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[Discussion] Too many ROMS, which one are you using and why ?

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Dec 12, 2014
N7 ROMs seems to have many bugs, maybe someone can recommend best stock rom, with minor improvements and performance upgrades? all such ROMs are out of date?
Stock bases roms tends to be the most stable, Aosp too, ports usually have issues that's based on my personal experience :)


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Dec 12, 2014
This LineageOS Oreo ROM. It has some issues writing to the SD Card with some apps, but I don't mind saving to Internal until it's fixed. And Hedge Cam 2 as a camera replacement. Otherwise it's been super stable, I'm really impressed with it.
I have no idea about oreo by the time i had the Note 4 only nougat was available,sorry mate.


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Apr 22, 2011
Amsterdam, NL, EU
N7 ROMs seems to have many bugs, maybe someone can recommend best stock rom, with minor improvements and performance upgrades? all such ROMs are out of date?
erobot's v34 rom is still the best, if you'd ask me (see my sig).
I always do some minor changes to the rom zip before installing, debloating it some more etc. You need to pick the right choices during install to get the best out of it.

erobot rom has been my daily driver for years now, never any big issue with it.
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Oct 22, 2013
Stock rom is the most stable.. but it will not adapt new feature (like SGN7 feature such as greceUX).

alternatively, my SGN 4 (N-916S 4g korean version) curently using DreamUX-V3, with some tweaks of course.. i think this rom is good, adapted new feature from note 7 including grace ux, light, fast and stable so far. yes some feature was forced close, but i think its ok so far im not using this app (such as AOD). this ROM, was no battery indicator while charging. but im using small apps that i downloaded from play store, and that problem is solved.

and now im happy with this rom,
the old SGN4 with new SGN7 even S8 flavour :D
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Sep 18, 2010
hi all
im looking for a rom with cool themes like MIUI , but non of MIUI roms work good for me :| what do u sugest?


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May 6, 2018
I have a note 4 910 t and I have had many custom ROMs put on this phone and have grown bored and irritated by the lack of customization across-the-board I guess what I mean is I want to have access to put custom tweaks on any and everything that I want and not just what they give me so I put Resurrection Remix on my Note 4 and bingo. Now everything ^¥€¢£π√×|~
I touch has a custom tweet to it I show my phone off to everyone and this is why we want custom Roms true. So if you want to ROM that you don't get tired of and keeps you interested, then I suggest Resurrection Remix will be your final chapter.
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Dec 15, 2012
I am using resurrection remix nougat. Its awesome but really missing the spen features. I am considering to move to a TW rom but really confused after reading all the comments.


Mar 31, 2016
nieuwe niedorp
I recently begane to use my note 4 again. With twrp i installed oreo 8.1. Very happy with it, but...spen is not a part of the installation. I understand its to much of a job. So although im happy with the new "life" of my note, a pitty i can not use my spen.


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Dec 19, 2014
Any good N5/N7 port ROM for N910F without ROM Control, because I like clean port without systemUI tweaks?


May 13, 2018
My choice

Andycar N4 MX for my N910F, because

  1. It is stock based ---I want full spen functionality
  2. It is a cooked version of _alexndr's awesome [ROM][N910F][ALEXNDR] * DRF1 * DevBase v5.9 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat
  3. The developer is active in the thread
  4. There is an upcoming version
  5. Works well (see quote)

I thought it might be good to demonstrate my concept, which is:

  • Odexed custom ROM (the first TW MM ROM of this kind, to my best knowledge)
  • Very fast initial load (no ART cache building, so less than one minute boot time)
  • Embedded signature spoofing (switchable)
  • SafenyNet Pass and Magisk out-of-the-box
  • Every system app updated, including the latest Google apps
  • Can be switched microG instead of gapps (with Contacts/Calendar sync)
  • Some Multi-dpi system apps included (SamsungCamera3, Contacts - thanks to HardRock83)
  • And finally it comes with RAM RC6 kernel permissive by Ram121 modified for permissive adb pre-installed
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    I tried a lot of ROMs there. Lot of N7 ports, lot od debloated stock ROMs, CyanogenMOD, RessurectionRemix........... But after a while. The best ROM is still the stock. And why? Simple answer. It never fault. No messagges like APP stopped, systemui crashed and on KK no freezes.

    I hope that someone come with fully working bugfree ROM, but everyone here is like i need the latest nightly, i need latest android.. And not much stable firmwares there. So if you want a daily driver, wait.
    erobot v19 has easily been the best rom out there for the Exynos variant. DN7 based roms are very battery draining and all-round very inefficient along with the endless numbers of bugs present due to the original e-team stopping development mid-way. Erobot v19 along with Samsung Good-Lock has done wonders, it is amazing for battery life (better than stock), and you have the option to use different Ui's ported from the Galaxy Note 7 and 5, as well as from the Galaxy S7. Not only this, but the rom is rock stable and super fast!
    Currently on full stock MM, pretty happy but will soon start flashing ;)
    Stock ROM since I don't want to trip KNOX.
    Just go ahead and do it, unleash the beast ?
    Stock 4.4.4. Best

    Gesendet von meinem SM-N910F mit Tapatalk