    To judge their integrity let us judge factually, all copy and paste from their official Twitter account:

    • until 15 Jun or so run the OFFICIAL Twitter run by a complete twit. (everyone with any marketing knowledge knows you don't talk about yourself, your product or how great you think your company is and NEVER use generalisations like we are the best - always tell the consumer what your product does for them. See Apple for great examples).
    • 18 May - Yeeee haw! It's the week of shipping! (without certifications? So no shipping was ever going to happen)
    • 23 May - Quality assurance issues with manufacturing partner caused us to secure a new manufacturing partnership AND Original production schedule was expected to stay the same. The transition has caused some delays. (So change of manufacturing partner occured prior to this date)
    • 29 May - We've been working hard with our partners to finish the V-Squared. (the use of "finish" in this manner implies the phone just needed the finishing touches)
    • 29 May - Were working hard on getting a specific shipping date (still waiting for this)
    • 3 Jun - Working on some QA testing with our new partners. Filming full demos for you the beginning of next week! (Suggesting the phone will be finished shortly, just in the stages of final testing and will be ready to film)
    • 15 Jun - Our LOYAL Pre-Register customers get the phones currently being finished! (ok, then, so now they are being finished)
    • 15 Jun - (released youtube video with Lewis Hilsenteger showing an apparently computer generated screen overlay on an unworking demo phone)
    • 15 Jun - reply to another tweet - Our LOYAL Pre-Register customers get the phones currently being finished! (the phones are being finished AGAIN?)
    • 17 Jun - Newest V Squared with box just in for E3 with redesign to include Type C USB AND Dual SIM wrapped in Lollipop 5.1! (suggesting to us that they now have boxed phones - shipping must be close again right?)
    • 17 Jun - (a few minor celebrities to try to dazzle us, waving a big mac at a starving crowd - look at our 128Gb phone - woooooo! - video lies about them doing the first 4K video (Z3 had this last year - Saygus have since changed the text to first look 4k video ) and lies about the biggest resolution selfie ever taken (HTC Desire Eye had 13M front camera released dec 2014 with dual front flash - that is asking for a law suit right there if you ask me)
    • 18 Jun - The hardware in current version you see in videos is final. The only changes are slight tuning for performance. (why did you change from the supposedly working 4.4.4 to 5.0 then 5.1, now talk of 5.1.1 if it induces delays?)
    • 19 Jun - Official Facebook page announced - links to empty FB "Business Manager" page, again no quality check even on the links they post.

    Now a few things not on the official twitter feed.

    First the Indigogo campaign disingeniously starting at $8xx,xxx dollars and they now claim $1 million reached !!!! Thankyou, please give us more, the more you give us the faster you get your phones!!!

    Now the conjecture:

    I believe the Indiegogog "success" is an attempt to get bloggers and android websites to report their "success" in taking $1million in two or three days to make the phone look popular, it is in my opinion a blatent attempt to use our unfulfilled pre-orders to gain free publicity. There is only one sort of publicity our unfulfilled orders should be making.

    And the Twitter feed is now littered with over enthusiastic Astroturf (wikipedia: On the Internet, astroturfers use software to mask their identity. Sometimes one individual operates over many personas to give the impression of widespread support for their client's agenda.[1][2] Some studies suggest astroturfing can alter public viewpoints and create enough doubt to inhibit action.) from their "world leading" marketing company?

    I was defintely under the impression that the phones were almsot finished and just needed some final touches as phones were failing QA testing, I was given the impression that the almost finished phones were to be shifted to a new manufacturer for final assembly due to light leaking into the camera module.

    I was definitely given the impression that there would be a short delay as parts where shipped to the new facilty and completed.

    We are continually given the impression there are working models available when it now seems there are 2 or 3 working engineering samples with inconsistent parts (different backs).

    Now we are told we'll have the phone before Indiegogo customers/backers which is in "fall" which is up to 22nd Dec 2015.

    So the new shipping date is before 22 Dec (they hope). And we've all seen their timeline they released which does not feature our phones coming to us any time before this date.

    There are constant promises of news coming soon, exciting news coming soon, wait for it, a countdown coming soon, totla bull**** as nothing is coming ever from these guys.

    Come on Saygus, do better. Put a timeline on it. I doubt the phones are even made yet, we've been promised several times they were near completion.

    Finally FM Reciever! Are You EXCITED!!!???? WTF have you guys been smoking? It's a "feature" on a extreme bottom end featureless dumbphone.

    I have been "lucky" enough to get 3 months holiday, the phone was supposed to arrive at the beginning of my free time, it is now looking like I won't even receive it by the end of my holiday.

    To keep stringing us along like this is disrespectful. Give us a shipping date so we can decide if we wait or grab something else that exists.

    My suggestion is we all hit twitter asking for a current shipping date timeline and pound them into submission on this after all they are now profiting from the delays and we are being treated as 2nd class since they already have our money - chasing new money seems to be far more important than trying to satisfy those of us willing to gamble upon their word previously.
    Thank you for the retort.In fact I expressed '+1' and Smileys in confirmation with the postings of @porkandbeans and @Boom515.If they have any objection in it I will wholeheartedly withdraw them.I think internet has introduced these shortcuts in order to make communication easier.And in xda even many eminent and well known developers are using them.However if you are feeling any kind of irritation in having used them by me I beg your pardon.And I shall make it a point not to use them in my comments relating to your posts.

