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[DISCUSSION] Slightly annoying things about Mi A1's performance

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Senior Member
Jul 22, 2013
Hi, everyone

Just bought the Mi A1 for about a week. Loving it so far. Performance is fairly good. In fact, I'd say this is one of the phones with the best performance in the price range. Unlocking the bootloader, flashing custom ROMs and kernels are all extremely easy - unlike many phones on the market. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied.

However, as the title suggests, there are annoying things about the performance of this device. They're small, but numerous. Not annoying enough to completely ruin the user experience, but annoying enough for me to notice them.

So far these are the things I found annoying:

- Small animations lag in the Play Store. Using the app for a few second and the problem goes away.
- Lag in Google Play Music. The zoom in animation when you tap on an album cover stutters quite a lot.
- Lag in Facebook app. Scrolling in the News Feed, opening up comments, switching between tabs are smooth. Scrolling in the "notifications" or "friend requests" tab isn't, and scrolling through the profile of any facebook page stutters a lot.
- Small lags in the Messenger app. When the app is first opened, there are no animations when you switch between tabs; instead it just "jumps" to the tab. Disappear after you've used the apps for a few seconds.
- Small lag in the Snapchat app:
* Switching between "friends", "subscription" and Snapchat's camera is slightly stuttery - this disappear after you've used the apps for a few seconds.
* The zoom in animations when you open a Snapchat story is slightly laggy - also disappears after you've used the apps for a few seconds.
* Scrolling through the feed in the "subscription" section has a low framerate - not jarringly bad, it's about 30 - 40 fps instead of 60. This problem doesn't go away though.
- Frame drops when you close a tab in Google Chrome. Not always, but sometimes.

The crazy thing is, the Mi A1 can handle many graphically intensive games, yet these problems exist.

Do you face these issues as well? Are these things to be expected on a mid-range phone like Mi A1? Are Facebook, Messenger, Google Play Music, Chrome and Snapchat actually more resource intensive compared to Asphalt 8? Or is it bad optimization on the part of the developers?
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Senior Member
Dec 25, 2012
All of those are in the apps fault for not optimizing their apps not Mi A1 special facebook and snapchat the worst! And you can lower your animations in devs settings.

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