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I've had my eye on the Galaxy Note for a while. I'm a little worried that it's only the first of a new line though and that it could be out dated quickly with the rate mobile technology is moving these days. Alternatively, I was thinking about the Galaxy SIII, but since it's not out yet it's hard to see how it will actually stack up.

What's everyone else think about that?

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Apr 24, 2012
This ain't gonna happen, but I would like to see this:
Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Nexus Note running ICS w/ only soft keys.

according to BGR HTC is going to launch an galaxy note like competitor with 5 inch 1080p hd screen quad core krait.cpu andreno 320 gpu htc sense.5 and a scribe pen and its suppose to be on verizon

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May 11, 2011
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I definitely want a bigger screen. I have the DROID Bionic now and am interested in seeing what Verizon brings to the table this summer, hoping its better than there lackluster options last summer (Droid 3, Droid X2)

I am very interested in the Galaxy S3. Like I said the next thing I want in my next phone is a bigger screen, but not really taken up with onscreen keys like the Nexus. I would be OK picking up a Note variant if Verizon got it this summer,but anything with a quad core would be cool just too say I have it, even if it really isnt necessary.


Apr 21, 2012
Galaxy Note (TMobile). I have been saying Galaxy Note is the "best smartphone of 2012" ever since it was announced back in 2011. Now both One X and S3 specs are out and none of them have changed my mind.

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    Hi, You don't mention if your a gamer or want to run stock or need root and custom rom. I usually never recommend hardware but it will make it a lot easier for others to reply. Good luck with your new purchase.
    I'm a fan of customizations. Every phone I had I installed custom roms, root and everything. As for gaming let's call it to none from casual (Moba, Gatcha, PUBG Mobile).
    Currently I'm using the S8, but may be in next month, I will change my mobile phone to One Plus 8T Pro just because of PUBG addiction. olansi
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    mines is either galaxy s3 or galaxy note for t-mobile

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    For sure Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Asus Padfone for me!
    Not sure yet, but seeing as my HTC has had its life dramatically extended by HTC unlocking bootloader for thier devices and so making it much easier to root and mod I am finding it difficult to find a complelling reason to move from HTC
    Probably the Galaxy S3. Hopefully we'll see an updated Note later in the year.
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