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    He's not talking about you thanking them, he's talking about you making a separate quote and reply for each and every post you agree with ("+1" or smilies). Doing it for every single post that you agree with is, well, very spammy. Instead, use the "Thanks" button located on each post. It expresses your approval and confirmation of that person's post without clogging up the forum with quoted replies and "+1"s.
    Samsung is gonna have a bowel movement in their pants!

    Samsung, instead of capitalizing on their strengths, they decided to imitate an unnamed Apple mobile device. Samsung ditched the removable battery and placed, regardless of what reviewers out there are saying, a small battery, as indicated by most of the battery tests not being done at 100% screen brightness.
    The Saygus V2, on the other hand, has technology that plays to the strengths of not having an unnamed Apple mobile device. A removable battery, regardless if you swap batteries or not: 1. You can most often get extended batteries, offering you crazy additional battery life if you choose, especially if the phone is popular. 2. If the battery ever degrades over time, and you're just not getting the same amount of juice life, you can just buy another battery.
    Also, regardless of what some out there are saying, a micro sd card slot is only a strength to the consumer. It offers additional storage, if you want to use it. If you don't need the extra storage today, then you don't have to use it. However, if you need the additional storage later in the future, then you have it. An example of this is 4k video. Lets say you're at a Zoo or Aquarium and want to take a lot of pictures or video. A micro sd card, gives you more room to place your recordings. Which brings me to the next thing: internal storage
    Most consumers buy apps and games for their phones. There are many games out there that have 1, 2 or even 3gb downloads, because the games are just so awesome. I have all the GTA games, Odd World, XCom, Bard's Tales, and most recently added Tomb Raider to name just a few. If you have 32gb of internal storage only, then you won't have room for all the 4k videos and pictures you want to take. This leads consumers to buy a 64gb phone. Even with a 64gb phone, without expandable storage, with having apps on your phone, taking up space, you may have room for pictures and videos, but not as much as if you had some additional storage.
    My argument is that having more internal storage, allows for consumers to buy more apps for their phones, which helps developers, but we also need to have micro sd card slots, which allows consumers to store more pictures and videos as well. Streaming and cloud services are good, but consumers should not be forced to rely upon them. Which brings me to the conclusion:
    The Saygus V2 has 64gb of internal storage, for all of my apps and with plenty of room for my future game purchases, of which more money will go to developers. The Saygus V2 has 2 micro sd card slots, so I can record plenty of videos and take many pictures, as I already own two 128gb micro sd cards. The price of the Saygus V2 is only $600 . The Samsung S6 starts at a higher price point, and keeps going up in price for increases in internal memory only. There is no WI-HD, there are no micro sd card slots, there are no front facing stereo speakers, there is no front facing 13mp camera with OIS, and there is no water resistance on the S6. The Saygus V2 has those things, and still has wireless charging built in. That is why I preordered the Saygus V2 and am patiently waiting for it. The Saygus V2 has exactly what I need. When the Saygus V2 becomes an international hit, other phone manufacturers like Samsung, are going to be scratching their heads, trying to figure out where they went wrong.
    Hey Guys! :)

    I've recently had another call with Chad and Chris. As Alicia already wrote on Facebook, they are all very busy getting everything well organized for the 22nd of May. Chad will be flying to China tomorrow, in order to meet with their local team, near the factory, and to supervise the manufacturing process.
    Regarding the question, if May 22nd will be still the ship date, I've been told that they are on schedule and will start shipping on May 22nd. Unfortunately I don't have any concrete number of units, which will ship in the first batch, but the remaining devices will follow very soon.

    Concerning the VAT issue for European customers I can spread some hope, as there are ongoing talks with probably the biggest distributor for IT stuff in Europe. Besides that there are also some negotiations conducted with a large European retailer, which has its headquarter in Germany.

    Coming back again to the 'business' talks from earlier this day...
    It's not that easy to compare Saygus with some of the other big players in the smartphone market. Saygus is still relatively small against the well-established companies and has considerably less financial means to achieve its goals. You should try to keep this in mind, when talking about Saygus. ;)
    Moreover they want to give always the best and get better, where they have to improve. So they are really happy about every feedback, ideas or suggestions, in order to deliver you the best smartphone experience you've ever had. They really appreciate all your support. A great smartphone needs a great community to support it!
    In case you're having trouble reaching them, just drop me a message and I'll take care of your concern. :)

    As we approach four weeks to ship date without any announcement from carriers about compatibility, without any FCC info, without any info on beta testing, the risk of this being vaporware increases and with that increase, risk of losing the whole $550 outweighs the reward of saving $50-150.

    I can understand your motivations and hope you took the right decision. Feel free to come back again, whenever you want to!
    Nevertheless I want to point out that there has been an information about beta testing here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/gen...-one-maybe-t2996443/post60160367#post60160367
    Since we don't have any details about the FCC inspection yet, I'll try to get some more news on this in the next week.

    Does the phone support FM radio?
    Also about navigation does it support just GPS or GPS + Glonass?

    Although this question has been answered almost ten times now: FM will be definitely supported. Hurray! :D
    Not only GPS, but also GLONASS will be supported by the V² and both are already well tested and working.

    The only thing certification is going to do is say whether or not there going to sell it them self has nothing to do if it works on there network if have sim.

    As far as I know that's just the case with GSM/UMTS networks, but for CDMA the device has to be approved by the carrier in order to work with the specific network, as the carriers are having a device whitelist. See a detailed article about the difference between GSM and CDMA networks here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407896,00.asp

    Just to repeat it: I'm always quietly following here and trying to keep the thread clean and my contributions helpful.
    Apropos: Thanks for your endurance so far! In the end, this post got a little bit bigger than expected. :D

    Best wishes from Germany,