[DISCUSSION] What's the first phone you've ever owned?

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Software Guy

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Jan 18, 2012
Motorola bag phone, star tac, razr, at some point I jumped to a few different windows phones (hacked all of them). Left the smart phone scene for a while, went nokia, hated it, went iPhone and through 4 of them. My wife got my old ones, she now has a 4S and I am on my 2nd Andoid phone and have not looked back.

I would probably cringe at the $$$ I have spent on phones!


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Nov 26, 2008
Ha-ha, I remember my Ericsson 318. In a time when Motorola microtac was the norm, this phone was quite compact (with the slim battery, of course). Anyway, today it would most likely be considered a weapon....:D

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    Sorry, but I closed this thread because it isn't generating that much discussion and I am not sure if there is a point to an uncurated list of people's device history.
    Thought it would be ammusing to know how far we've all come along to get to this lovely os we call android today.

    Post your first phone you ever owned. Hell post em all for all I care. Let the ammusement begin!

    My very first phone was a motorola n95, then went to a nokia. Can't remember the name (old cheap phone).

    [G2/HTC Vision]
    Siemens c55 ;)

    Teleported from my brain cells
    2 cups tied to a string....

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    MOTO RAZR still beats my G2 :p